Google CDN based Paid Page Speed service Announced

We all know Google obsession with page load time and they already made it official that page speed is one of the hundreds of matrices which they consider in search engine ranking. Google already released couple of tools like Webmaster page speed graph, Chrome page speed extension and so on. Finally in an official blog post, Google announced the alpha launch of their new service call Page speed service.

Though they have not mentioned if it’s CDN or not, but according to description of this service it sounds like a CDN. Google will apply all the compression technique to serve your page faster and all you need to do is update your DNS. Pages will be served from Google servers after applying lots of technique for faster loading Some of the technique that Google will be applying “concatenating CSS, compressing images, caching, gzipping resources”. Before you ask, this service is currently offered to limited number of webmasters and in future it will be open for public. It’s going to be a paid service though pricing and other details has not been announced.

How much Google page speed service is going to help you?

Google has launched a web service call webpagespeed, which you can use to get an idea how Google page speed service is going to save your load time. This is not their extensive tool, which they going to use in their professional service, though this will give you rough idea about how faster your pages will load. You can run a test on your site here.

webpagetestHere is a screenshot of ShoutMeLoud after running the test:

page-speed=compartision Even if you not planning to use or pay for this service in future, I would suggest use this tool to run a free test and it will give you enough idea on what you can do to decrease page load time. Specially pingdom like waterfall view is great, to understand which script or part of your blog is contributing most to slower load time of your blog.


How to get Google page speed service invitation?

Personally, I will be subscribing to this service as soon as it will be launched for one simple reason: This will help readers and also search engine. Apart from that, It’s a service from Google, so it already own my trust. If you are worried about pricing, Google mentioned that it’s going to be competitive, that means it will be affordable like any other CDN service.

Meanwhile you can read following post to speed up your site load time:

Did you run a page speed test using above tool and do you see any major difference in the load time using this tool? What do you think about this service and are you planning to opt for it.

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  1. says

    Tried this service, after a week of testing the latency has decreased a lot (my servers are located in US, saw not much difference in sitespeed from my location (INDIA) and a little decrease in amount of visitors. All the pages are working fine though and yes, it works like a CDN but they haven’t mentioned the locations of the servers they are using for this service.

    Will give it a week more, if my traffic keeps on dropping will remove it. :)

    • Farzana Neha says

      You can change your CNAME through your cPanel. From cPanel navigate to advance zone editor (from DNS section). Select the domain for which you want to change the CNAME and from there you can modify your CNAME records.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Nasif says

    Got an invitation from Google to use Google page speed. Let’s how it is compared to other CND like cloudflare.

  3. rakesh says

    Good Review harsh, Like your this writeup but how this will change the whole scenario, I am little bit doubtful. How their services will be different with others ?

  4. Kok Siong says

    Hi Harsh! This is an useful information for me. Recently, almost all my blogs hosted in Hostgator are facing the slow loading problem. I’m still looking into this problem. Thanks for your sharing!

  5. Bhaveek says

    I have read some where about this cdn service by google. I there any charge for this service, if yes then how much. thanks for sharing.

  6. Jagan Mangat says

    Amazon provides really cheap CDN services,Google is going to be competitive which mean more cheap and reliable.Thesis on WordPress is quite slow,me you and thousands of others with customized thesis might agree with this.I tried my best to simplify the pages on my blog by reducing css,widgest but site is still slow,CDN might help.
    Mr-Harsh! thanks for the info.