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    Gmail Asking for Mobile number to activate Google account

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    img 128852 gmail logo Gmail Asking for Mobile number to activate Google accountWe all know about the Gmail is the better mailing service available today. As Gmail getting more popular they are updating there security feature too. Now Google has introduced one of such feature that is they are now started asking your mobile number for creating Gmail account.

    Google asking Mobile number to activate your Gmail account !!

    Google is now start asking your mobile number for the activation purpose. After filling the Gmail Application Form you will be redirected to new page asking your mobile number for activation purpose. After entering your mobile number you will click “Send Activation Code to my mobile phone” option and they will send activation code to your mobile phone within a second you need to enter that code in next step otherwise you will not able to create an Gmail account.

    7 8 2009 12 06 58 pm Gmail Asking for Mobile number to activate Google account

    What if you don’t have a mobile phone ?

    If you don’t have an mobile phone you cannot able to signup for Gmail account. Otherwise you may need to ask your friend if you can use his or her number to receive a code.

    Why they made this Feature ?

    According to Google they are saying that to avoid spam and abuse protection are the two things. But i think they are also used for tracking Terrorism activity.

    Is there any limitation for creating Account for a single Phone number

    Yes, Each mobile number is have a limitation of creating Gmail Account. So create Gmail account only when you needed. And they have not yet say the number of account to be created on a single number.

    This is a nice approach from Google to lower down the Spam and abuse through Gmail account.

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    well, its a nice innovation by Google..i am happy this is introduced so late….I have numerous GMAIL accounts otherwise it would have been diffcult for me to get them registered….



    Who said spam will reduce by having mobile no., this is just another of tracking the user’s.

    Also since there is change in privacy policy, they are modifiying their ways of tracking the users.

    I have gmail a/c and even though i mark the email as spam, I get the same type of email in my inbox.

    This feature is just cover up google, as of now google is not good in handling spam where as yahoo is much better spam filters.



    I don’t think you get it: Are you getting spam from google accounts or other free email services?

    This method is to prevent bots from creating accounts so that they can at least prevent gmail from being used to send spam.

    This is of course bull not because of that but because other methods exist.

    Course they still require capachas on youtube comments so I dunno.



    I just made new account in gmail but they didn’t ask me for anything as you said. If you are talking about google application then I don’t know. I said that because you talked for both application and Signup.



    No, i am not talking about Google application this type of verification is asking in creating Gmail account only.


    Selvam, Sivagangai

    Mr. Arun, it is only for google applications, such as youtube, does it require you to associate a gmail account, together with a mobile phone number for verification. If you didn’t provide a mobile phone number, at this stage, the activation would not be complete. Whereas, if you were creating a gmail account only, it is NOT mandatory to give a mobile phone number, you can skip that step. As to why google is asking for mobile number, it is simply to market their product to the advertisers. The advertisers will have both your mobile phone number and email address, enabling them to call you or email you to promote their products.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Down there someone confirmed that it is working, though I think every new user is not getting this option for mobile number verification.



    You are right yesterday I tried creating the email id. and it asked me the mobile number


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for the confirmation Nihar, because one commentator reported that it is not the same in his case. One twitter user also said, that this is only for US user now. Though I’m unsure because I have not checked personally, but the best thing here is we have screen shots. :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Oh yes you are right, but that will be off topic. Meanwhile why Google still has Email invitation offer after Gmail is open for all?



    Hey Harsh,
    I checked for US & India but, they didn’t asked me any thing about phone number and you should check it.


    Harsh Agrawal

    My problem is a lil different from others. My mobile phone was broken before i could activate my new gmail account. I got a new mobile phone but couldn’t retrieve my sms from old 1.

    So, can anyone pls help me. Anyway to go round it? I couldn’t find how to get gmail admin to resend the activation code to my new mobile phone with the same number i provided.



    they are asking to enter ur mobile no again and again to create gmail accounts.but i dont want to give my mobile number



    Do’t worry, they will keep you mobile number safe and will only ever use it to complete the creating of your Gmail account. They will not use your mobile number for anything else and will not ahre it with anyone!



    Very much disappointed. Google already have so many user information, now they will have the phone number too, which is very important for keeping one’s identity. Google very wisely encroaching into personal details. No company will stay the same for years. I am sure one day google will sell their user info, may be they are already doing it. Someone has to control this giant monster.

    Very smart way to steal personal info without giving any suspicion to normal users.
    The amount of user info that google have is enormous, I am sure they are planning to use it for more detailed search, especially in their nexus mobile phone.

    Very very clever but crooked.




    I have already goven my phone number when I created my Gmail account. What are they going to do with my number and would they still keep it even after I have deleted my gmail account?



    but what is its solution why did they inckluded the option for asian regions not for europe i think.we should sue them. for asking mobile no for google or gmail.plz become my friend



    heyii,, a doubt,,, anybody who knws ma mail id can refer ma mob number wich i gave for verifi????



    I got the verification code but there’s no were to enter it?



    After completing the sign-up step you will see on empty box to enter verification code (see the above img).



    HAI plz help me my i cant open my old goole account … recovery given hint my mobile number but that number i not using… they sending verfy code to that number… plz help.. any option is there……………?



    The Google SMS system DOES NOT WORK.
    It is an insult to ask for personal cel number, nevertheless our gmail work account is extremely important, so we tried this SMS code idea…Got the code, but it is impossible to use it, Google informs: “Sorry, there seems to be a problem. The service you’re looking for is temporarily unavailable. We’re working hard to restore your access as soon as possible. Please try again in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.”


