Google Enhanced Security with 2 Step Verification

Security has always been a concern to all the people who work online. Gmail being one of the most popular Free Email service comes with Google Enhances security in the form of 2 step verification.Google Enhanced Security

Security is major concern when we work online. We use different methods to keep ourselves secure like using a complex password, using antivirus, Trojan remover, HTTPS encryption and so on.

Gmail went ahead by adding 2 step verification method to Google account to enhance security.  In this new 2 step verification method, Google will use password + code authentication to verify and login to your Gmail account.

2 step verification

Google 2 step verification

As added by official announcement page:

Take your time to carefully set up 2-step verification—we expect it may take up to 15 minutes to enroll. A user-friendly set-up wizard will guide you through the process, including setting up a backup phone and creating backup codes in case you lose access to your primary phone. Once you enable 2-step verification, you’ll see an extra page that prompts you for a code when you sign in to your account. After entering your password, Google will call you with the code, send you an SMS message or give you the choice to generate the code for yourself using a mobile application on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device.

How to use Google 2 Step verification Process:

Here is an official video from Google, which explains everything about Google Enhanced security and especially, people who are not sure how to set up Google 2 step verification. This will work as step by step guide to set up Google Verification using 2 step method:

Though if you use third party apps to access your Gmail, this 2 step verification method might be an issue for you. You need to enable and add your 3rd party apps as this page. And then add the generated 16 digit code into your 3rd party apps.


This is a good security feature added by Google team, though if you will lose your cell phone, this security method might be a headache for you. You might like to read a detailed tutorial covered by Lifehacker team on enabling and understanding 2 step verification method. <Link>

If you don’t  see 2 step verification method into your account setting page, you need not need to worry. Google is rolling out this feature in steps and soon you will be able to use this new security feature.

Do let us know if you are going to enable this feature to enhance your Google account security? Also read:

Though later on this Google Enhanced security created issues for Google Apps and Google Adsense users. Many users are stuck, if they should migrate their Adsense account to personal account or keep it using temp email address.  Here is an official how to guide from Google team about this 2 step verification method.

Do let us know your view point on this security measures introduced by Google. According to me, if you are scared about losing your Google account or you work online, it’s better to set up Google 2 step verification method.

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  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    I don’t think there is necessity for this two step verification process. However I am gonna enable it now, to make sure my account is protected well. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Vivek Parmar says

    wow that’s great gmail rocking one question though it is available in Google Apps also (means email id on domain name)