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Google Adsense – Do’s and Don’ts

Google Adsense – Do’s and Don’ts

adsense income Google Adsense is one of the easiest and simplest ways of earning money. The procedure is very simple and people need no investment for this. However there are some strict rules that ought to be followed to get going. Google is very strictly enforcing these rules to protect the authenticity of the program as well to save the interest of the advertisers. If you did not follow these rules, your Google Adsense account will be terminated without any question. If you want to know how to safeguard your Google Adsense account follow these rules:

Adsense Don’ts to continue earning without any problem:

  • Don’t click on your AdSense ads under any circumstances. Adsense has zero tolerance in this area. Never ask your family members or your friends circle to click on your ads.
  • Don’t indulge in Google Adsense program with a money making mind. You cannot make fast money in this program. Instead, you need a lot of patience and hard labor to see the fruit.
  • Don’t worry, if you don’t understand the process immediately after starting this. Though it is an easy to use and quick to understand program, you need at least some time to understand the full features of the program. Till then you should be waiting patiently.
  • Don’t use AdSense ads on pages, where you are buying PPC traffic.
  • Don’t use text like “Click on ads” or put ads in a format, that bound users to click. This is against AdSense policies.
  • Never place AdSense ads on sites which is not allowed by AdSense team. Ex: On Adult sites, Hateful content, copyright material.
  • You can find some more guidelines on official help page here.

Follow these simple and useful tips to earn money without trouble in Google Adsense program:

  • Collect as many information as you can about Google Adsense. You can learn a lot from the experience and mistakes of others.
  • Follow the steps to get your site optimized for earning more moneyby Adsense program. Keep in mind that it might involve hard labor and patience. That is the reason for writing this that would help you to proceed in a positive way to attain success.
  • If you visit other sites that display Google Adsense ads, click on them only if the product or service listed really interests you.
  • Visit the blogs of other people and comment on them if you truly like the content.

Following these tips will help you to make a steady income through Google Adsense Program. Do share your tip to increase Adsense earning and some basic do’s and don’ts?

Don’t forget to check our Money making section to learn how to make money online.

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  • Yogesh Jangid

    Hello Everyone,
    Please reply to my These Questions

    1. Can I Earn from My Wordpress blog with “” (Free Blog)?
    2. If I apply for Adsense, How far will I have to wait for it to get Verified.
    3. If I start a new blog what way should be the best for Audience to reach blog (I mean which one of FB, Twitter, G+, Google Search etc).
    4. Is there any difference in Earning-Per-Click rates for various Category Blogs?
    5. I am on blogger since 2009, But Started my new Blog since 35 days ago. Should I wait little more untill i get enough traffic & well appearance on GOOGLE SEARCH?
    (One of my FB friend said that I should wait for at least 6 months after creation of New Blog.)

    Please reply my questions..
    I didn’t get these problems sorted out even after spending 2 weeks Everywhere, Hope these will no more be kinda Problem…

  • Saurabh Jha

    Hi I have completed six months of my Blogging on Blogger….. As I am from India I have heard that Indian people have to wait for six months for having their account approved … I have around 20 articles on my Blog and that too with original content and with quality infused in it Got two times rejected initially by adsense program .. So I still take caution before applying to the Adsense could You please chek my Blog and have some suggestion for my Blog Is it the right Time to apply for??

  • Md. Azad Khan

    I have a blog with adsense account… My visitors on that blog is decreasing day by day… Now it is around 5 visitors per day… Will my adsense account be cancelled?

  • Kunal

    Google is very strict to its invalid click policies. Once they disable the account its really hard to make your account again with the same name and address.
    Thanks for the share of this useful article.

  • karthick

    i think tis comments wil be useful 4 me..
    thanks mira..

  • Anish K.S @ Technics

    Nice Post, don’t tell your friends/family members or don’t send mass mails to click your ads.

  • Himansu

    nice…:) Good sharing Angel Mira….

  • Digital imagination

    Nice one….

    These are some sure tips about Google adsense…

    thanks for sharing….

  • khalid

    Hi Mira
    Nice points but my problem is that my application for AdSense account has been rejected for unknown reasons though I have page rank 4 and my site is more than 1 year old. Have any suggestion what to do?

  • searchlackey

    Awesome pointers on adsense. Thank you for sharing…

  • Raj Krishna

    Good useful tips for the newbies, Strictly we should follow these rules to gain good bucks.

  • Basant | Techno-Pulse

    IMO Google AdSense is the best & easiest way to monetize your blog. I tried other ways but none was as good as Google AdSense in terms of returns. I’ve reached my Pay-out threshold & expecting my 1st Google Pay Check in next cycle :)

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Great tips.

    I had a question:

    “Visit the blogs of other people and comment on them if you truly like the content.”

    What does this have to do with Google Adsense account? How does it effect our Google Adsense account?


    • angelmira

      Hi Nabeel,

      You are right, it doesn’t have to do DIRECTLY with Adsense. It’s more of an alternative to build up back links and traffic to your site in place of doing something that could get you banned, like clicking your own links or spamming. =)

  • Viral

    nice share and good notable points.thanks for this.

  • Technolic

    seriously,this tips are very helpful once i did mistake by clicking on my own ads by somehow i told them and managed to sustain the account.

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Nice tips, Also now the time for a new domain to be added onto Adsense has been extended to 6 months. So have some patience and build up quality articles till that period & you can get accepted in the first time itself :-)

    • angelmira

      That is frustrating for sure. I remember just having to wait the 3 months it was before. Just build up a killer site that will hopefully have some traffic flow by the time you can put ads up!

  • University Eight

    “Don’t indulge in Google Adsense program with a money making mind.”
    I guess this is a bit contradictory.
    You need to have a money making mind even to think of Google Adsense. The point which you want to make, I guess, is don’t have a “Get Quick Cash” kind of mentality.

    • angelmira

      Right, just meant don’t expect to start making money right away… unless you have an established website with lots of traffic. :)

  • jaganmangat

    nice post……!!!!what if there is a guy in my town hu hates my adsense and do uneven clicks to stop my adsense pemanentaly….then what to do???[ur views plz]….

    • University Eight

      Adsense allows you to report any such clicks. Anyway, if one guy with the same IP/Cookies clicks multiple times, the clicks would usually not add anything to your account balance. If it does get added and you are concerned, just report the incidents to Adsense, and they’ll adjust the stats accordingly.

      • jaganmangat

        thanx university eight…

    • Gautam Mishra

      Due to some reason Google Adsense’s has terminated my account, may be due to same reason.
      So, how do I again get my Google Adsense account.

      Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! Please…. Help Me

      Thank you.


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