Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study

Google Page Rank Case Study

SEO is something which you learn with experience and it’s more of trial and error method. Many things which I have learned with time and one of them is long tail keywords work better and more over backlinks created via commenting helps you a lot.

Here I have played with some new project and wanted to see if I can create page rank for that blog without working much. As a test project I started with creating backlinks just by commenting and nothing else.

free wordpress setup

The domain which I’m talking about is which is going to be my next project for some service.

Domain Details:

  • Domain bought on: 19/02/2010
  • Domain Page rank as of Sep 27th 2010: 3
  • Domain name:
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Theme: Genesis WordPress theme
  • No. of Posts- 0

So this domain was bought almost 7 months back and at the time of writing it has a page rank of 3 with total no. of posts= 0. I know it sounds really amazing but this Page rank 3 is a result of this SEO test.

The idea is by blog commenting. Blog commenting is one of the best way to drive traffic and build backlinks for your domain. In this case I commented on many High PR blogs and especially one using top commentator or recent commentator WordPress plugin. This resulted to drive backlinks from some High PR sites and within a month (last PR update), that new domain Page rank increased to 3 from 0.

Page Rank and Traffic:

This is most common myth that page rank helps you to drive traffic and this is not true. Imagine the above-mentioned blog have PR 3 and you must be expecting at least 100-1000 visits a day. But the fact is at this moment this new domain doesn’t have even 50 traffic/month.

Other Steps which I followed:

  • Used SEO optimized WordPress theme
  • Created Sitemap for Blog
  • Submitted Sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Added Meta tags, meta keywords
  • Onsite SEO optimization of WordPress


Commenting helps you a lot in gaining Page rank and building backlinks. If you build high-quality backlinks, chances are high to get a page rank within next PR update.

I also recommend checking SEO checklist and if you are lazy enough to do SEO optimization of your WordPress blog, you can hire me for WordPress SEO service.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 88 )

  1. says

    I don’t understand what you were trying to figure out. There is nothing surprising here Harsh.

    Page rank has nothing to do with content. It is solely based on backlinks and pr of those backlink pages. So you can get a site with 0 content PR of 10 if you can get enough number of pr 10, 9, 8 and so on.

  2. saiyam says

    I love your blog and now I’m totally addicted to your blog. Could you please write a post for N/A page rank.

  3. Karshim Kanwar says

    I want to ask – Depending upon present SEO & Google, does Blog Commenting still pays a role?

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing your case study.

    I prefer to read something like this as this is real life experience. In other words, if you apply the same strategy, more or less you’ll get the same result.

  5. Chintan Raval says

    Your tips for making your website ranking with comments is really helpful Harsh. But what about Panda and Penguin? Is it harmful for our website by this update?

  6. Kalpesh says

    It is really useful tips Harsh, Yes, High PR websites comments will create good backlinks for our blog. I have also tried and got lots of benefits in SERP.

  7. Jaya says

    Yeah, I have also achieved PR2 by just commenting and nothing else. I am also ranking due to that pagerank in Google.

  8. says

    I know many things about seo but one thing always hits me back is theme, can you suggest a free quality theme Harsh, or if I go for a paid option how much will it cost ? (Low on cash these days)

  9. yash says

    Will try commenting more and more.. but no follow links are also a factor. And please tell me if your blog has a DOFOLLOW site list?

  10. says

    That means you are saying that we can get page without content.

    but i heard that google pagerank plays a important role in every aspect in the eye of google.

    how many high prlinks are needed to get page rank of at-least 1

  11. cip says

    Hi Harsh i have a problem if you can help me with : i bought a pr3 domain from godaddy action before i buy it i check the backlinks the history the pr show it was original but after i bought it after i instal wordpress and try to get it back to life , over night i lose the page rank get down from pr3 to pr 0 …. verry frustrating.. what was the reason the page rank will get back dont know can you help me with some informations pls? the site is :

  12. arjun aswal says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing this important post. I am currently having 0 PR. Now i can guess what mistakes i have made their.
    Thank you bro. keep it up.

  13. Adil says

    Wow great. This thing also happened with one other person. I am jealous, that you people got good PR without a content. Hahahah :).

    Actually you done quite efforts to get PR, as google is not so generous to allot PR without good amount of efforts. Agarwal, can you tell me that how commenting on blog having top commentor or recent commentor results in quality backlinks???


  14. JC says

    Thanks, this tactic worked well for me, though I’m stumbling onto PR3 sites that have no backlinks according to those tools – content must be king!

  15. Derek Kimball (DesignBuddy) says

    That’s crazy what you were able to achieve simply by commenting. I’m a graphic designer and notice for certain design related terms, one designer shows very high in search results, yet his website consists only of a landing page with his name, contact email, and a couple links to social media sites like twitter, facebook, and dribbble I believe. This is very strange to me and I’m assuming that the only way he is able to achieve this is through site age and commenting. I can’t see anyone voluntarily linking to his site which contains nothing.

