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    Google Launches Blogger’s New Design

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    Google is back after a gap of just two days to surprise the world with another update of their services. This time, it is Blogger. Google had announced the Blogger redesign a few months back and I witnessed it live today at my dashboard. The first-look of the new dashboard was amazing, shocking and awesome. I was amazed by the new look, I was shocked by the new look and awesome was the verdict which I gave the new look in my mind. Google has made Blogger more simpler, cleaner and minimal. This might be just another effect of the Google+ effect, who knows!

    You will have less chances of seeing the new design on blogger.com but for those who are really desperate for the new design, you may find it at draft.blogger.com because that’s where Blogger adds the new features before they actually go public. I cannot assure you that you will see the new design but if you don’t, consider yourself one of the unlucky ones and just wait a few more weeks for the new design for believe me you will get it in a month. The new design sports all in a simpler and minimal way to make sure you get to your aim much faster than you want. Let me give a detailed review about this new design.

    dashboard 550x259 Google Launches Bloggers New Design

    When you log on to blogger, you will see the main dashboard with all your blogs on it. It will have two sections. The first one for your blogs and the second one for the updates from your followed blogs. Now, lets move on to a specific ‘blog dashboard’. The dashboard of a blog begins with the page “Overview” where you can see the amount of pageviews you have got in the recent days. The latest updates, news from Blogger, Recent Blogs of Note and Blogger Guide. The left side would contain the name of the pages the dashboard consists of :-

    • Overview
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Comments
    • Stats
    • Earnings
    • Layout
    • Template
    • Settings
    overview 550x259 Google Launches Bloggers New Design
    The next thing I would like to review would be the Post Editor. Now, when you create a new post, you will see a new page which would be totally dedicated to post writing. The top would have the editing options, the right would have the post settings and the center would have the blank space for writing the content. The post editor looks good and you would like to write a post with that interface around.
    post editor 550x259 Google Launches Bloggers New Design
    The Layout(Formerly, Design) page has also been modified to give the user a more user-friendly interface and makes all the modifying work easier. The Add a Gadget box hasn’t got a new design but it doesn’t really need a re-design.
    The Template Designer is still available in the same design which lets you customize your blog’s design easily. The Settings are given totally well to give you ease of customization by dividing the settings in 5 categories.
    I don’t think I have anymore of the new features to review. On the whole, Blogger’s new design is totally awesome and I just loved it. The features are set well and can be found easily so you don’t have to do a lot of work for getting a thing right.
    What do you think about Blogger’s new design? What are your views about this new design? Do comment.

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    Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

    Google is trying to Generalize the G theme on each and every product. The design is quite similar to the search pages, just the colors changed.



    We are witnessed some great improvements from blogger team last year. Now, Blogger has some advanced features to compete with WordPress. As you said, I am also expecting some Google+ effect when they re-brand the blogger.com.


    Ajay | Symplyfyd.com

    what google is working on now is “increasing the elegance and UI of its services”.
    Google is renovating all its products..first it was gmail,then google homepage,then youtube and now blogger..
    sure enough this will give a “plus” boost to its popularity..


    Sandeep Singh

    They were updating designs to all there services ! This was expected too.



    The new design is awesome! Much simpler and nicer on the eyes, great work Google!

    Although I do not use Blogger a lot, but I love the new design! :)



    I v not used Blogger may be just once but by listening these changes seem 2 be gud..!!


    Rajeev Mehta

    Right New blogger design is looks great and easy to use



    it is pretty looking and easy to use but stats fearure is not so good….


    rakesh kumar

    I have some of my old blog on blogger lets see how these are going to perform in this new look, and how this new is effective.


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