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Google has announced Google custom search thumbnail feature which will show thumbnails in custom search for Google.  Months back, we shared an article on how to create Google custom search for your Website and it’s very useful to add some extra income to your Blogging arsenal by using Adsense custom search. Today, Google team announced a major improvement in Google custom search.

In case, if you are not aware of Google custom search, it’s a free service from Google which will let you add custom search box configured by you. You can select sites from which search results will be shown, you can customize the look and feel of results to match your site design, you can monetize the same with Adsense and also visitors stays on your site. In case, if you are using WordPress default search, you should read our blog post on: How to create Adsense custom search to show result within blog.

Here is a news for all who are using Google custom search, Google Custom search will now show thumbnail from your blog post in the search results and the best part you don’t have to alter any code and it will be done automatically.

Though if you are using iFrame CSE, you need to use custom search element. You can edit your CSE settings to make these changes.

Here is a result from ShoutMeLoud search page which shows the meta thumbnail for CSE:

google custom search thumbnail

How to use custom thumbnail for Google custom search:

In case if you decide to assign your own custom thumbnail for search results, you can do the same by using PageMap. This process is also easy, you need to add following code in your head section :

    <DataObject type="thumbnail">
      <Attribute name="src" value=""/>
      <Attribute name="width" value="100"/>
      <Attribute name="height" value="130"/>

And you can specify custom thumbnail for any individual page by adding meta tag: thumbnail. Like this:

<meta name=thumbnail" content="http://example/foo.jpg" />

This thumbnail for custom search is going to be very useful for Webmasters and Bloggers to improve the CTR and nothing certain but this could mean, that in future we might see thumbnail for posts in Google search.

How to Disable thumbnail from Google custom search?

If for any reasons, you decide not to show thumbnail on your custom search results, you can disable the same by reading the following guide.

Right now, you can create Google custom search for your Website/Blog using three methods:

In case if you don’t see this feature on your custom search page, This feature will be rolled out gradually for everyone and we can share more results based on review from webmasters. But for now, this is a good to know information and in case if you have not yet implemented CSE from Google, it’s time to read the post again and implement it right away.

Take away:

  • Google custom search results will show thumbnails
  • No code change require to show thumbnail
  • Custom Thumbnail can be implemented using PageMap.
  • Webmasters using iFrame CSE need to switch to element CSE.

Do let us know if you are using Google CSE , WordPress search or any other third party search on your website?

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  1. Frank says

    Hello, i just have admitted the PageMap on all my pages, but i have decided to not to use the atributes.

    but jus the atribute with the image-link. Will google resize the image automatic or should I really use the above attributes too?

    Regards Frank

  2. Tushar Agarwal says

    Once again, a wonderful tutorial from you. It always helps when images takes the place of words. This will surely boost traffic