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    Google Adsense Introducing More Ad Formats

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    Google adsense which is so far best contextual advertising network for Bloggers are all set to release new ad formats which will help publishers to play with different sizes of ads on their blog/Website.

    As reported by WindowsClub and the video from Adsense team, we are expecting following new ad formats:

    960*250, 300*600, 728*300. The expected date of launch is not finalized but we can expect this new ad formats any time soon.

    Check out this video from Adsense team which give a glimpse of this new ad formats:

    No doubt big ad formats perform really well in compare to small ads and with the launch of this new ad formats, I expect increased income from adsense. Though I believe with the launch of new ad formats, Google adsense team should also consider increasing the maximum number of ad limit on a single page.

    Do let us know what do you think about this new ad formats? Which one you think is going to perform really well here?

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    I welcome Google’s new ad format, Unfortunately i haven’t Adsense account to use this…


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Vijay. Why don’t you apply for Adsense ?


    Samir@Cool SEO Tips

    Well larger ad units might be highly beneficial to some publishers who tend to keep their pages clean. But blogs and websites with loads of links and widgets would find it difficult to accommodate something like a 960×250 banner. Banner blindness might definitely be tackled by using these new sizes tackled though :)


    Cole Stan

    These ads are huge, will look ugly on a website. We will wait and see but I doubt I will use them!


    Basant | Techno-Pulse

    I am excited as I’ve monetized only with AdSense. Moreover, I also agree that Google should increase the number of Ad units/page.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Basant…



    This is something which really excites me :)

    Thanks for the info and I heard they have got a new patent approved for displaying intext links which will lead to google search page for the particular term. Not quite sure whether they will introduce it to adsense publisher anytime soon, buts its definitely there on store.



    Having more ad sizes is good but these ad sizes are huge and of completely no use for me. Wonder whose gonna use them.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Saket many bloggers live on Adsense income and for them this new adsense ad unit are going to be very effective….!!



    Thanks for sharing, 960*250, 300*600, 728*300 new ad formats. You are right with big ad they need to consider a limit of ad on single page.



    I welcome the new ad formats as soon as possible. And I love your words as you said “It may increase the income and increase its ad limits on pages”. I hope this will be done among with the new ad format release :)



    big ads are movie vsible and hence more clicks



    Very nice, the webmasters have now more options to deal with adds size.
    I will search over the net to find the exact date when the new add format will be released and will definitely write an article about this notification on my blog.
    Thanks for your this new findings.



    i hope i will get more dollar from this new ads format, i just got only $150 a month with old ads formats :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    I agree Sathish but it will take lots of precious space from sidebar.!!


    Joynal Abedin

    I don’t like large format ads. Because it kills lots of space of my blog. It also seems that my blog is MFA blog.



    Waiting curiously for the new ad formats release and the response …


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