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    Google Cracks Down Even Further on Content Theft

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    big burglar1 245x300 Google Cracks Down Even Further on Content Theft I recently wrote a post on how Google Adsense was going to remove those who stole content from the Google Adsense program. It seems however that Google are going one step further. This interview from Matt Cutts talks in depth about some of the big changes coming from Google.

    One of the biggest changes is that Google will be removing sites which take, in part or in full, content from other websites.  This means that sites that steal content may suffer huge penalties in their Google rankings.

    The big question hanging over this is just how will Google be increasing their fight against duplicated content. One big issue here is that since Google will be penalizing sites that copy content in part or in full, what happens when people legitimately copy their own content?

    The main purpose of this change is to improve the search experience for users, Google will be cracking down on all kinds of content which diminish a users experience. Duplicate content, article spinners, and sites which display summaries of articles as a gateway to the full article will all be penalized greatly by the new Google algorithm. Unfortunately a webmaster copying their own content and distributing it across several sites also has no benefit to people searching for an answer.

    This is yet another great move by Google to help combat copyright theft.  For those of us who have spent years sending out DMCA notices, this is yet another move that will help save us thousands of hours of unnecessary work every single year.

    This second great move by Google has now helped secure a new future for authors who are trying to make a living online. With a new focus on fighting content theft they are cutting off both the source of traffic, and the Adsense earning capability of sites that host stolen content. This reduction in stolen content will hopefully make life a lot easier for us writers.

    However there is a downside.  With sites that host large numbers of duplicate content being severely penalized (Matt Cutts own words) Sites like eZine articles are now going to have a large problem.  All the sites that currently syndicate their content may suddenly find themselves without their main source of traffic, and with no traffic, there are no earnings.

    eZine articles has been a very low level backlinking technique for a long time now, but it is still quite sad to see such a well known brand face such an uncertain future, along with many of the other sites that emulate the eZine content distribution model.

    Do let us know what do you think about this new steps taken from Google? Is it also going to give you relief?


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    Glitz @ GlitzyBlog

    Great news Oliver Whitham and its a really happy news for all the professional bloggers and others. because there are most of the blogs on the net who are using the autoblogging features and stealing contents through RSS. so if google is taking such steps to stop this content duplication this will be a great news for the bloggers and the article writers.


    Ankita Roy Chowdhury

    Seems to be a great move from google. But was wondering, will it affect if I take references from other websites. (Not copy paste in anyway) Because its always not possible, that i know everything. I take help from good references.( Again no copy paste, just the ideology)



    but how will they find who has copied from whom? for example i am running a blog a decent one but a new guys comes and copies all my articles then what will be the action? if they say published time, then how what will they do if i backdate my post before the original post?



    Hi Praveen,

    I would say the first thing Google would look at is the Google Cache date. On top of that Google will generally pick up on the existence of a new page in minutes of release, after which it is queued for indexing.

    The second big indicator would probably be context. A site with 100% unique content vs a site that has 90% duplicate content, this in itself is a fairly large indicator as to which site stole the content.

    You cannot use the article publish date as a legitimate source in a DMCA because it can be so easily altered.

    Google’s biggest point here is that they will be cutting down on sites and Adsense accounts that are associated with copyright violations and duplicate spam.

    A site that contains an occasional quote from another site probably will not suffer. However a site that is made up of 90% duplicate content is going to see a huge drop in traffic.


    Glitz @ GlitzyBlog

    Thank you for this great explanation.


    Wasim Ismail

    Lets hope this works, it seems like a good move.


    Vivek Parmar

    that’s a great move by google at least this is useful for those who are wroking full time ad making living online



    I have doubt on Google’s steps. They’re robot is full of error currently. Many high profile blogger blog (grizzy’s blog) gmail account(labnol’s acc) orkut acc (which is currently full dead) have suspended for NO Reason. No explanation.
    About copyright violation.. It’s a great step. What about news.google.com? They’ll be penalizing their own site?


    rohan @techlunatic.com

    This is going to cause severe problems to those have issues of canonical urls since google will penalize them for copying their own content without their knowledge. Just made a post on canonical urls and how people can be safe, hope it helps.



    Thanks for this post…

    Hope this actually materializes and Google starts penalizing blogs…


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