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    RockMelt Review: A Social Web Browser

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    56419v1 RockMelt Review: A Social Web BrowserForget Firefox, chrome or safari; rising from the ashes of Netscape, Marc Andreessen is backing a brand new web browser called RockMelt, which is set out to revolutionize all browsers. It’s all about connections and social media, bringing together all your online profiles, making sharing your content that much easier and bringing together all of your favorite websites. Basically it’s set out to bring everything together, turn your web browser into something that can do more than just navigate the web – bridging the gap between the cloud and computers. It’s already got me interested.

    What does RockMelt offer over others?

    RockMeltis all about bringing everything together. Not recreating the web, but rather making everything accessible in one easy package. Here’s what you should expect from this new browser:

    • Real time updates built directly into the web browser – news, sport etc.
    • Web applications that can be opened and run directly through the web browser.
    • Direct access to social media, facebook, twitter, email, messenger – all built internally.
    • Dynamic homepages that support the content that you want, Live streams, updates etc.

    Social Web Browser RockMelt Review: A Social Web Browser

    A Social Web browser : RockMeIt

    Rockmelt’s method of navigation will eventually take over the way you navigate the web. The whole browser is built socially. The sides of the browser show who else is online with you and provides a direct layer of communication. No more need of accessing facebook directly, you can do it all from within the browser. Got an rss feed reader? You won’t need it much longer because Rockmelt can do that all itself. This browser really is the cloud, tying in even web apps to your browsing experience, something to love about this new web browser.

    What to expect from this baby web browser:

    I seriously can imagine this web browser becoming the cloud. It ties in everything, including web apps. It’s built on the chromium project so I picture more than just ‘plug-in’s’ coming out of this; people will soon be developing whole applications to go with the browser. Best of luck to this new project – because I’m already loving it. If you want to try out the software, barely even in alpha stage, you can head over to the rockmelt website and apply for an invitation. You will need to sign in with Facebook though, invitations take a few days. Latest version of RockMeit, comes with Social reading which is deeply integrated with Facebook. Over all, for a Blogger this social web browser might be the best thing to stay updated with latest news and for Facebook freak, again it’s very useful and handy browser. RockMeIt browser is also available for iPhone which you can download from here.

    Are you a  RockMeIt browser user? Do share your opinion about RockMeIt?

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    Hi Peter

    Wow you must be a techie geek with all that information you’ve written about. I’m definitely not and the thought of changing anything that works puts me into panic mode lol

    But I am a fellow Aussie so good to see you getting around the blogosphere and making your mark. Well done.

    Patricia Perth Australia


    Peter J

    Hahaha, not really, i just love seeing what people can manage to come up with thats new ;)


    vamsi @ india365

    Sounds interesting. I’ve decided to give it a try. How many days will it typically take to get an invitation?


    James M

    I received my invite within a few days of filling out the form. Be patient, however, as the amount of requests to be invited are probably overwhelming them a bit right now.

    Each user does have 3 invites to share to people, though. If you visit my site and use the contact form, I will send you one right away.


    Suresh Khanal

    Its really going to revolutionize the web if it comes with features you’ve listed – Browser Re-Imagined. I visited the site and did not find any download link. How did you get this? Can’t we have a taste yet?



    Remember Flock? Something similar will happen with this new kid on the block. Yet, an effective attempt.


    Peter J

    It is an exact clone of flock – so i really don’t know what to expect from this browser. It doesn’t come with simplicity though – it’s just cramming to much together though.


    Swashata Ghosh

    Basically, what I think is a browser should be user specific. Like, our firefox comes packed with a very user friendly and simple interface and a very few extra features. Now, its upto the user to make it as feature rich as they want. For example, developers will first install firebug, whereas net savvies will add something like tab candy etc.

    Now, browsers like these come with all the features. These maybe good for curious and geeky users, but for most of the professional and normal users, it will be simply wastage of browser performance due to feature overloading. So, I dont think these will last long in the market :), even if is good. but kudos for the developer team.


    Jens P. Berget

    I have been thinking of testing RockMelt. It sure sounds like an interesting new browser, and coming from Marc Andreessen, it’s got to be amazing. I still remember using Mosaic (a long long time ago).

    The only problem I have with RockMelt (even though I haven’t tested it yet) is using it for stuff where it has to be 100% compatible or I’ll get into trouble. Like when I pay my bills using Internet banking, or when I access applications at work that only seems to work with Internet Explorer :-)

    But for everything related to blogging and social media, it sounds perfect.



    Informative browser suggestion, But have to be strong to compete with FF,IE, and other browsers.


    Peter J

    Its an invitation through facebook to download it – so everyone that is wanting to download it is creating some real big hype because they’ve shared it all on facebook. Might be a big competitor.


