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    Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration open for all

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    Last year Google announced the integration of Webmaster tool into Google analytics which will give you more details from your analytic dashboard on how your site is performing. Yesterday Google announced that they have open the integration for everyone and you can link your  site on Webmaster tool to Google analytic.

    Once you have linked your site on Webmaster tool to G.A., you will see a new tab call Search engine optimization under Traffic sources. This new data will give you exactly the same details that you get in Webmaster tool under search queries and additionally two more tabs call landing pages and geographical summary.  Though adding it into analytic is good idea, as you can get more details about your site right from analytic dashboard.

    How to link your Webmaster tool to Google analytics?

    Google has made integration very simple and all you need to do is login to Webmaster tool, Infront of your site name, you will see an option call Manage your site, click on it and Google analytics property and select your site on next screen.

    Here is a quick screenshot which will give you step by step idea on how to go about it.

    Google analytics property thumb Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration open for all

    On the next screen, you will see all your sites listed from your analytic account, select the one which is for same domain and click on Save.

    Shoutmeloud Linked thumb Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration open for all

    Once you have done, you can login to your Google analytics tool (new version), click on Traffic Source> Search engine optimization which will have three sub tab: Queries, landing page and Geographical summery.

    Queries tab will be same as your Queries tab in Webmaster tool and here is a screenshot for the same:

    Queries tab thumb Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration open for all

    Landing pages will give you idea about how many impression you are getting, CTR and most important average position in Google search.

    Geographical summery is another interesting aspect, as you can find how many Impression, CTR and clicks you are getting from different country.

    What does this data meant to you as a Blogger?

    When we talk about SEO, one of the most common word which you have heard is Link building. Now link building means, getting back link on your keywords to improve it’s search engine position. For example, if any of your Keyword/Post is on 2nd page of Google, it will automatically get less impression and visits. And same is true with any of your post listed on first page of Google. If It’s one the first three position, that means you will get more clicks and more impression.

    Using queries tab, you can find the average position of any keyword and most important you can see number of impression. I’m not talking about Keyword competition here, as you already listed for certain keywords in search engine. You can make a list of 10-20 such keyword which are in first or second page of Google and start writing guest posts or another way which you use to build backlink, and start building backlinks on the same Keyword with proper anchor text. Make sure to use mixture of Keywords (70-30%), while building backlinks.

    For example, if you ranking for a Keyword call: Loan & finance tips, don’t blindly build backlinks using the same anchor text everywhere, but mix it with other Keyword like “Loan-finance tutorial” and so on. This way, it won’t be spammy and will look natural.

    You can also use Google Keyword monitor tool to keep monitoring your Keyword position. Google Webmaster tool and Analytics tools are very useful for SEO of your blog and if you are new to it, you should read following posts to learn more about them:

    Let us know if you have linked your Google Webmaster tool and Analytics account?

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    I have already integrated adsense with analytics. This new addition will be great. Thanks for the tips.



    Very nice idea of integrating Webmaster tool to Google analytics. Thanks for sharing, I will go for it.


    Sreejesh @techgyo

    Its a good move by Google, I spend more time on Google Analytics than webmaster tools. Maybe Google want us to monitor the search keywords and stuffs often.


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