Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies

You are reading this post, then surely you are running a blog or we can say just another blog in the blog-o-sphere. Don’t mind, I’m not here to hurt your feelings.

It’s common to all that blogging makes money online with awesome sources like CPC ad networks, Blog giveaways, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, vlogging (video blogging) and many others. But the one which is most preferable and first choice of bloggers is Google Adsense (CPC program).

If you wanna make real money with this giant CPC ad network, then you have to build a reputable blog. This is the backbone of my first sentence from which I start writing this guide. I’m writing this guide and this doesn’t mean that I’m expert in making real money with Google Adsense. I do experiments and get some good results. That’s what I’m gonna share today.

Google AdSense income booster

My Three Supportive Hands To Deal With Low Adsense Income

Do, you like the above heading? If yes, then surely you’ll like further article too :)

Making a Google Adsense income that gives you a big smile on your face is only possible when you are dedicated to your work. You need to make plans and strategies to work with them. Only then you can get productive results.

If you browse the internet, then no doubt, you can find a lot of ways that you can follow to increase your Google Adsense revenue like using same color ads as of your blog text and links color, wrapping up ads with the text, using maximum allowed ad units, sparkling the high paying keywords within the content etc. Yes, all these ways help bloggers to make some money with Adsense but you can only take out your hosting and management costs with these strategies. Real money comes with real, working and effective plans. I’m gonna share my three strategies that I think will help you for sure to get more money with your CPC ad network.

I recommend you to first checkout these

1# Get US/UK/Canada Traffic Using Guest Blogging

It’s not hidden from anyone that if we get traffic from US/UK/Canada like countries, then our Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) touches the sky but the question is how to get traffic from these countries?

Do whatever you can do to drive traffic from these countries like sharing posts in LinkedIn groups but you should test my strategy too.

Make a list of some popular blogs in your niche that are getting enough traffic eespecially from these countries (Check out their Alexa stats). Follow those blogs, comment on their blog posts and build better relationships with the blog owners. Do the same for atleast one month. After that, send them a polite request to write a guest post for them. Once your request gets approved, you are ready to drive foreign traffic.

Write and submit your best articles there and see the results. You’ll surely notice a good amount of traffic landing to your blog from High paying Google Adsense countries. More traffic = More Money! :D

2# Do Smart Keyword Research – A Hidden Trick

Believe me or not, this trick will surely help you a lot. We all know that no one can neglect the keyword research’s importance in SEO and driving organic traffic. Selecting high paying keywords returns high CPC. Yes, it’s true but thinks for a moment.

If your competitors also targeting the same high paying keywords, then how you’ll get the ranking and organic traffic. A super fail! Right?

But here we have a trick that we can implement to our blog posts while writing. Follow below steps:

  • Do keyword research and find out some low competitive keywords (Forget about their CPC because our main motto is to drive organic traffic as much as possible) and some high paying keywords too.
  • Write quality posts targeting those low competitive keywords and smartly sparkle the high paying keywords near to your Google Ads.
  • Targeting low competitive keywords will give you good organic traffic and using high paying keywords will returns high paying ads display in your blog.
  • In this way, you can boost your blog traffic and Adsense CPC too. This is what we call “Hitting two birds with single stone” :D

Now, it’s time for last but not the least Adsense booster.

3# Launching Smart Giveaways – Not just the Giveaways

Giveaway is one of the best ways to promote blog in short time. By launching giveaway to your blog, you can easily get new readers, social likes, email subscribers and many more that is beyond to our thinking.  But do you know, we can use giveaways to boost our Adsense earnings too. Yes, here is the way.

  • Read: – Make money by hosting contest on your blog

Start a Guest posting giveaway in your blog and set the winning criteria based on maximum comments and social shares on guest author’s posts.

How it’ll give us productive results? Very simple:

  • Guest authors will write high quality content for our blog.
  • Our blog will get update very frequently.
  • Search engines loves frequently updated blogs having quality content.
  • You’ll get high search ranking, means high organic traffic that will push up the second Adsense booster.
  • Guest authors will share their written posts on their social profiles. Means traffic from various sources and countries will land to our blog which will provide strength to our first Adsense booster strategy.
  • New readers will land to your blog means higher chances to get clicks on our ads.

If we calculate, more content + more social shares + more traffic + more readers + more ad clicks = more money to our pocket

If you are wondering how you can get prizes for your giveaway, you can check out this post on getting sponsors for blog contest.

So, these were my three strategies that can help you to earn more money from your blog.


Getting decent earnings from any source is totally based on experiments. Do experiment and A/B spilt testing and find out the best working ways for you. I hope you would like this post, if so then please share it with your social media friends and help them too to increase their income from Google Adsense. Thanks and Happy Blogging :)

This is a guest post by Ankit Kumar Singla from BloggerTipsTricks. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, Check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. says

    Honestly speaking I loved your 3rd idea of hosting a giveaway…It certainly helps a lot to get new readers and build a strong authority around a blog…

  2. says

    It is nice to see you here. You are doing a great job. This is such a nice article. Indeed Google Adsense is best ever CPC service, that every blogger has to accept. Your all 3 points are extremely well, and obviously as others I also loved your 3rd point most. Don’t mind, other 2 are also awesome. Keep sharing such articles bro and thanks for these income boosting strategies and I will try these on my blog too very soon :-)

  3. says

    Hi Ankit,
    Very useful tips to increase the adsense income, eespecially for new bloggers.
    From your post keyword research and guest blogging play important role in drawing traffic.

