Good News for BlogSpot Bloggers: Picasa Added More Storage

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Good News for BlogSpot Bloggers: Picasa Added More Storage

Those who are blogging on BlogSpot platform, must be aware that there images are hosted on Picasa. (Free image uploading service from Google). Though picasa used to have maximum limit of 1GB, which means after 1GB you need to buy more storage to upload images, videos or you can use different profile to publish posts to upload images.

Now here is a good news from Google photo blog:

“In the past, each image and video you uploaded counted toward your free 1GB. Now, uploaded images that are 800 pixels or smaller and videos that are 15 minutes or less in length no longer count against your free storage limit. This means you can upload and store unlimited photos and videos at the above sizes — for free!”

This means now if upload images for your Blog Post, and if it’s usually less than 800Pixels, you will be using unlimited storage. As such images will not be counted on your 1G storage limit. This is useful for those bloggers who have been blogging on BlogSpot for some time and they are almost out of storage. Though I’m not sure, if this new update also applies for previously uploaded images or not.

You can always check your current storage by logging into Picasa web album, and under settings> Storage. <Direct link>. If you are BlogSpot blogger, do let us know if you liked this new addition from Picasa or not?

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  1. TechWev says

    Great news i m also a blogger to and i just checked my storage. it is decreased. Thnxz for the news.

  2. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    A great news for me as I am on blogger and as my blog is on Painting. I usually upload quite a number of images for a single post!

  3. UrbnGeek says

    Hey Harsh, Happy to know that Picasa is now competing with Flickr. But What do you say? Which is better- Picasa OR Flickr? I use Picasa(as image host) on my blogger blog: and it has renewed its interface too. I can now upload pics faster.

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