    In regards to the commenter who mentioned “comment luv” being helpful for PR, I figured it would at least bring me more comments when I installed the plugin on my graphic design website a month or so ago. Strangely I have yet to see a jump in blog comments to my site. I guess if you are reading this now, and would like a little “link luv”, you know where to go :)

  16. Alam says

    You’re right, i also have 1 blog with PR 2 and more than 70 posts but daily traffic of that blog is below 100 pageviews which clearly indicate that PR is not at all related with traffic. PR is all about your trust rank and authority score.

  17. tasku says

    I think that It is a good tips to increase website page rank. I also want to something about this.There’s many different ways of increasing your website ranking or Page Rank – a Google term for website popularity. However Page Rank is determined on the quality of the back link (among other factors) and so getting a back link from a high Page Rank blog is hugely beneficial to the Page Rank of your website.


  18. Aneek says

    Thanks Harsh, again indeed.
    I am a beginner to the SEO related stuff. I was googling about SEO/PR and got this case study.
    It is a very good information set to collect upon. Bookmarked it also, I read about the 7 ways to make backlinks.
    So I will start commenting whenever I see it as a relevant post.
    But this one is genuine stuff. Thanks again.

  19. Ankit @ Geek Revealed says

    Nice Info Harsh, I consider this topic a bit confusing coz on many forums they tell that commenting is of no use but as per this case study you demonstrated that it works.

    Thumbs up bro :)

  20. Caramel Craze says

    I have a domain that up until last night just had coming soon on it. it has a pr 3 ranking. It was a straight HTML page. How did this happen. So last night I put wordpress on it. AM I screwing up? I use that domain name as my reseller domain . Whenever I do a website I use that domain name as designed by Do you think thats how i got a pr3 page rank? Check it out

  21. Sherzod says

    Hey, Harsh! Your article is really interesting! I have a question, if you stop building backlinks to a specific website, by the time it will start decreasing its pagerank? I mean the search engines.
    Respect! Sher.

  22. Deepak says

    Now i will commen t on more and more blog daily i read lot of blog posts but never comment on them your secret has really inspired me and i will comment on other blog as much as possible. Thanks harsh

  23. Saket Jajodia says

    Thanks for the info I have never commented for backlinks thats why from last 6+ months have no PR till now…

  24. Jack says

    Oh my my!
    …so, commenting on other blogs really help.
    But i hope it could elaborate also on the “nofollow” aspect.


  25. Zeshan says

    I am working with an affiliate network, which paying me timely … I got 32000 $ last month from the network…. I am also got payment from them via western Union. And now I am share that with you people…. and one thing also they are giving 50$ bonus for 1st new 50 affiliates so do not waste time just start earning today and apply.

  26. Jesse Dictor says

    I’m curious about more of the numbers. How many blog comments did it take? I think I am going to run a similar study but offer a bit more data, and do it a handful of times. I’ll let you know how it goes. No matter what this is a great case study.

  27. Mike says

    Lol, high PR doesn’t mean you’ll have high traffic. I guess you have traffic from keywords like free wordpress setup, right? It’s because when you comment on KeywordLuv blog, that’s really a huge advantage over building backlinks to rank high on SERP

  28. Cybersplash says

    Blog commenting is the best way to obtain back links. But i believe, at least Google (not sure about yahoo & bing) has changed its approach towards such back linking. Heard like Google’s algorithms are revised and hence its no much use. Is it true?

  29. Bimal Roy says

    Now i have over 12000 visits per day. But my page rank is 1! But my site grew very fast in a short period of time. So I am waiting for the next update.

  30. vrunda says

    hey harsh.. it’s great… this post definitely boost bloggers for making more comments rather then only concentrating on posts… it’s really great…thnax for sharing..

  31. Anthony says

    Google clearly wants you to use rel=”nofollow” in your comments section, so I would think that if you are not, your rankings may be penalized.

    See page 22:

    If you are not using rel=”nofollow”, you are saying that you vouch for all of the sites in your comments section.

    I think people need to use more common sense. Google doesn’t want anyone to game the system and blog comments have become an easy way to try and game the system.

  32. Pritam@Part Time Jobs says

    Hi harsh,
    You could go one step further in your experiment so that you could come up with more exciting results. Yes, I completely agree that PR does not bring any traffic but it brings the ranking for SERP for the keyword you are optimizing on that page. You won’t get any visitor on this blog because you have not optimized this for a single keyword.
    Most of the time you have commented with the anchor text “Tyron” but you have not written a single word about tyron on your blog or in the keywords list.
    You could really bring the traffic on your blog if you would mention Tyron in your keyword list and 1-2 times in your blog home page (even without any post) because tyron gets lots of monthly searches but competition is very low.
    I just want to say that Google gives Page Rank on the basis that how many high PR or quality backlinks you are getting and Google gives SERP rankings on how many high PR and quality backlinks for a keyword you are getting and its SERP rank not page rank which brings the traffic.
    Pritam Nagrale

  33. Karan Batra says

    Hi Harsh
    It is a known fact that PageRank is directly related to the no. of Backlinks…. Would be glad if u cld please also highlight how many backlinks you created to attain this Page Rank…..

  34. Designer's Digest says

    Really great job and case study. I got Google PR 1 for one of my domain name without doing any link building or commenting :D


  35. Manoj Wadhwa says

    Excellent case study, simple and easy to understand lingo and great informative links shared by you. Thanks a ton.

