Google Page Prank or Google Page rank?

If you are a Blogger, I’m sure you are aware of Google page rank and if I’m not wrong, like all other blogger you also believe a high page rank is a big metric for checking the authority and quality of Blog. Though, there are many like me who don’t care about Page rank apart from another way to show off your site ranking. For an example, how many of you consider Alexa ranking to be a great judge of site quality and site traffic? This let me thinking, PR really matter or is it Google Page prank? After every three month, Google update Page rank and rat race to check Google page rank starts.

Google page rank is Google algorithm for measuring websites and many users take it as negative impact if Google pull out page rank from your blog. I was talking to one of my blogger friend: Andy and he told me his blog moved down from PR 3 to PR1 in the last page rank update. Though his website traffic is not effected even a bit and day by day his traffic is increasing.

Google Page rank is Actually Google Page Prank

In general having a high PR is always good as it shows the quality of your blog from the Google eyes. This means your blog is doing good in terms of search engine optimization.  Though if you checkout my case study of PR 3 with no content, you will realize how easy it is to get page rank by manipulating the backlinks.

Let me clear out some air and clear the biggest misconception with Google Page prank : “Google Page rank has nothing to do with site traffic”. A Website with low page rank can get better traffic from a site with high PR. Though, page rank matters when you are opening your blog for guest posting, when you offer sponsored or paid reviews, as backlink from high PR pages passes more link juice than low pr sites.

Losing page rank after last update means, you need to do a review of your blog and find out the things which you have done in last few months, which resulted in losing your page rank.

Some common reason for losing Page rank :

Lots of Affiliate links

Google webmaster clearly stats that they don’t mind affiliate links until unless you don’t do excessive of them. One easy way to get rid of affiliate link issue is use Gocodes wordpress plugin, and use nofollow tag and also configure our robots.txt to noindex affiliate link.

Lots of link to bad neighborhood

By bad neighborhood I mean , linking to Po*n websites, Gamb*ing websites, Po**r websites and so on. Google strictly disallow linking to such websites. Try to avoid it at any cost.

Post duplication

Post duplication is done by mistake. Most of the time its your theme issue, or you might have forgotten to redirect non www to www or vice versa. Even your category and tags pages are same as your homepage and you keeping it do index.   People have different thought about post duplication, but undoubtedly post duplication in any ways  is harmful.

Paid text links

I have seen on many blogs using paid link widget and later they always complaint about losing page rank. Selling and buying link is a strict no for SEO purpose. Though internal-linking to blog in the same niche is ok.

These are 4 parameters which I can think of why you will lose your page rank.

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Meanwhile I will love to know your thoughts on do you really consider page rank is an important parameter to measure any  blog?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 30 )

  1. Haven says

    I think it doesn’t matter to me even the page rank is turned for me page rank is only to identify if you do good in you site but not really that important. Maybe in some webmasters it is, to see if their PR go up it’s their pride I think maybe all have the same feeling when seeing your site given a PR it’s like given a medal of honor that you’ve done a good job. But sad to say that it is being abused.

  2. Antaryamii says

    Traffic rank is more important from PR for advertiser or e commerce sites to earn money by this way. here also page rank is important to get increasing traffic of google search result to your blog. so both are important for a site.

  3. Ricky says

    People do say that PR is not important. I partially agree with them. When you want to monetize your blog some advertisers see your PR,alexa ranking. Best example is paid articles from payperposts or other networks.
    I also see many website with high PR and less traffic. High traffic is really useful for earning money from ad networks like Google adsense because there are more chances of good clicks.

    • Michael Aulia says

      Agree. I have a few private advertisers who watch my PR closely and set pricing based on the blog’s PR. It’s true though that Alexa ranking is better because it shows how much traffic a blog has

  4. Kothapally Arun says

    The only reason we should bother about page rank is for advertisers and even more link backs.

    People love to link to high PR sites right?

    I have heard few SEO’s quote this :
    “Page Rank is dead. Long live page rank.”

  5. Dana @ Blogging Update says

    About paid link, i have one blogpost blog that i pust massive paid link text but google still give PR 4 till now. :D

  6. Surender Sharma says

    Harsh really nice discussion about PR.
    I think it’s an important term for every webmasters as well as bloggers.
    It’s the parameter to measure the site interlinking depth with other important sites.Google pick the links those are bounded with each others but sometimes too many inbound links create bad effect for any blog or site.
    I have studied about JohnChow when he has kicked out from the Google Engine.
    After many requests he has entered in the mouth of Google monster.
    Sometimes anchor texts can improve PR of any webpage but anchor texts should be relevant with the anchoring terms.
    That’s it.
    Anyways,you have discussed really good topic which was untouched by other bloggers in India.

