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    Good bye Adsense For Feeds: Time to Change Feed Monetization Program

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    Adsense for feeds is one of the monetization technique for Adsnese publishers, where we show Ads in our Blog feeds. I’m sure many of you who have more than 10-20K feed readers, might be finding this extra earning from Adsense beneficial but now Google decides to shut down Adsense for feeds. This is not first time Google Adsense team shut down part of their Adsense program, earlier they shut down Adsense for domain and Adsense for videos.

    In an official Blog post, Google team mentioned that under their spring cleaning program, they planned to shut down Adsense for feeds in a month time. In Google’s word: “Starting 2nd October we will retire it, and on december 3rd, we will close it.”

    Adsense Feeds retired Good bye Adsense For Feeds: Time to Change Feed Monetization Program

    So far, using Adsense in Blog feeds generated almost negligible income for me and seeing it going away doesn’t make any difference. More over, speculations are high about Feedburner future. Though there is no confirmation but it’s rumoured that Google may retire Feedburner service and specially after killing Adsense for feeds, which is one of the major revenue source from Feedburner, such speculations are getting more stronger.

    If you have planned to set up your own Email newsletter, I would recommend to go for Aweber which you can start with as low as $1 and you will have more control on your feeds. You can read more about why feedburner is not best Email marketing tool here.

    What next for Feed monetization?

    You can monetize your feeds in many ways and my favorite is by using Affiliate marketing. If you are using WordPress, you can use RSS footer plugin and add your own HTML code, banner in feeds or a simple HTML link can generate good result for you. There are many other monetization network which we have discussed earlier and you can use it to monetize your Blog feeds.

    Though adding advertisements in feeds is based on your sole discretion as you may not want to irritate your regular and loyal readers to show ads all the time, rather depending upon your niche, completely demonetizing your feeds from ads will be more beneficial for you.

    Here is a help section from Google Adsense team which gives more detail about retirement of Adsense for feeds program.

    Do let me know how many of you are monetizing your Blog feeds and what other program are you going to use to find an alternative to Adsense for feedburner?

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    What is the main reason fo closing this.I think they will close adsense for blogger in future and only ads will be available for only top sites and for premier account.What do u think.



    Agree with Pramod. Google owns the web, they decide whatever they want.


    Ammar Ali

    Bye Bye Adsense For Feeds! :? We will miss you!

    Anyway, what about blogspot users? How can they monetize their blog feed now?



    I am also saying bye bye to Adsense for feeds. Now its time to make some extra $$ with blog feed monetization. Thanks Harsh.


    Patil Makarand

    Very sad news for publishers ! It was one of the best option for feeds as it shows relevant ads to the content !
    Still reason why they have closed it down is unknown !


    Nizam Khan

    So, on December 3rd Feedburner will be closed. Well, the link in the post to RSS Feeds advertisement programs is really useful. Thanks for sharing :)



    is there any alternative for this RSS.
    can you update the new method to monetize the blog feed ?



    I’m using Feedblitz and having great monetization results.
    Very recommended.


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