  4. Rupak says

    Hi Ankit! This post is just awesome. You’ve mentioned very good points to target high CPC traffic. It is absolutely right that giveaways take a blog to new heights but if the blog doesn’t have considerable preliminary traffic then the giveaway will go in smoke. I think before organising a giveaway one must have some traffic. Great work dude! keep it up!!

  5. Umesh says

    hey ankit, its is really a great tips to increase adsense revenue. I had very low CPC on adsense account now i will follow whatever you mentioned above thanks a lot ^-^

  6. Kevin says

    Your traffic geo location is the most important tip for making more money with adsense. Another very important tip is the keyword you write a particular article with. The keyword you write with determines the type of ads that will show up on your post. So choose a reasonable CPC keyword that is related with your niche and write an article on it. To me these are the most important tips for making lots of money with adsense. Nice post bro!!!

  7. says

    Hi Ankit,

    The trick about playing with keywords is interesting. I liked the idea of having two different sets of keywords for each post. Do you really think Adsense looks at the keywords nearer to ad units and selects the ads accordingly?

    Regarding the CTR and Revenue, I suggest to reduce the number of Ad units if your CPC is really low. Its better to get fewer clicks but more cost per click. It will save you from ‘smart pricing’ too!

  8. Ganesh Narayan Gupta says

    Hello Ankit bro,

    It is nice to see you here. You are doing a great job. This is such a nice article. Indeed Google Adsense is best ever CPC service, that every blogger has to accept. Your all 3 points are extremely well, and obviously as others I also loved your 3rd point most. Don’t mind, other 2 are also awesome. Keep sharing such articles bro and thanks for these income boosting strategies and I will try these on my blog too very soon :-)

  9. Sumanth says

    Hello Ankit bro, it’s happy to see you on one of the top 10 sites of india. The keyword idea you mentioned is really good. But what’s the best keyword tool for us. heard a loy about long tail pro and also recently keyword planner of google. Which is the best ?
    And thanks for sharing this awesome tips with us bro :) have a good day :)

  10. says


    Nice and very useful post. This is what everyone needs as it will surely hep them to earn more from Adsense. as everyone knows that CPC of US, UK are high, but we were not getting the idea of how to drive that traffic. But your idea of Guest blogging on blogs from US and UK was a nice suggestion. And also on Guest Blogging contest, yes I 100% agree with it. I have participated in many contest with similar rules which I have bought the blog owner a hell amount of traffic just with a motive to win.

    Thanks for your tips to increase our Adsense income :)

  11. Harmeet singh says

    Hello buddy ,These steps will definitely help the new bloggers who doesn’t even know about these things.Thanx for sharing this article…..(y)

  12. says

    hi ankit. thanks for sharing these info since i am also aiming to increase my traffic in US and UK. i do not have google adsense account since they rejected my application and i am not allowed to apply again. even if my application is approved, i do not want to worry about adsense from banning me since last few months, adsense banned many bloggers indiscriminately

  13. Bala GP Samy says

    Hello Ankit,
    First of all congrats for writing this articles on SML instead of BTT. Because you know very well this innovative AdSense article will give you more traffic and subscribers from SML readers. From day one I was following your BTT blog and I am concentrating your Alexa rank that was unbelievable as like as SML.
    OK. Let’s come to post, These three innovative ideas will very much experience with bloggers like me in practice and subscribers hope those will help to increase AdSense Earnings.
    There are lots of experimental going on to get lot of visitors from western counties and American countries from Asian countries like India and Indonesia. Your three points will helpful for those to get more innovations.
    Thanks and Awaiting more articles from you, Ankit

  14. Debarpan says

    Indeed a great article from you bro.Using linkedin group to drive traffic is a good way to increase adsense cpc as well as pageview of our blog.We can also use other social networking group like google plus groups to get traffic from us/uk/canada.

  15. says

    Hello Ankit,

    It’s nice to see your guest post here. When I read title of you post I thought there may be another post on right adsense placement, ad formatting, etc. etc.

    But you have shared different and thoughtful tips for increasing adsense income. I like the tricky idea of keyword research very much.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful ideas.

  16. Reginald says

    Hey Ankit,

    Smart tips buddy. Low competition ads huh. Well done!

    Lovely tips eespecially with the contest part. Keep it up and thanks for sharing mate!


  17. says

    Nice post to increase the Google Adsense income from you Ankit :)

    Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks for us to get good money from Google Adsense.

    Your LinkedIn tip is awesome and doing the same.

    Am not accepting the GPs till, have to open it soon.

    Thanks again for sharing the useful post to us, keep rocking :)

  18. says

    Hi Ankit,
    Its nice to see you here Bro. You have suggested very nice way to increase income by driving more Traffic. The three points you have discuss is very important. Going to try them. Thanks for sharing a good stuff like this.

  19. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Ankit,

    Smart tips!

    I like the idea of guest posting. Expand your presence.

    Draw in more readers. Prosper.

    The more people you meet the better for you and your blog.

    Leverage your presence through guest posting.



  20. says

    Hi Ankit bro,

    Nice article indeed…in the past few years lots of new ad networks have emerged, but Google Adsense is still simply the best…personally I think to make good money from this newtwork, first we need to choose our niche correctly…

    You are absolutely right bro about the importance of US/UK traffics in order to boost up the GA earnings, and guest posting do help the process to kick start quickly…

    Honestly speaking I loved your 3rd idea of hosting a giveaway…It certainly helps a lot to get new readers and build a strong authority around a blog….

    Thanks again bro for sharing these awesome tips with us