Google Farmer Algo or Panda a Followup of Google Caffeine Project

Most of the webmasters are aware of Google Farmar algo which was introduced last month to downgrade the ranking of websites with high no. of content but with low quality. Though we also know that many websites are affected which has mix quality content. (High quality + low quality). Webmasters around the globe have given mixed reaction about this algo change and many businesses has to layoff their employee as their businesses are deeply impacted with this new algo change. has done an exclusive interview with Matt cutts and Amit singhal (Google engineer) about this new algo change and they have added some insightful views about Farmer algo. One interesting thing is. Google Farmer algo is actually coined as Big panda.

Also Amit singhal added that after Google Caffeine algo went live, they successfully seen better ranking of useful content but at the same time, websites with low quality and auto blogs ranking also improved. That’s why they had to come up with a solution to this problem.

For all who wish to know the more detail and info about Google Farmer A.k.a Big panda algo, you should check out this interview.

No doubt that Google has done a great job by lowering down the ranking of content scrapper site and also content farms site with less quality. Though many high quality websites are also affected with this big algo change. I  would love to know your opinion and views on this.

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  1. Nihar says

    Google algo is supposed to do it job. But, due to lots of sites and also the generalized algo. It might penalize some genuine sites like where it shouldn’t do it.

    • says

      Nihar talking about Labnol, some time in a forum I had a detailed discussion with a blogger and he gave me enough insight to prove that why labnol was affected from Panda.
      He has tons of useless pages indexed in Google (tags and categories). More over there are many more things which I can’t disclose here. Though I agree with your point that Panda algo is not perfect and need iteration.

  2. Bilal Ahmad says

    I agree with you Harsh. Google has to implement a algo which only effect low quality blogs and not those who shares quality content.

  3. Hami says

    No doubt there is dying need of updating the algos for all search engines. It is a good step from Google as it will improves many sites as Matt already mentioned sites have started getting improved, they will surely improve more.

  4. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    Certainly they have taken the right move. But they need to modify the farmer algorithm a bit. How on earth can they term Labnol as a content farmer ? That seriously annoyed me.

    • says

      Mani it could be coz of many reasons and one of them which I can think of is, Labnol content is being copied on several different blog every day.. This way it created post duplication issue… Though this is just an assumption..reason could be something else too….

  5. Rahul says

    Here the point is what if some one copies your content and scrap to other sites. If some softwares AMR just copy your article and spun it 100 times and post it too 2000 articles directories. Your blog will be surely penalized for copied content. So, peoples can surely use this against competitors and can penalized many websites. What you say?

    • says

      I agree Rahul. This is the time one should take care of plagiarism carefully. I recently reported all BlogSpot blogs which were copying content from ShoutMeLoud and callingallGeeks. Now doing the same for self hosted WordPress blog. It’s better to be careful than taking action after you loose your ranking.

  6. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    Yes, I read in Twitter about Labnol’s Google traffic getting severely affected due to this new change. Labnol is one of the best tech-blogs and surely this is an indication that something needs to be fixed with Google’s new algo a.k.a Panda.

  7. Sarpras says

    I hope Google update their new algo, affects only low qulity and bad articles, not whole website.

    I also want to know, when Google Farmer Algo introduced in India (

    • says

      Sarpras I have no news about when Google farmer algo will go live in other countries including India. Though this new Farmer algo somehow affected whole site instead of only content.