Good SEO is like a job interview

When we talk about SEO, we distinguish them in generally white hat, Black hat and Grey hat SEO. According to me, it’s only white hat SEO, which is considered as Good SEO practices. Basically, our target is to follow all quality and safe SEO guideline from Google and make our website more search friendly. SEO is a crucial part of any website or Blog and  Good SEO leads to increase web traffic, which in turn leads to a higher ROI. A website is no good without traffic. Now, unless you have a large advertising budget, you are going to have to do SEO to get more traffic.  So, what is good Search Engine Optimization?

The steps you need to follow for good SEO are not too different from the steps you would follow during a job interview.

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How Good SEO and Job interviews are related:

1. The Look:

If you dress badly to an interview, you probably won’t get the job. If you want to create a good first impression, you have to dress appropriately and groom yourself well. Similarly, your website has to look good for search engines. Now your design doesn’t matter as much because search engines can’t really tell if the look of your site is good or not. However, they have other ways to ascertain how good your design is. A search engine bot will look for Meta Tags, Alt Tags, H1 Tags, Title Tags, a Sitemap and a robot.txt file. When these are well-organized, a search engine can index you faster and this helps your rankings.

2. The content:

Now, you’re at your interview and the interviewer asks you a question. Instead of giving them a straight forward answer you give them a long answer, talk about irrelevant topics, you’re repetitive and you’re boring. This will result in just one thing. You will NOT get the job. This applies to search engine optimization too. Your website content has to be unique, keyword rich, relevant, focussed on specific keywords and interesting. This will keep people coming back. Often people make two major mistakes. (a) They use old content and try to rewrite parts of it. (b) They focus on too many keyword in one article, thereby confusing search engines.

Content is king. If your content is good, you will stand out against the competition.

3. Be fresh:

The key to your interview is to impress your interviewer. So, you have to say the right things and keep adding value to your conversation. You need to go over your achievements and showcase all your talents. When it comes to your website, you have to do the same. Your content needs to be updated regularly and you have to post various pieces of content around niche. This will position your website as one that is truly comprehensive around your niche.

4. Letter of recommendation:

So, your interview is going well. Now, you pull out 5 recommendation letters and show them to your interviewer. These letters talk about your achievements, character and recommend you to the position. Now, you’ve really impressed your interviewer. If 5 people took the time to write a letter on your behalf, then you must be worth their time. Linking works the same way. When your website has a large number of incoming links, search engines index those and rank your site higher. Link building is the most time consuming yet fruitful part of search engine optimization. Look that the highest ranked sites in your niche. They will have thousands of incoming links. That is like thousands of recommendations.

5. Appropriate recommendation:

Going back to the recommendations above, they have to be relevant. For example, if you’re interviewing for the position of a Financial Consultant and your recommendation letters are janitors who have no way of knowing your finance skills, then their letters won’t do you much good. However, if the letters are from leading financial experts who have had contact with you in the past, then it really holds a lot of weight. When it comes to link building, it works the same way. Your links have to be of a high quality. That means that they have to be relevant to the niche of your website. If your site is about dogs, then the incoming links to your site should also be from sites about dogs. The higher rank those sites are, the better the value of the incoming link. Then, it comes down to how many you can get. The more, the better. Finally, if your site linking to you is considered as an authority site in the field, then it will be even better.

6. Keep working it:

When you are in an interview, you are always on top of your game. You can’t let your guard down. Similarly, SEO is a constant process. You have to keep at it. You have to do a bit everyday. This includes adding new content and building back links. This is the only way to increase your website rankings and to stay on top.

Search Engine Optimization has two major parts. The first is on-site SEO, where you focus on content, keywords and tags. The second is off-site SEO which includes backlink building. Now, all you have to do is to make a plan of action. Find ways to work smarter rather than harder and to use your time efficiently. Keep learning, keep asking questions and always try new things, as long as they are legal and ethical. If you do this, then it will be just a matter of time before you start to improve your SEO skills and start building high-rank websites.

You can read about Shoutmeloud SEO strategy here, and do let us know your SEO strategy.

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  1. Abdullah -al- amin says

    Really nice analogy here.i thinks two more things are so important.the first is good content and the second is to use honest methods of promotion.thanks again your good post.

  2. Amit Thard says

    Thank you all.

    I agree that backlinking is essential. However, I think two more things are important. The first is good content and the second is to use honest methods of promotion. They take longer but they pay off in the long run.

  3. Dana @ Blogging Update says

    Really good analogy here. I like the most of recommendation letter part — that’s surely hit my sense.

  4. Cebu Tech Blogger says

    Exactly… Through this analogy, you are making people understand SEO techniques in one way or another…

  5. Gabe | says

    Good analogy. The part that many beginners don’t realize right away is the importance of backlinking. So even if they do everything “right”, not having quality backlinks makes the climb that much harder.

  6. Haresh Patel says

    Comparison between a good interview and good SEO definitely helped understand your points better.

    Nice article. Many people seem to be ignoring 5th point i.e. appropriate recommendation.

  7. Ramkumar says

    Hi Harsh Im facing a problem in my sitemap, My sitemap when opened, return a error in browser, saying invalid characters are found at line 1 column 1. But when i download the sitemap through my FTP client and then open it, It displays successfully .,

    Do you think my sitemap is normal, or will that affect my SEO?

  8. himanshu says

    quite helpfull for me. nice post. but if are once approved, its a very long journey till u start earning a handsome income.