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    Google adsense introduce Interest based advertising

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    Google adsense introduce Interest based advertising

    It seems like Google AdSense is all set to become the biggest advertising company and dominate the Internet world with the new feature introducing every day.

    New fatures like Adsense for mobile  and adsense for parked domains are one of such feature. Then introducing new font inegration and now we have interest based advertisement.

    Google contextual advertisement make most out of it when advertisement is placed at significant place and after that when advertisement is relevant to the post.google adsense interest based advertising 300x123

    Suppose you writing a post on Hotels and travels and at the same time you getting advertisement from some tour and travels company, such advertisement will attract the visitors because of their interest.

    Right now Google AdSense team new Interest based advertising is available for few adsense publisher (beta phase) By the end of 2009 Google AdSense team will roll out this new feature for everyone.

    You can refer to this page from Google team to read about how Interest based advertising will work.

    To know more abput it you might want to look here as well :

    Google support page for Interest based advertising.

    We have also activated the Interest based advertising and withon a week we can see the difference, if it works for us we will update you about it.

    Meanwhile you can read few more article on adsense which will help you to improve your adsense revenue.

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