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    Google Page rank November 2011 Update

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    Seems like Google has run a quick page rank update on 7th-8th November. I can see some changes on Page rank of my other blog CallingAllGeeks, rest there are minor up’s and down’s on my current blogs.

    This page rank update came just 1 week after Google launched their new Google freshness algo which impacted 35% of search results. Anyways, page rank has nothing to do with that and for me this November update is good. Last page rank update happened in August 2011.

    Google November page rank update thumb Google Page rank November 2011 Update

    Anyways, for people who are new to Page rank, it’s a metric between 0-10  (10 is the best and 0 is the least), which depends upon many factor mostly on site SEO and backlinks to your blog. If you still have 0 page rank, you should refer to following posts to improve your page rank.

    Do let us know if you have seen any change in your page rank?

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    Peter Lee

    My homepage is still the same, but some of the other pages have changed from 0 to 1 or 2.



    The algo works really cool way sometime it increase and in the next update it decreases and than again increases ..New Google pagerank dance :)



    Still I wonder the significance of Page Rank. One side people say it’s to be ignored and in the other side running behind that. Anyway one thing is sure, it is not the direct indication of SERP.


    Raymond Cardoza

    Everytime we should not run back on Google Page Rank, because Google Page Rank plays and Vital Role but not all the Times, you be well with your output of the blog, with viewers rest Google Will take care of it .



    Thanks Harsh, had totally forgot about PageRank…..Mine increased from 3 to 4. Still don’t understand whether PageRank’s relevant.



    one question Harsh. How did you come up with “shoutmeloud.” I feel like it is the whole key towards your success. Such a good domain name…


    Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

    Thanks for the update.
    Yes, my tech blog PR reached PR 3 from PR 2, other blog remains same PR 2.
    Good luck.


    Sanjan Bikram

    i got page rank 2.


    KBharath @ HDBloggers

    My Blog got a PR when it was just 2 months old and now in this PR the PR is Same 2. i know that i didnt work on the quality backlinks. on this is the time to start backlinking via GuestPosting and Blog Commenting

    I have a Question Here: Does the article directories like EZineArticles.com, ArticlesBase.com, ArticleSnatch.com, Ideamarketers.com & Gather.com are still affected by the Google Panda or are they out of it.

    Will Submitting articles to these sites will improve the traffic and the links which we get from these sites will it be a Good Quality. i am not taking about the mass article submission using some useless services or softwares i am talking about the manual submission writing quality articles to these Article Directories.


    Yousuf Khan

    Wow… My page rank upgraded to 2 for a 2 months old blog,


    Sreejesh @techgyo

    Hmm many blogs had no change in this update. BTW Techzil is a new blog in SML club? Just noticed it now.


    Anil Agarwal

    Page rank for bloggers passion improved from PR 2 to PR 4 and for another blog I’m maintaining, it’s moved from PR 1 to PR 3.


    Eric Murphy

    MY blog sustained the PR 2.



    my pagerank goes down from 2 to 1 .. :-(
    hope next time it will be better ..



    Congrats to Shoutdreams blog network :) There is no positive update on my blog ;)



    I got awesome pr from 4to6


    Vijayraj Reddy

    My blog jumped from PR3 to PR4….. :)


    Tushar Agarwal

    my PR is not changed and is it is unfair to accept for a blog 15 days old to get a PR.
    But will surely be looking ahead towards next update


    Rakesh Narang

    My blog’s PR increased from 2 to 3. Don’t know, if traffic would follow the same path.



    Yup , I got PageRank 2 , after putting a lots of efforts on building quality backlinks !


    Amrik Virdi

    Thrilled to declare that Explore Feed has become PR 3 blog on Google Pagerank Update on 08 November 2011.


    Amandeep Singh

    For my blog it has gone from PR1 to PR3 :)


    Dean Saliba

    I am very happy to see my blog jump from PR3 to P5.

    Page Rank is very important to me because I make a lot of my money from sponsored posts and the advertisers put a lot of relevance on PR.



    I got page rank 1 after long wait..Now I will gear up to make more backlink to my blog


    Madhav Tripathi

    My two main blogs have same page rank with no change but one blog got 0 to 1 other site goes 2 to 0.



    For my blog it has gone from 0 to Pr1 with in 15 days after creating my blog


    Ali Arshad

    After getting a severe blow from recent Google Panda I stopped updating one of my Website which was going perfectly fine with numerous unique articles written per day. Now the problem is that with recent news of update, I got another hit of losing page rank and reached at 1 now :( really very depressed and don’t know what to do. For the time being paying attention to other blogs and I do not have any idea that I am right or wrong.



    Today I have checked my page rank after I searched my friend’s one.I got Page Rank 2 from PR1. :P



    Hi Harsh,
    I would like to know that, how much time it will take for a new website to rank in google.


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