Gmail account disabled : nightmare with Gmail

I got my gmail acount back

I got my gmail account back


Gmail is the best web mail I have ever used and I’m using it for more then 3 years, most of my important accounts is connected to Gmail.

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Tonight when I was sleeping one of my friend called me to say your Orkut account is gone and I was shocked as I have used orkut extensively in past few years.

I opened my Gmail account and the message which i got is “your Gmail account is blocked”

I started feeling numb at the very moment because I know the consequences of loosing my primary account, I tried logging into my other Google services that includes blogger , Google analytics, Google webmaster tool

everything was gone for me. :(

I emailed Google about it then and there and they returned with an email which asked me to provide the details of my account so that they can look into the issue,

By that time I have lost my hope of getting back my account and the only thing which I was looking for an answer from them ” WHY my account?”

I almost submitted that form probably 5 times in which I had to submit lots of thing like time when I created my account, frequently emailed user and lots of other details which only an account holder can know.

finally after 5 hrs I got a reply from Gmail team saying I can now reset my account as it has been activated.

  • The things which scared me after I realized that I lost my gmail account:
  • Lost control over lots of account which is related to my Google account
  • Lost contact to so many people/friends whom I get in touch via email/IM
  • Lots of Email important one
  • I’m about to join accenture and the only mode of communication is Email.

There are many which I don’t need to explain because I’m sure you can think of   whats the feeling of a common person who lost his email account.

My sincere thanks to Google team for reactivating my account back.

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Sunny says

    since 8 years I was a user of gmail, but unfortunately from 2 days back my gmail has been blocked saying that your mail has been temporarily disabled. It is quite surprised because I have very important mails on it. I am not getting any reply from gmail technical team after sending all necessary forms filled-in all respects.

  2. Pavan Somu says

    Hi harsh Agarwal, an idiot hacked my Gmail however I regained my account back but the gloomy thing all happened was all my valuable mails are being deleted by him. is there any chance for me to get them back.

  3. PS says

    The Same condition applied to my YouTube Account , which was closed without any reason or warning.
    Any solution / Hep will be appreciated.

  4. says

    @ Ashraf If you have successfully using hotmail and you check your E-mail once in a week…then I can be sure those Email are from some spammer or people who tries social engineering method to get into your account, never click into those link, in case if you still feel reluctant you can send me the email address of sender using my contact me page or post it here I will have a look and will give you more detail about the sender.

  5. says

    @ Pavan This is what I felt when I was about to loose my gmail account but Gmail services is something I can’t ignore and it become a life stream for me.
    So can’t think of my online life without Google services.

    Best way always be p@r@noid about your security

  6. Ashraf says

    I have lost my gmail account of my company and tried lot but no success.Hence, i left it with no choice and open with msn hotmail No problem since then. But some time i have been asked by some one posing windows live team to verify my account giving all my account warning me that your account would be closed if not responded. I almost ignore on suspicion of mail hacking. Kindly advise me whether somebody has such problems and their response for it.