Google Font Directory: Another Custom WebFonts Typography Kit

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Google Font Directory: Another Custom WebFonts Typography Kit

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Theme makers and web masters always give very high importance to typography used in any site or a blog. This importance is for many reasons. Not only it compliments the design but also it increase the viewership of the blog.

Typography is quite essential part for blogs and news sites. While reading readers must be presented with a eye-friendly font face to make readability more clear and vivid. This helps in increasing the viewership.

Custom typography was made easy by TypeKit enabling the power of type faces to all sites in only some clicks. In short quite impressing look with no much expertise.

To make use of such advantage, Google with the help of TypeKit has launched its own custom font directory . Portal is yet simple to use with full detailed help at any step.

Right now Google Font Directory consist of 18 fonts under open source license including Droid fonts as well. Here is the complete Gallery of all available fonts.

How it really works

These fonts are hosted on Google servers. Website owners are only required to embed the given code and a little CSS to make these fonts available on your site display.

To use these fonts or embed them actually, all you have to select the font, copy the embed code given and paste into the HTML of your site. Secondly, you can use this font by recalling to any font section via CSS, HTML 5 etc

Benefits of using Custom Typography from Google Font Directory

  • These fonts are not only search-able but it makes no extra effort on page loading or on your servers.
  • Searchability of text is maintained
  • Compatible to all browsers, hence Cross-browser compatibility
  • These fonts are also compatible with CSS3, HTML5 and you can use drop rotations, drop shadows, scaling etc

Do leave your comments an views about Google font directory?

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  1. Hami says

    Thanks buddy. Do check out the detailed method as how to implement it in real. This is must for those (like you and me) who loves to try out new look for the blog.

  2. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I have interest in Typography and this post helped me to know more. Last para about Typography benefits were really nice.

    • Hami says

      Hey Mukundan, you made my day with this comment. :)

      A blogger writes something for readers and if it helps in real the whole motive of writing something is achieved.

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