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    Google Image Swirl : Similar Images + Face Recognition Technology

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    Almost 2 months back I told you about Picasa 3.5 with Face Tagging feature and 7 months back Google released its Similar Images search feature. Now a new mash-up named Google image swirl is in the Google labs which is a mash up of both the feature.

    What is Google Image Swirl?

    Google image swirl search for similar set of images. Suppose you do a search for “Jaguar” and it will show you the set of pictures of Car and Animal. You can click on any result and it will open a set of images on particular image. Here are screenshot of how Google Image swirl works :

    google image swirl thumb Google Image Swirl : Similar Images + Face Recognition Technology

    image swirl lab action thumb Google Image Swirl : Similar Images + Face Recognition Technology

    The number of queries are currently limited to 200,000 which is very less, but Google official page indicates that in near future more search queries will be included.

    This new Google labs product is interesting and once it will have more queries and more results, this technology will be very useful for us, to quickly search our desired images.

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    Been using Photobucket before but now I stick with Picasa. It’s fast, reliable but it lacks of some features that Photobucket or Flickr offers. Hope this Google Image Swirl will bring more users to Picasa.


    Harsh Agrawal

    What features you believe is missing in Picasa?? Are you talking about stats feature phaoloo?


    Debajyoti Das

    Why did you delete my Comment dude…. ?? You hate Links ??


    Harsh Agrawal

    Deb any blogger will love links in comment if that link is posted by a commentator who is active in the blog. People who drop comments once in a while and mixed up with comments is always looked like a self promotion. Thats why. Meanwhile your comment gave my a nice post idea. :)


    Sunny Bhasin

    Nice alternative post dude :) :)
    So what do you think Harsh , what would be next step for Image Swirl?? :) :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    For now on major requirement is increased the no. of images which is limited..


    Sunny Bhasin

    Hmmm they can also have a option of custom image where in the users can upload their own images and search for the duplicates just like Tineye ;) what do you say ???


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