Google Killed Free Google Apps for Businesses

Google apps for business is one of the best service out there to get a custom domain Email address and earlier they used to offer free Google Apps account up to 10 users. I have already shared about how to use it earlier here and here. In fact, setting up your own domain Email address is one of those things which I always recommend to all the bloggers to add a professionalism to their blog. Unfortunately, Google killed their 7-year-old free version of Google apps and now you can’t sign up for a free version of Google apps.

Google earlier lowered down the users allowed in free account to 10 from 50 and now they have completely taken it down as announced in a recent blog post. Google apps for businesses have been one of the most popular service among bloggers, internet marketers and small size business owners to create a domain specific Email address. The good news here is, though Google killed the free version but any existing free Google apps user don’t have to worry about anything and you can continue enjoying the free service through out, until they make any major change in future.

Google apps for Business Pricing:

Google apps team have updated the pricing chart of their service and now you need to pay either $5/user/month or $50/user/year. Here is the new pricing chart form official page:

Google apps for businesses pricing

Though the new pricing structure is not costly looking at market standard and quality of service Google apps offer, but again it will not be a cheap investment for a budding blogger to spend $5/month to get a professional Email address. I will be sharing some of the work around and Free alternative to Google apps for businesses in coming days. Though, Google still offer free accounts via Google apps for education and there is a work around to get free Google apps account using App Engine Admin Console but it will be limited to one free user only, which is not a bad option for a Blogger. I will be trying it and will be sharing the guideline for the same with you in follow-up article.

Google is getting serious about their product which is targeted to businesses and earlier they launched Google analytics premium to offer more robust service to premium customer of their free Google analytics.

As I mentioned above, Users who are signed up for free Google apps account before 6th december 2012 will be able to enjoy the service for free and others who need a Google apps account, they need to pay according to their requirement of users. Also, existing premium customers can downgrade to free version until January 9 2013.

Though 10 free user account was a good free service by Google apps team and killing it completely have surely disappointed many Google apps loyalist. Specially, I have this habit of creating a Google apps account for all my domains and now I need to look for one of the alternative solution which also offers the similar quality.

Do let me know about your reaction on this and also if you know of any existing free or paid alternative to Google apps, do let me know via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Arun says

    Thanks God I have my Domains synced with Google apps since 2010. Too bad for new users. Anyway, there are always alternates, when something like this happens. All the best to all.

  2. Raj Ankur says

    It’s so sad that Google has killed Google Apps for free, but the email i received also said that we will continue to enjoy the services as we were already using it, and for those who still haven’t signed up for google apps and want to, they have an alternative…

  3. Cover Dune says

    I have been using it for ages and now I was unlucky as I registered new domain after the free account was killed. Is there any alternative to Google apps?

  4. WWW Moderation says

    Not all things are free right now, there are some things that we need to pay in order to have a better service. At least you are having a benefit on it.

  5. HurraH says

    I have been using the Google apps for my 5-6 domains. I use google apps normally for the domains which required the independent people to manage them. But for domains which are part of my personal blogging I use the forwarding to my primary gmail. This helps me manage different emails to my one account. But again it requires a certain level of love with gmail to manage multiple emails in to one, and not sending the email from another account. But google apps will be missed though (free package) :)

  6. girish anand says

    Google want to earn now as they invested a lot of money year by year . we can use free trail of their free version and when your trail version got expire you can downgrade to basic free version I thing I did the same for 2 of my domains.

  7. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hi Harsh,
    I’m really sad hearing this, i just discovered this service 2 days ago. Google would have waited for me to sign up before closing the free option now. Lol.

    This sounds to be a very great tool indeed, but is not the same thing with setting up an email account on your domain control panel?

    I don’t know of any other free alternative to google, but will like to know if you happen to find out one.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. raman bathina says

    Ya google apps fully disappointing me with the removal of free apps service.Because i start this recently 1 month ago after read an article about how to setup google apps on shoutmeloud. In my account it shows your trial period has been ended.

  9. Phanindra says

    I was also having this habit of creating accounts . Atleast google could have limited from 10 accounts to 3 or 5 but instead this step is a big blow for all the new bloggers.

  10. Sudeep Kumar Rana says

    Even I am dissapointed too like everyone out there. The service was great and I was using it for my sites too. Now until I find some good solution I will be using hosting providers webmail. Hope there will be some good solution for similar service but google is no match. Atleast until now.

  11. Chetan Bhasin says

    It’s so damn sad! I received the email today and it said that it won’t affect my current account since I am already a free account holder, but I wanted to sign up for other accounts as well for I was working on new blogs! :(

  12. Raplus says

    “Unfortunately, Google killed their 7-year-old free version of Google apps and now you can’t sign up for a free version of Google apps.”

    Oh!!!!! This was a very bad news for all bloggers. :-(

  13. Nizam Khan says

    It’s unfortunate, but we can enjoy this free service until they make any major changes as you mentioned. Well yes, it seems Google is getting serious about their product which is targeted to businesses, earlier they launched Google analytics premium and now they made Google apps paid version.