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Godaddy Is Down & Here are Alternatives

Godaddy Is Down & Here are Alternatives

Godaddy Alternatives Seems like it’s hard time for Godaddy users as almost all Godaddy servers are down along with thousands of Godaddy users Websites which are hosted on their service. According to techcrunch, One of the member of Hacker group Anonymous (AnonymousUs3r)took responsibility for this attack. Godaddy people are working on fixing the hack but for now other Godaddy alternative Hosting companies are offering sweet deals for new and Godaddy customers. The first of the deal comes from Hostgator. Godaddy sites are down from last 8 hours and there is no ETA on how much time it will take ton restore their server and sites.

Along with Websites, Email services and users using Godaddy DNS for their domains, they are also facing down time and same is confirmed by Godaddy Twitter site:

Since, there is no ETA on how much time it will take to get your sites on Godaddy servers backed up and many Godaddy alternative sites are coming up with special offer and support for Godaddy customers facing downtime issue.

Godaddy alternatives as Hosting and Domain registrar:

One reason I don’t like Godaddy is because of their super cluttered dashboard. They do offer tons of features, but a normal user will find it complicated. Though, should offer a simple version of dashboard for non-power users. Anyways, if you planning to transfer domains away from Godaddy, than Namecheap is most reliable solution. In short time, they have created a brand name for them, and their discount coupons will always keep you happy.

As an hosting alternatives to Godaddy hosting, there are many options, depending upon which plan you are moving form. If you are moving from shared hosting package, and need to host 3-5 WordPress blogs or static sites, Bluehost and Hostgator are idle choice. I have used both of these hosting, and they offer great support, and in most of the scenario you will see 99.99% uptime. Bluehost hosting also offers one free domain, with their hosting plan. So it will be extra saving for you.  Now if your question is moving your sites from Godaddy to Hostgator, if it’s WordPress you can read my DIY move WordPress guide and migrate yourself or you can take advantage of free Website migration offer by Hostgator. I have tried their free migration service and they work really fast and efficiently.

Sign up for Hostgator Coupon: ShoutMeLoud25

If you are new to Hostgator hosting, you can read my review of Hostgator here and a user experience of Hostgator.

For Non-Godaddy customer, it’s a good chance to grab 6 month hosting for free as they are premium hosting and you don’t get such deals for a reliable host like Hostgator. Well, it’s really unfortunate that Godaddy customers have to suffer due to hacking attempt but for a user, site down is like losing money.


Godaddy denies hacking and offering Free Godaddy Credits

What about you? Are your Websites on Godaddy is down or your site is not affected with this hacking attempt? Do let me know which Webhosting you are planning to use as Godaddy alternative? Don’t forget to tweet about it and let user know about this free hosting deal from Hostgator and subscribe to our Email updates for latest updates.

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  • Nizam Khan

    Well, it seems tough time for GoDaddy. Yes it’s a good chance to grab 2-3 years of package to get most of of it from Hostgator hosting service. Thanks Harsh for this update :)

  • Chetan

    Oh god! Harsh, I am now really tired of searching for a domain name provider. I need to register a new domain name, and I have only $5. Any guesses what I can do? Any coupon code? Any provider? Anything?!

  • Raplus

    I also do not recommend Godaddy for any one. My blog also hosted in Godaddy. but most time my blog is down. Next month I hope to go Hostgator

  • Yogendra Sharma

    Dude i have 3 domain names hosted with Godaddy DNS, still i haven’t face any problem yet. Thank god i am safe.

  • Justin Germino

    Here is the catch, if your DNS name is hosted on GoDaddy and you don’t have your DNS transferred to HostGator, you still will suffer the outage, not only hosted sites, but those who purchased domains at GoDaddy and are using GoDaddy as the DNS servers are also down, so make sure you transfer your DNS hosting as well to whatever hosting provider you end up with.

    Also, any hosting provider is subject to same outage, none would be immune, GoDaddy was just the big target, but the type of attack would bring down any of the hosting providers if done against them.

  • akshat goel

    i am looking to purchase the 2 yr baby plan which is only for $107. pretty good deal…:)


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