  36. Sharninder says

    If I understand it correctly, most blogs have a no-follow tag in their comments section, then how does commenting help in creating backlinks ? Does Google even look at no-follow links for calculating backlinks and page rank ?

  37. tristan says

    Really great case study!!
    So it’s time to get backlinks , I begin this from your blog ,haha .Many people may put more time to comment after reading this post.
    Nice job!

  38. SiRu says


    The link SEO checklist did not work for me.. Receive

    The Page you requested is somewhere here.



  39. Sujith-Techlineinfo says

    I have also such type of an experience. My personal domain is with PR -1 (It’s around 1.5 yrs old). No contents and no back links. Don’t know from where the PR came. My main site is with PR-6 and not expecting more.

  40. shashank says

    Now i realised i wasnt wrong having bit wrong perception about Google Page rank !
    WISH soemday or otherz my dreams to get a good PR turn true !

  41. Trues @ MazaKaro says

    Interesting case study. PR is not an accurate measurement of site creditability/traffic. On this issue I have written a lot in my blogs too. PR is now creating ambiguity among users and also gives a wrong perception about the site.

    Hope an accurate measurement of PR would be possible in near future.

  42. Roy Scribner says

    That is interesting, Harsh – I did this 2 years ago (2 years this month – woot!) on my other blog and made PR 4 in about 5 months, but I thought it was much harder to do, now, with some changes that Google made last year. Evidently, that is not the case! Good info – thanks.

    • says

      Roy I will call it as pure luck as PR 3 is something which I never expected..I thought of getting PR 1 but somehow google showered with me love of Pr3.
      And PR4 in 5 month is a great achievement… :)

  43. MKR says

    I’ve got a domain that sat for almost ten years with no content and managed to have a PR of 2. I’m kind of looking forward to the next PR update now that I’m actually using the domain for stuff.

  44. kbharath says

    yes commenting really increases the pagerank, as i am a new blogger, and my alexa rank has increases only through commenting on blogs.

  45. Ileane says

    Hey Harsh, excellent information that I thank you for my friend. Can you help me find the SEO checklist you linked to at the end of the post. That one didn’t work.

    I know you are great with SEO but do you do all of your own artwork too? I think that when people see that lovely page, they know that something really good is coming. I love the wizard cause he’s got that whole Harry Potter thing going on. Thanks for sharing this experiment.

  46. esoftload says

    i too had a blank site with page rank 2. but when i submited the site in google webmaster… the page rank was lost….

    • says

      Submitting website to Google webmaster tool and losing PR doesn’t make any connection to me….
      To be honest, I stopped building backlink for that site via Commenting, so by next PR update, I’m expecting it’s PR to go back to 1 or 0.

  47. a_usman says

    I would like to say only one word for this “awesome”. Have you moved to linode vps?? Yours blog is now faster, or disabled some plugins??

  48. vikky says

    this is awesome man…Blog commenting is the best way to get backlinks on Google. It has presence for long time which cannot be compared with other SEO submissions…

  49. Binoy xavier says

    This clearly shows how lame this Google PR thingy is. But for satisfying advertisers high PR is required. Hope they read this post ;)

  50. johnblo says

    hey Harsh Agrawal tell me buddy is it OK to submit your sites link on social bookmarking sites i mean daily 5-10 on differ sites :P i just wana ask ‘how much is too much’


    • says

      Hey Johnblo
      If you submitting your site links to popular social bookmarking sites it;s quite natural and there is nothing spammy..but many social bookmarking are spammy in way..So avoid that…and apart from that link building via Social bookmarking sites are really helpful…

  51. Nikunj says

    This is quite possible as i have seen many coming soon page of website getting pagerank as high as 5, pagerank does not depend on content is just depends on quality backlink

  52. Namit Gupta says

    This is Awesome Harsh. These testings of your makes us more aware of new things. Thanks for doing such new innovative things and making us more aware. :-)

  53. Shekhar Sahu says

    i have above 500 visitors a day, and this update brought pr 2 to 0.
    Now also listed in DMOZ, Guess sm problem with pagerank.
    in last 2 months i had 10K daily pageviews :(

    • Mani Viswanathan says

      Shekhar PR depends on various factors along with the traffic you get. Try interlinking posts, reduce ur site load, link your blog with high PR sites. So the PR juice is shared with your site. Also as harsh has written in the case study : Blog Commenting is very important. Try it & u’ll notice a change.

  54. Mani Viswanathan says

    Nice case study. Now a days blogs with CommentLuv & KeywordLuv also help you to increase your PR. I’m seriously waiting for the PR update which seems like it’s never gonna happen :P

    • says

      I agree on that Mani….Even I’m waiting for next Pr update.. As expecting to see some nice PR for @thesisservice @wphostingdiscount and an update on @callingallgeeks PR.
      Not expecting any update for @shoutmeloud as already passed on lots of Link juice to my other domains.. :)

      • Shanker Bakshi says

        this is tricky, those who are struggling to get PR for their established blogs stuffed with various posts must learn a lesson above. Its a HECK.