Google Added URL Submission to Webmaster tool

Couple of days back Google Added URL parameter in Webmaster tool and now Google has also added URL submission tool under Google webmaster tool. Unlike public URL submission link, here you can try to fetch any link using Google robots and if it gives success, you can submit it to add into web index.

As Google announced in official post, Google will be indexing pages which is submitted via Webmaster tool will be indexed within 1 day. This is a great news for people who just started a new site and facing issues with indexing. Though Google has also set a limitation for the number of URL submissions.

When you submit a URL for indexing, you have two options:

  • Index the Individual article
  • Index the Individual article  along with all linked pages.

Google has set a limit of 50 individual URL submission/month and 10 linked URL submission per month.

How to Submit URL to Google?

Login to your website dashboard under Google webmaster tool. Go to Diagnostics > Fetch as Google bot. First, you need to fetch the link and if it gives success, you can click on submit to index. Follow the screenshots which will help you to understand how it works:

Fetch-GoogleBot Submit-Google-index Submit-URl-Index Click on Submit and your URL will be submitted into Google index. Though it may take 24 hours before you see your URL in web search.

Here is a video which shows how to use this URL submission feature from Google webmaster tool:

This is indeed very useful especially when Google can’t crawl any web page or you have started a new service site and want Google to index the pages ASAP. More over, don’t forget to submit sitemap to Google, as this is one thing which will help in deep indexing of your blog.

Seems like Google is working to make Google webmaster tool one stop solution for all SEO need for your site. I also suggest you to read:

Do let us know your view about this new feature and do you think it’s going to be really useful for you and others?

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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. says

    Even i have tried this for the links which are giving not found in the crawl errors. It works. Can you please share the difference between only URL and URL with links?

  2. Bhaveek says

    webmaster tools shows that almost all of my url are added to google search. But i always see that 2 or 3 urls are not included, but i dont know which are they, is there any way to find that out.

  3. Siddharth says

    Yes, i tried this couple of days back,
    i noticed it crawled my site in less than 24 hrs :)

    Google rocks

  4. CA Karan Batra says

    Very nice way of explaining this change with the help of a Video.

    I liked both the addition to webmaster tool as well as the video explaining the same :)

  5. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    I think Google is quick enough in indexing new posts from already indexed blogs. This update will help newly started blogs/websites.

    • says

      They do but at the same time, they skip posts too. I mean they don’t index it at all. In such cases, this tool would be more useful …
      Specially if many other blogs are copying posts from your blog and Google sometime deindex the original post from your blog. You can always file DMCA against such copied posts and then use this tool to index it…

  6. Ramz says

    I heard that it takes 15 days fro google search engine to catch your content.Is itn true? Can Please explain what happens after we submit the url.Because when i submit my url , the traffic for the post is seen after 10-15 days.

    • says

      No really Ramz. Google usually indexes post within minutes. Infact I have seen Google indexing posts from SML within 30-45 seconds… Though for new blogs, it take some time so in that case this feature will be super useful.

      • Dinesh Verma says

        Your blog SML is old, popular and got a lot of backlinks thats why your links get indexed with a minute. My blog is new and it will take more than a week for google bots to crawl it.

        • says

          Dinesh it’s because Google has not set any crawl rate for your blog. try to publish regularly and I’m sure within some time, Google will set a crawl rate for your blog. Or you can try setting it up manually from your Webmaster tool. But for now, this feature will help you to get your post indexed within 24 hour.