Godaddy Denies Hacking & Offereing Free Godaddy Credits

2 days back I informed you about the Godaddy is down issue where many of Godaddy services (Hosting, Email, DNS) were out of service and Godaddy users Faced up to 8 hours of downtime. A Hacker named AnonymousOwn3r claimed that he is the person behind the hacking and we all believed on it, until Godaddy denied the rumor of being hacked in an official announcement post here.

Godaddy Denies Hacking

According to Godaddy official PR, the reason for Godaddy outage was not hacking and not even DDos attack. The godaddy outage happened due to series of internal network events which corrupted the router data tables. More over, they also mentioned that due to the outage none of customer personal information or data was compromised.

Specially after the news about Godaddy hacked spread around the web, existing users were worried about the security of there data, sites and personal information. Many users already migrated their Websites to other hosting once Godaddy services was resumed and clearly Godaddy has to work a lot on recovering on their lost reputation. Many of Godaddy competitors sites like Namecheap, Hostgator, Layeronline offered special deals for existing Godaddy customers and needless to say, many of them managed to make most out of this Godaddy outage.

Godaddy outage

Well sooner or later people will forget about this whole Godaddy hacking fiasco and I’m sure with their bold advertising and marketing techniques, Godaddy will soon manage to cover some of it’s lost reputation. Though, losing existing customers is the worse thing which could happen to any hosting and domain company and I’m sure many of existing hosting companies and domain registrar will be working on hardening their internal security and making sure they don’t fall into the same category of Godaddy, when a technical bug caused thousands of customers their money and made them hate Godaddy.

Godaddy Outage Credit for Affected Customers:

Godaddy is also Emailing customers who were affected by this downtime and they not only apologised for the whole issue but they are also offering free Godaddy credits worth 1 month of their active site/services.

According to Email: “As a result of this disruption, your account will be credited for the value of 1-month of service for each of your active/published sites.* This credit will be available to you for the next 7 days.” This offer is not for users who are using Godaddy just for hosting their domains.

So, if you receive any such Email, make sure to claim your free Godaddy credits and use it for buying or extending your services.

I’m not a huge fan of Godaddy hosting, because I always find their control panel to be over crowded and especially after I had one bad experiencing of Hosting WordPress site on Godaddy, I never ever trusted them. Though, things might have been changed since then and you can let us know your experience of Godaddy hosting below.

Although, I love buying domains form Godaddy (Special thanks to Godaddy discount coupons), as I can get a Top level domain for as low as $1, which is like a steal. You can always keep an eye on my WpHosting page for latest Godaddy discount coupons.

Are you an existing Godaddy customer? What’s your take on latest down time? Have you shifted to somewhere else or planning to? Do let us know via comments.

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  1. says

    I was using but then moved to for the reason that the website was tremendously slow on godaddy. There support is fantastic but the hardware. I believe they host a lot of sites on one server that increases the response time of the websites. Hostgator is fantastic so far.

  2. Rabin says

    My brother uses Godaddy to host his WP blog. He says that the previous uptime was like 99% but later it reached down to 95%. He has been monitoring his blog using some services….But I recommend using Hostgator..