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    Google Big Fat SiteLinks is Live with 12 Links

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    Google sitelinks is a useful feature by Google which shows useful links from your website in search when someone searches for your domain name. Google uses special algo to find  useful links from your website and show it in Google search. Earlier Google used to show 8 sitelinks in Google which was normal in size. Yesterday Google rolled out an update on Google sitelinks and now Google will show 12 sitelinks from your Website along with few words of snippet about each page. Also the size of the sitelink text is bigger then usual and you can see it here in this image or on search page. Google has been testing this 12 sitelinks from some time and finally it’s live for every one.

    GooglebigFatSitelinks thumb Google Big Fat SiteLinks is Live with 12 Links

    For many popular blogs where people search for blog name in Google to find the blog, this feature is useful. You can also control your sitelinks which I will talk after a while but for now, here is one important tip. Google usually uses the most linked pages from your blog to show as sitelinks. In my case, you will see most of the links are from Navbar or posts which are on Homepage. If you are planning to use Sitelinks to get more subscribers and show quality content, I suggest you to start creating resource page. One such example is my WordPress guide page. You should try to get these resources page as Google sitelink which can be easy by adding links to these resource pages on Navbar or in the sidebar.

    How to check your sitelinks in Google:

    Checking your Google sitelinks is easy. Simply search with your blog name in Google (ex: ShoutMeLoud.com) and you will see the sitelinks (if any). Or use this link and replace ShoutMeLoud.com with your Domain name.


    How to remove unwanted sitelinks from Google search:

    So Google has added some sitelinks for your blog but you are not happy with some of the links. You can use Google webmaster tool to block such link from Google sitelinks and Google will add another sitelink based on it’s algo.  Login to your Google webmaster tools and on the left hand side click on Site configuration >Site links and from demote this sitelink URL, you can remove any links which you want to remove from Google sitelinks for your site.

    removesitelinksGoogle thumb Google Big Fat SiteLinks is Live with 12 Links

    For a brand these sitelinks are useful but to be honest, 12 sitelinks look ugly compare to earlier 8 sitelinks. Anyways, this will surely helps to get more click on your pages from search engine. Do try to follow the resource page tip which I added above to make maximum out of Google Sitelinks. You can find more details about Google 12 sitelinks on official announcement post from Google. If you still don’t have a sitelink for your blog, you should work on the structure of your blog to make sure Google will add some sitelinks for your blog in future.

    Do let us know if you optimize your sitelinks to get more clicks and subscribers? Do you have any tips which will help us to make most out of these Google sitelinks?

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    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    I saw it earlier today and was wondering what this was! Didn’t realize they are actually sitelinks (I thought it’s a new search result highlights or something) :)


    Digital Bunch

    This is really cool new feature by Google. Also got new sitelinks for my blog.



    Yup! I just saw the same for my blog:) It almost occupies the complete page which makes me feel that the click rates would improve than what it did before!


    Digital Bunch

    This is really cool feature by Google. I also got sitelinks as well :)


    Arif Nezami

    That’s really cool… Thanks Harsh…


    Sudheer Ranga

    I was also wondering what that was till i saw this article.


    [email protected]

    I was quite surprised to see the huge sitelinks covering the whole search page.
    But using mozilla firefox 6.0 i am seeing only 6 links.



    Its another great addition by Google. Hope to get sitelinks for my website early.



    that’s really interesting news. Certainly this will bring more traffic.


    prem pandit

    Harsh Can you tell me that is there any particular time period to get Google links ? Means Site Should be 1year or 6 months older after that you can get the Google Links.


    fazal mayar

    thats good, it can improve click rates i think, google is updating frequently lately


    Rajib Kumar

    I also got sitelinks with 8 links..


    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s wonderful Rajib. Congratulations…!



    The site links seem to to literally take up the whole search results page… seems like brands like yours will end up getting a lot of traffic…

    cool way to go


    Harsh Agrawal

    Sandeep you are right, popular brand which is searched on Google by it’s domain name will get lots of click. Now it’s time to optimize your site links to get more click.



    I have 12 links, I was first who posted this news on FB about the new 12 site links.


    Rajib Kumar

    Hey Harsh, I got sitelinks not with 8 links, it’s with 12 links, like your blog.


    shashank chinchli

    i got 10 sitelinks !its amazing feature by GOogle !! But yes competitions has increased to be visible in first page would be damn difficult!


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