    Kimberly Castleberry

    I’m looking forward to trying it, but given how few people use flock, and given that it would cost me all my firefox add-ons, Im incredibly dubious.


    Peter J

    I’m in the same situation, i love all of firefox’s addons – moving over is a big problem.


    Saleah @ tazalinks.com

    Thanks Peter for such an informative review, but I dont see any need of new browser in market when there are powerful browsers available like firefox and chrome, and we cannot say good bye to them for a baby browser which is quite buggy so far.
    More over they ask for facebok information to download beta version, which I dont think is necessary to try a beta version of browser.

    Rockmelt is a copy of “chrome”, it is based on open source Chromium Web browser code, which already being used in “Chrome” browser, which is being powered by Google, a big giant of internet.

    Cheerz :)



    I will stick to Google Chrome even if i install Rocket melt into my PC. Google Chrome is better and Light. It will take time for Rocket Melt to get Popular


    Sekav @thetechnozine

    Well, it sounds great and will be worth the try. However, it cannot be a complete replacement for Firefox or Chrome though. Mozilla has already brought in the F1 add-on for socializing contents. It’s good to see more browsers bringing in these features and will definitely be helpful for everyone. Good information, thanks for sharing.



    invitations are over for it…….can somebody invite me????


    Bilal Ahmad

    Let see how RockMelt will perform, because Microsoft is failed to complete firefox and chrome. I hope rockmelt will not..


    Donny Gamble

    I think that I will stick to Firefox for a while because I love all of the SEO plugins that are available for the toolbar. Might give RocketMelt a whirl though.


    Eddie Gear

    RockMelt is fantastic! It’s definitely going to give the big guns a run for their money. The browser is definitely not crammy as some people put it, and the search feature is awesome. Also have a couple of invites for anyone whoz interested. Head over to my blog and leave a comment. You just might just get one.


    Extreme John

    I’m still waiting for my invite it’s killing me. Can’t wait to try Rock Melt, I’ve been tweeting about it all week. They hate me.


    Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Yeah !!!! i bet it’s going to be a great huge success , i’m sure ,i have read about this browsers here recently and i can guess how people will need its functions and options as well as the great appearance they have mad !!! i’ll be using it for Sure :)


    Justin Germino

    I signed up to get an invite to try it out, I am very eager to see how it stands out from other browsers. I think with social media and “instant” everything having one web based tool to do it all is ideal.


    James M

    I have used all the browsers quite extensively now, from Mosaic to early versions of Flock, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and now RockMelt. There are some key differences between RockMelt and Flock. If people want me to do a more extensive feature list/review, let me know and I will write a post for this site, but basically:
    - Flock failed mainly because key developers left the project. They also switched from Mozilla based (Firefox) to Chromium (Chrome) which means users had issues with any extensions they used. Instead of upgrading, their either went to Firefox or stuck with old versions of Flock.
    - Flock has a lot crammed into it: blog editor, Flickr, RSS reader, webmail reader, Facebook/Twitter/social media, etc. You really don’t use it for browsing the web anymore. Instead, it’s more like an application to handle all your different needs online without opening up a lot of tabs. Because of that, the screen gets cluttered and the software can run slower than anything else.
    - RockMelt takes a cue from Chrome and keeps the look clean. Right now, they only integrate with Facebook completely (ie your friends list is on the left and from there you can chat, send messages, see their feeds, etc). All other services are shown on the right hand side through slide-out windows that you can collapse as needed. This means you can be browsing the web as normal, and if you want to take a quick look at your Twitter stream, you can, without opening a new tab or browsing away from your current page.
    - Search is a bit different, too. In Flock (and other browsers), you enter a search in the Google bar, and you get a list of results, plus results from your Twitter stream, Facebook, etc. In RockMelt, it’s more like Google Instant search. You get the list of results, but as you scroll through them by an arrow key, that website shows up right away. You can glance at a result and decide right away whether to delve into it or not.

    For compatibility, it is built around Chromium, which is based off of WebKit (Safari), so most web apps should work just fine.

    If people send me their email address at my site, I will create a chain of invites to send out. I will send out an invite to Person A, who will invite Person B and C, and they will invite D, E, and F,G, etc. That way the dispersal will go quickly and securely.


    Designer's Digest

    I didnt like it at all. Internet explorer 7 is better then RockMelt. The things I didn’t like about RockMelt: 1. Too slow after installation, 2. Often crashes, 3. Two sidebar makes website look ugly, 4. The two sidebar looks ok only with less Screen (Size) Resolution websites and 5. RockMelt is just a copy of Google Chrome. The only extra features is sidebar with Facebook and Twitter.

    I uninstalled it within 5 minutes after installation.


    Eddie Gear

    You came to this decision all in the space of 5 minutes!!!


    Rakesh Narang

    Rockmelt was just hyped. I tried it out but Official Chrome is much better.


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