  7. Cebu Tech Blogger says

    Somehow, it’s still important. If Google really considers PR on ranking, then you really have to work to get a higher PR. Though some says that PR doesn’t matter anymore, all I can say is NO ONE knows. The search algorithm changes constantly. What is important is just to do exactly what is right. Yet the question is still HOW.

  8. TechOfWeb says

    Page rank is an important factor for any blog
    A question here?
    How category and tags pages are same as homepage ?
    All 3 have different contents and so cant be any issue of duplicacy


  9. Rahul says

    Google itself told that in its official explanations that…No relation between visitors and PR. PR is quality of incoming links to your websites which will be essential for new blogs to stand out in crowd. I saw many blogs which ranks for lakhs of searches only because of content…
    For traffic you should be on the top it can be done by hard work….Anyone can get page rank 4 within 2 months… gather dofollow links to all your posts from high PR forums etc…your PR will shoot..

  10. Basant Singh says

    PR definitely plays a role in SEO & SERP.
    My observation: Strange but it seems, my technology blog did well in other search engines viz. Bing & Yahoo after my blog Google PR was updated from 0 to 2 in last update. I’ve posted a detailed observation at my blog.

  11. binaryday says

    I care about pagerank because others do. Binaryday has gone down from PR4 to PR3. May be because of large number of links that I created to proxy sites. I shall work on that aspect and hopefully I can get my pagerank back.

  12. Mad Geek says

    Well I don’t consider PR as an Important factor AFAIK I get a PR 4 in 49 days with a traffic of 300 visitors per day, for me PR is nothing visitors are the real gems.

  13. Tushar says

    i also not very much agree with the concept of Page Rank but the problem is that it is one of the acceptable and highly rated measures on the internet

    • Sudharsan says

      I go with Anish…

      All bloggers all blogging from their passion and some have intention to make money from it. Not even a single blogger blogging for pagerank and alexa rank…etc.,

      But we are forced to do so …

      If a blog has a good traffic with pageviews none Advertiser are ready to place Ads on that blog they are seeing Alexa ranking. As we all know that Alexa ranking is not a very good measure for a blog’s traffic.

      So bloggers are forced and compelled to improve Alexa ranking by installing toolbar ..etc., so as they are also gaining more from us..

      Same thing happening for Pagerank also… BUt we can believe in pagerank

      • Anish K.S says

        Just care about Traffic, Attract more visitors to your site, that should our aim, not to build Page rank. its not means Page rank is a Bad Think :), its ok if you are getting a Good PR.

        • says

          Anish good point, but I believe if one is driving traffic good way, ( SEO) his PR will automatically increase… Backlinks also plays a great role and that eventually happen with active commenting and also backlinks on useful posts. If some1 is unlucky then only he may suffer from Google PR issue.

          • Rakesh Waghela @Webiyo says

            To Those Who Believe Only In Traffic & Nit In Ranks !

            Long term sustainable traffic could only be produced by Search Engines & Social media !

            Pagerank determines authenticity & acceptance of a website/web page !

            Free Traffic in today’s scenario comes from three major channels
            #1) Search Engines ( Google , Bing )
            #2) Social Media ( Facebook,Google Buzz)
            #3) Crows Sourced referring Websites ( Digg,Twitter)

            From Search Engines user would come to your website by **natural hunger** of Information ! ( higher PageRank is important to remain in top slots of SERPs )

            From Social Media user **will follow the friends** & would consume the information shared by them ! ( This could be a recursive traffic generator only if you have awesomely superb content )

            From Crowd Sourced websites our Blog/Website gets EXPOSURE which is temporary in nature and works for average content too ( say you joined Retweet Club :P )( such buzz vanishes over the period of time )

            –> Now from earning perspective PPC are proven mode of adverts on web ( keep AdSense in mind ) PPC programs do consider the
            Authenticity of website determined by PageRanks

            –> Clients will always look for RELIABLE & Authentic website when they want to place worthy Banner Ads too !

            Do Live The Life Of **Merit** On Web !
            Happy Blogging !

    • Mahesh says

      You are 100% correct. What if we have PageRank of 5 and have no visitors? Google has given a High PageRank to, because it is its own product. Is this fare?