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    Inside Secrets To Targeting Your Market On Google’s Display Network

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    Google Display Network is a collection of third party websites that have agreed to exhibit Google ads. It also includes major sites owned by Google like Gmail and YouTube.

    The number of sites and products in the Google Display Network are increasing daily. New sites are added through the Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange services. Every website that joins must agree to Google’s high standards. This ensures your ads are always shown on prime websites.

    Advertisers use their AdWords account to show ads on websites that are members of the Display Network. Your ads can be in one of four different formats, text, image, video, or rich media.

    google display network 550x278 Inside Secrets To Targeting Your Market On Google’s Display Network

    The main benefit of the Google Display Network is that your ads are shown within the content of relevant websites. It can therefore reach out to your customers at different points in the buying cycle. For example, someone could want to buy a video games console. Unsure which to choose, they read some reviews. After reading a particular review, they are confident that the Xbox is right for them. On the same page, they notice your ad offering an Xbox with three games included. They click on your ad, and after reviewing your offer make a purchase. If you had been using search-only advertising, you might have missed this opportunity.

    Finding the right audience for your ads from millions of websites can be difficult. Google’s ad targeting technology is quite good at placing your ad in front of potential customers at the right place and time. However, to get the best results, you must appreciate the different ways of targeting your Display Network campaigns.

    Main Targeting Options

    Contextual Targeting:

    The Display Network contains millions of web pages within it. Google looks at these pages and determines their theme. You use AdWords to create ad groups for ads you would like to show. Each ad group also has a theme determined by the keywords you select and the ads you write. With Contextual Targeting, your ads can show on web pages that have a theme, which matches the theme of your ad group.For instance, imagine you are selling sports shoes. You might select “nike sports shoes” as a keyword. Google would then show your ads on sports sites and review pages with content on Nike sports shoes.

    Placement Targeting:

    Placement targeting lets you choose the websites within the Display Network on which you would like your ads to appear. You can choose to have your ads shown on individual web pages, online videos, games, RSS feeds, and on mobile sites.Imagine you sold gardening tools. You could individually select the gardening websites within the Display Network that you would like your ads to appear on.

    Contextual and Placement Targeting:

    Contextual and Placement targeting is a very powerful way of targeting the websites on which you want your ads to show. If for instance, you sell Xboxes, you might choose a website about video games consoles (placement targeting). You could then let Google find pages on that website that discuss Xboxes on which to show your ad (contextual targeting).


    Have you ever visited a website looking for a product then moved on to another website and noticed on the page you are reading an ad for that same product and website? And as you move from site to site, have you seen how that particular ad seems to be following you around the Internet? If this has happened to you then you have probably experienced remarketing.

    This targeting method allows you to match your message to people who have previously visited key pages on your website as they browse other web pages within the Display Network.

    For instance, you could add a remarketing tag on all the pages within your website where you mention Xboxes. You can then create an AdWords campaign to show your ad displaying a special offer on a new Xbox to people that have visited these pages as they browse other web pages within the Display Network.

    This is a guest post by Adrian Key, who is a professional AdWords consultant and editor of the AdWords Adviser. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    Great article, Adrian. I haven’t read a lot of articles about the Google Display Network, but it seems they are a good place and targeting them will reap great benefits for us. Thanks for sharing.


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