Google Instant Blacklists 2600 words Including Pamela Anderson

Hey guys, here’s an interesting bite for your inquisitive minds – A celebrity name which many you might have thought to be one of the most looked for ones on GOOGLE Instant is actually blacklisted. Recently Google instant Blacklisted 2600 words and Pamela Anderson is among these 2600 words. Yes you heard it right, Pamela Anderson is one of the 2600 words blacklisted by Google.


Well, for those who haven’t already reassured themselves after reading the first paragraph, that their Baywatch babe is still there to be found on Google, ‘blacklisted’ means that when you search for this word, it doesn’t automatically show up in the dropdown list generated by Google to reduce your search time! That’s it! So all you have to do is to take the pain of typing the complete word but Google still shows you 12,800,000 results on Pamela Anderson.

It seems as if Google has all of a sudden developed some sort of ‘sense of responsibility’ towards it’s ‘moral obligation’ of preventing people from being able to search such ‘naughty’ things on the net easily. The list isn’t small; there are 2600 words in it, some of them are words like Sex, Nude, Busty, P*rn and Niger. Last word indicates that it’s not all about adult things which Google is black listing, Google is against racism as well.

Writing word “are” preceded by words like “Christians, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Arabs, Mexicans, etc” won’t give anything in the dropdown list, i.e. they are blacklisted. However, “are” followed by words like “Iranians, Koreans, Terrorists, Protestants, agnostics, etc.” won’t kick in the blacklist and there’ll be drop downs. Wow looks interesting that are Christian search is blacklisted but are terrorists is not black listed.

Well, it seems that Google has a strange sense here, which only guys at the Mountain View office can understand.

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