Google Analytics Premium And Real time Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most used service by webmasters to keep track of Website traffic and use advance segments to learn more about traffic and optimize your site based on data.Google announced new Google analytics premium for enterprises.

Google Analytics Premium

How’s Google Analytics Premium different from Basic analytic account:

As mentioned in official blog post, Google analytic premium will have some advanced features including 24*7 customer support which is a much needed feature for enterprise level. Here are features which are in Google analytics. Apart from below mentioned changes, Google analytics premium will have all other features of basic GA account.

  • Extra processing power – increased data collection, more custom variables and downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Advanced analysis – attribution modeling tools that allow you to test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Service and support – experts to guide customized installation, and dedicated account management on call – all backed by 24/7 support
  • Guarantees – service level agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

You can learn more about analytics premium on official landing page here.

Google Analytics premium pricing:

Now this is something which might amuse you. Google analytic premium is super costly, according to searchengineland it’s priced as : $150,000 USD (US), $150,000 CAN (Canada), or GBP 90,000 (UK) per year (billed in monthly increments). Though not to forget, analytics team is offering 99.99% SLA for premium analytic users along with dedicated account manager with real time support.

Though the price seems to be over-prices but looking at credibility of Google, I believe big enterprises won’t mind spending that much for a service being offered by Google itself. You can learn more about GA premium using this pdf file.
Here is an intro video of Google analytics premium:

Google analytics adds real-time reporting:

One major reason why people uses other analytic program like woopra, Sitemeter because they show real time activity. This is one feature which we have always missed in Google analytic but not anymore. In another blog post, GA team announced that they introduced the real time analytics into new Analytic dashboard


In this real time analytics you can easily see which all posts has live visitors, where this traffic is coming from. This is very useful when especially when you are running a blog contest or any such campaign which needs real time tracking. More over, I’m glad that Google analytic added this feature in free analytic instead of making or pro version feature only.

Few analytics users are already seeing the new real time tab and they will be rolling out real time analytics for everyone in coming days. Though you can also sign up for this form to get early access to Google analytics real time dashboard.

I have already ditched sitemeter and after Google analytics real time feature will be rolled out for my account, I might ditch stats plugin too. It looks like a good initiative by Google to launch premium version of analytics, real time stats and most important customer support for premium users.

I wonder if Google is planning to open a general tech support for Adsense and Google search in future. Being largest search engine and offering monetization platform, a live chat support or telephonic support would be great for all AdSense users and webmasters.

Do let us know which of the news excites you? Premium account or real time stats? Are you going to ditch any of your web-stats software or plugin? What’s your thought about offering real time support for Adsense and webmasters?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Radha Krishna says

    @ponvendhan: The free version will continue to work for all however the paid version of Analytics comes handy for large business websites which require additional tracking features. It’s mostly for the E-Commerce websites as the free version is not that compatible and so the paid analytics comes to the rescue.

  2. Ritesh says

    thanks for this informative post, Harsh. It is surely going to help webmaster to have more insight of their visitors trend.
    practically, it will be useful only for them who have a good amount of traffic.

  3. jayaar says

    Live chat support for AdSense !!!!!!!!! Extremely excellent idea!
    Will that be possible with soooooooooooooo many publishers, I wonder!
    Will be very happy if that happens!

  4. ponvendhan says

    150K $ per year? No need to think about it due to the over cost. Then what will happen to google analytic free version?

  5. Mahesh says

    One advantage of Google Analytics’ Real time feature is that it’ll help to reduce server load caused by plugins like WordPress stats and other similar plugins.

    Also the Premium feature is only meant for enterprise users Small bloggers & businesses can’t afford to shell 150k dollars a year!

  6. Rohit says

    thanks Harsh

    I just used above form to apply for real time analysis functionality for my analytics account. This is much needed feature. This will help us alot.