Google Minus: Know Who Un-followed You on Google+

So yesterday you were followed by 250 users on Google+ and today it went down to 247? Finding out who un-followed you on Google+ is pointless, because it can’t be done from within the service. I believe that you’d want to know the person who un-followed you, since you may have been the one who invited him/her in the first place. For a fact, I know that you laughed/smiled for at least 2 seconds after reading the title. It’s funny, and somewhat useful too.


Few weeks ago I told you about different ways to find out who unfriend you on Facebook, and now here I am telling you how to know who un-followed you on Google+. It’s different with Google+, as someone who’s in your Circle may not have you in their Circle. So, if you decided to find out who un-followed you and disrespected you in the process then here’s a method that you’d want to know about.

Google Minus is a Chrome extension that will tell you who that disloyal backstabber was who dared to un-follow you on Google+. So here’s how to get started.

Visit the developers website over here and download the extension. However, when you download the extension, it’ll ask you to install another extension called Kynetx, which requires access to your Google account.

Install kynetx google minus

If you’re sure you do not have any issues with sharing such data, only then can you move on to the next step. After the installation of Kynetx, you can now install Google Minus. Google Minus

Now, every time someone un-follows you, a pop-up appears on the top-right corner of the web page saying “Blah has removed you from their Circles”.


You’re done!! Ready to keep an eye on who keeps removing you from their circles. This is a nice extension, but I really don’t like the idea of it having access to my data. However, it did work for me!!

Try it out and let us know what you think of it. Is it useful?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Samuel says

    Not impressed… takes a lot of info and I’m not seeing the 100 so people who unfollowed me. I don’t need it.

  2. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    Facebook is going down for sure against Google+ in coming years,stiff challenge for them to keep up.

  3. Maninder@ says

    yes i have tried this and it really works quite well. However, its only limitation is one has to be logged on to know this. If you were not logged on then probably there is no way as yet to know who unfriended you on google+.

  4. Rajesh says

    yeah very imp. info for me..because i always wanted to know in my fb as well as Google plus that who unfriend me..thanks