Google Adsense to Show Google Plus Button and How to Disable it?

When  Google launched Google+1 button, we never thought it will create so much impact in future. As it is, Google+1 like helps in promoting your article to your social circle and thus more clicks. Adding more into it, Google AdSense team is going to integrate Google+1 button on Adsense ads.

As announced in an official Blog post, Adsense team mentioned that starting from October you will see +1 button in most of the image, flash and animated ads. Users/readers can like the ads by clicking the +1 button . When any user will like any ad, his friends or a normal user would see his/her picture below ad and shows this ad is endorsed by particular person. This will increase the CTR and more important ad relevancy will increase.  More over, when a Person lets say X, recommend an ad, that ad will be put on auction to show to ‘X’ friends, as ‘X’ friends are more likely to go for something which their friend has recommended. This is how an AdSense ad with +1 button will look like:

Google Adsense showing Google+ button

Google Adsense showing Google+ button

This user recommended ads are not something new and many popular social media and bookmarking sites like Facebook and Digg has been using similar concept. For example, on Facebook you can like an ad on the sidebar and your friend will see this ad/page is recommended by your friend. More over, this actually helps in more CTR and thus more revenue for publishers.

Similarly, this AdSense new +1 button integration is going to help you increase your CTR. More over, since this +1 button will only be displayed on Image ads, so you might like to change your ad settings to show both image and text ads.

How to Disable +1 button from Adsense ads:

In case, if you feel or don’t like +1 button on AdSense ads, you can disable it from your new Adsense interface. Go to this link and disable social ads preference settings. Here is a screenshot to make your work easier:

Disable Google PLus Button on Adsense ads

Disable Google PLus Button on Adsense ads

Though at this moment I don’t see any reasons to disable +1 button on Adsense ads. Though once this feature is rolled out in October, we will be able to give more insight on performance of +1 button on Adsense ads. Also Adsense team just announced they they will be ditching the old AdSense interface by mid-November, so it’s time for you to get used to new AdSense interface.

I would love to get your insight and opinion on showing Google plus button on Adsense ads, do you think it’s going to be useful for advertisers, readers and you as a publisher?

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. jayaar says

    I feel it is good to have +1 in AdSense. Some times lack of time or being in a hurry, we miss certain good things that come in our way. +1 makes us think before we tend to skip them.
    Good luck to +1 and the users!

  2. Himanshu says

    I have left it as it is for the time being. Lets see how it goes. Will be looking forward for your experience on the same.

  3. Basant says

    For the time being I’ve disabled +1 in AdSense. But I’ll wait & watch for a month for a final decision.

  4. kavya Hari says

    From here, i learned how to disable + button from ad sense ads on here. Thanks a lot for given up here :) Its really great tasks to know about this task on here :)