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    Google Adsense Added Reporting by Countries

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    Google Adsense has worked hard in order to improve reporting module on new Adsense interface. They have added lots of small tweaks in last couple of weeks. Today Adsense team added one more feature to new Adsense interface and that’s reporting by country.

    This reporting will give you an idea on which country traffic is contributing the most in your Adsense income. As expected, in my case it’s U.S visitors which is generating maximum traffic for me.

    How to Access country reporting in Adsense?

    Login to your Adsense account and I hope you are using new Adsense interface. If not, on the top right you will see a notice saying “Try new Adsense interface”. Now once you are into your new Adsense dashboard, click on performance tab (top navigation) and click on country tab (left sidebar).

    googleadsensereporting thumb Google Adsense Added Reporting by Countries

    One interesting thing which I have noticed that despite of high traffic from India, income is too less. Whereas traffic from countries like U.S.A. and U.K. is contributing maximum income.

    Well this feature is good for those who are working hard on Adsense optimization and keep a close eye on Adsense reporting.

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    Irfan Siddiqui

    Awesome now we can check who and from where people have clicked on our ads.



    You are right ! US and UK visitors click more ads than the other country visitors. Thanks for explaining such a good feature of AdSense !!



    “Earning Less from India” – This might be because a lot bloggers among we Indians may be thinking that clicking adsense ads on other blogs may “also” lead to their adsense account termination.

    Oops, is their anything like that!!!



    Harsh! Adsense launched Reports Via Country on one week ago.I accidentally found the it in my A/c (New Interface).I found that I got more clicks from my country India but CPC is very low when compared to US,UK and German countries.myYou are lucky since you got more page Impressions from US :-)



    yeah Ads income increases only when the traffic is OUTside India:D


    Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours

    Great new for blogger who make money from adsense and I will login into my account to see it NOW. Thanks Harsh for share this news.



    Yes US and UK clicks always give maximum income.blogger who focus on foreign traffic gets the maximum .



    This was much needed because despite getting to know the number of visitors from particular country, we were still not able to track the revenue. Thanx for sharing this.


    Shubham @ NewTab

    Nice move by adsense, indeed!
    And I completely agree with you Anamika, US and UK are the most valued traffic.



    USA UK , CAN traffic pays more . india traffic is not good for money making :P


    Tho Huynh

    US and UK are the most valuable traffic. Maybe due to their high income, so they are free to spend their money.


    Harshad Sonaje

    I guess one of the reasons of getting less money from Indian Traffic is the Ads displayed. If those are Indian companies I guess Google might not be charging the same way it charges its US or UK counter parts. The Advertising could be at cheaper rates hence the clicks also get lesser money. The good thing about Indian traffic is the volume. So if you get 10 clicks from US and UK you might get 100 from Indian readers. No matter what I always value the reader base be it from any part of the world.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    Ya, US, UK and Europe are the top earning countries for me also….



    Great news! Thanks for sharing. I will check it out.


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