    Jain Sen

    I think google has become another junk in the name of spam protection etc etc. There is no need to pass personal mobile numbers to create account. Why google need people phone number to play around & this is really rubbist bully. People should protest & outcast Orkut immediately



    I strongly disagree with this mobile number id thing. This move is bringin us one step closer to an orwellian world… It has nothing to do with spam, they could do anything a thousand other thigns about spam, it has got to do with anonymity, since you give that phone number, it makes it sooo much easier to track you down. The right of free speech is in danger, i could go further and say this is terrorism, they make you afraid of what you are going to write on your blogspot, send through email, etc…
    do not fall into this one, they are changing the norms, i’m not gonna be a part of this, and i suggest you do the same and wake up people !



    Google asking for mobile numbers is huge invasion of privacy of a individual. Will never create a account on Google till this weird demand is removed.



    I honestly agree that this is act is the best thing Google have done to reduce spam accounts. They have implemented this on other countries as well as of this time. I dont think this is a big problem for us as long as we stick to one primary gmail account.


    raghav vyas

    i want code for sending verification code on mobile or email -id using html or servlet



    Hi Arun,
    I have activated 2 step verification in my mail and now the problem is i have move to londan and i lost old mobile number to which i used to get my verification code. Now i’m not able to login to my account without this code. Could lease suggest me how to update my moblie number if possible other wise how to deactivate this 2 step verification option..
    Please help my to find a solution to my problem.. Thanks



    Giving your mobile number to Google is a bit like giving Dracular a blood sample.
    It’s up to you!.



    Well on my Gmail account I occasionally get a message when I sign up asking for a mobile number for ‘security’ reasons and there’s a skip option. Just like YouTube eventually forcing you to have a gmail account to log in, I’m sure I’ll be forced to hand over my mobile number at some point or loose my Gmail account. This will mean I would no longer be able to sign into YouTube either! Why don’t they just go the whole hog and demand my home address, natinal insurance number and bank details! I get lots of important email’s sent to my Gmail account and now I’m going to have to use a different email and notify all my contacts before it’s too late, which will be a complete pain!


    c j

    Google continues in 2012 to ask if you to add your mobile number when you sign in to the account. You can hit “skip,” but if you are not careful you will miss the “skip” on the next screen. Supposedly it is so they can send you your password or whatever if you cannot access your account. Don’t believe it. You will get unwanted text messaging up the old gazoo.



    when my facebook account is accessed from a computer , then i must receive login notification on my gmail id..that someone has accessed to my account, but unfortunately this is not happening. i am receiving every notification except login notification and that’ s important. i have activated email notification on my facebook account but nothing works!! please help me!! reply as soon as possible.
    Thank You



    I did active my password recovery based on my phone. unfortunately my phone has been stolen with someone else who got access to my gmail account easily.
    the problem is he changes some setting in my account in a way that he is able to recover my account and change the recovery setting without my permision
    what should i do?



    dear gmail team,
    I did active my password recovery based on my phone. unfortunately my phone has been stolen with someone else who got access to my gmail account easily.
    where you sent my verification code……help me…..????????????



    i missed my mobil phone and i dont know my gmail password so i cannot sign in on gmail please hep me



    Noticed “someone” sending text message “opportunities” to my Gmail account contacts. Advised to change the password, did so and activated 2 step login. Opted to have the system call with a verification number once on first new login. Now get verification call to type into the field, then usually a few minutes later another call with another verification number comes.

    Can someone help, is the following possible? Maybe someone has arranged to forward my SMS messages to another number, (like bbc in email)? In which case I would have been better off not using a 2 step process which is supposed to happen just once, and just change my password.

    It’s a good idea if taken at face value and if it wasn’t Google or Msft or Apple or (Uncle) I would not be so suspicious.


    Kevin Jackson

    Requiring a cell phone is pretty dumb. Its very dumb. Im not working and dont have a cell phone. So I guess I’ll stick with AOL and Yahoo.


    Soham Sarkar

    i have changed my mobile number and now i have forgotten my orkut account password so cannot receive any verification code. what can i do to use my orkut account once again?


    Harhar har

    I don’t respond very often but here it goes:
    I think it’s outrageous. For people that would like to have some safety in case they forget their password, fine: have an option to do that by mobile phone number. However, restricting access to gmail by mobile number is going to far.

    Not only does it put the people that don’t have a mobile phone at disadvantage in this world, but it has serious privacy implications. I do not want to share my number with anyone I did not personally meet. What makes you corporations think I would give my phone number in exchange for your services? Google is a has been. It’s time for new “disruptive innovation” and let’s make it a good one.

    Storage costs less per GB in 2013/2014 than it ever did before. It’s not an argument. So why implement these measures google? Big data, yummy big data. There’s literally no business argument (as implied by the author of this article) why this change in policy took place. I knew something was up when Google wanted to know my real first and last name last year, but this, it’s really going too far. Be true to what you preach google. Don’t be a sell-out.


    Harhar har

    Also, I cannot believe most people “think very lightly” of this measure imposed on them. I guess what bothers me the most is not that one company decided to do things “differently”, but because I see this as the “sign of our times”. It really does scare me how high the acceptance level of the public is towards these seemingly small measures. It’s not the internet I know anymore, and I used to love it dearly. I’m perhaps more disappointed in the conformity and acceptance of a wider public than I am of one company ‘just doing what it does’.

    As for the real first and last name, google now notifies you “it’s not conform naming policy” if it’s a tad too weird (like equal to your email address). I don’t trust you anymore google. Paranoia is the new standard. Just be sure to catch the person or the corporation that finds it attractive to pursue these lines of thought first.


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