Global translator WP plugin Google adsense TOS violation and solution

Global translator wordpress plugin helps you to translate your blog into multiple language. Though in my previous post I talked about what problem I faced with Global translator plugin.

As it is in the previous post I talked about how Global translator plugin violates Google translation API TOS.

Another story here is Global translator plugin violates Google adsense TOS as well.

How Global translator plugin Violates Google adsense terms and conditions?

If you look at the supported language page, you will find that adsense doesn’t support every language.

You can see the list of adsense supported language here.

Scroll down to the end of page and you will see these lines :

Please also be aware that placing the AdSense code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by the AdSense program policies.

So you are stuck in a condition where your adsense account might get banned.

Global_translator_wordpress_pluginTo get rid of this issue, one simple thing you can do is to disable the languages in the Global translator plugin setting page, which Google adsense doesn’t support.

Though after disabling those language, your blog will encounter lots of 404 error.
Remove all those pages from specified languages which violates Adsense policies.
Use your Google webmaster tool to remove those links using directory removal method.
Now edit your robots.txt file to make sure Google bot will not reindex those pages.

User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /sl/
Disallow: /ro/

You can see shoutmeloud previous post on robots.txt for better SEO.

In my case I have manually removed all the pages which are indexed from shoutmeloud in different languages, using Google webmaster tool.

You can also check I have edited my robots.txt file to disallow bots for those multi-language page.

Though it might take a week or two to see the complete changes on my blog index.

For now I will not recommend using this plugin for a while till the time we will have complete solution to the Global translator problem.

These are the major problems which I faced with Global translator plugin :

  • Duplicate issues
  • Violation of Google translator API TOS
  • Violation of Google adsense TOS
  • Webhost instability

I loved this plugin at the first instance when I was getting lots of traffic from different part of the Globe, which I never thought of. But after all this fiasco and issue with Global translator plugin I will play safe and before making any change on my blog I will do a complete research.

Tip : Before downloading a plugin search for reviews, best practice would be search for terms like Problem with **** plugin Issue with **** plugin. This will help you to understand pros and cons of any plugin.

If you are using Global translator plugin and facing any issues regarding this.

In addition you can also see shoutmeloud post on the configuration and use of All in one SEO plugin for wordpress SEO.

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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Beautysha says

    I thought of using Google translator for my blog. I am always feared about google TOS. It is very difficult to predict them.

  2. Enfotainer says

    Nice point mentioned by Nirmal. If this post is translated in Hindi and if this post has an Adsense, then that means this site goes against the TOS of Google.

    So that is not the case. This blog is primarily in English, and that is all that matters that doesn’t violate the Google Adsense ToS.

  3. YR says

    Hi There,

    Would you please be kind enough to update what the best global translator is? We are looking for one for our portal. Have sent a few emails Global Translator asking if their plugin supports a custom desgined website (not wordpress) Had no reply from them.

    We will be using Adsense on content posts only. The website is aimed at a global market and having it translated into major languages would be very helpful.

    So, which translation tool should we be using, we would obviously like the extra traffic.

    I read your email posts whenever they land in my inbox and have learnt much from your guidance. Thank you for all the effort and knowledge you give to us.

  4. Luke says

    Well I guess it’s not so big problem to disable some languages, google still allow most known languages… other… I don’t think they would give too much profit on adsense anyway… I might be wrong.

  5. Roezer says

    Sorry to Comment on an Old Post but I just removed the Translator for 2 reasons the first was People were not interacting with it and Secondly it was making my site get Bombarded with Translation Ads. I also have many 404 pages because of it but i think the link juicer will fix that one

    • Gillian Pearce says

      Hi Roezer

      What did you mean when you said “I also have many 404 pages because of it but i think the link juicer will fix that one”. What is the link juicer?

      I’ve loads of 404 pages too and am not sure what to do about it.


  6. Atul says

    If one is using Translator with only Google supported languages then everything is fine..Its not against Adsense policies.
    Me was also using this translator plugin. But it created for me duplicacy issue. Hence, removed it along with all its cached pages.
    Translatr plugin increases ur traffic at first go but again due to duplicacy ur bounce rate increases and ur organic traffic starts decreasing
    .-= Atul ´s last blog ..Funny Lines =-.

  7. Shristy Chandran says

    What i dont understand in this whole issue is
    What if someone uses the google translator tool to change the webpage into a language not supported by adsense, i have seen that the ads are displayed still with your pub id in it, so which means this is going to get you banned, i dont think so since google itself is providing its searchers an option to view in a different language and what is the webmasters mistake in this whole thing

  8. Hussein says

    Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages. Applications for participation in the program can be for sites with content primarily in…

    That’s what the content says.. So I believe every language is allowed. It is just for application purposes.

    Please correct me when I am wrong.

    • says

      Hussain Google can accept application from websites which contains languages which is not supported according to their TOS, though it should not be primary language.
      Since Google works on contextual advertisement, it will become very hard for them to show relevant advertisement on non supportive language.

  9. Nirmal says

    I have different opinion with point no1 and 3. I have already mentioned about point one as it wont cause duplicate issue. Second one obviously could be an issue and so could be the 4th one if you do not have a good server.

    The Adsense TOS does say about unsupported language, but they also say abt the unsupported PRIMARY language of the blog and not the translated page. If you are saying this is adsense TOS violation, then I’ll give you an example. – This URL is also a violation
    Check this link and you can see that it is having adsense on a hindi translated page where Hindi is not supported language.

    • says

      @ Nimral
      your points are right, but now what Global translator do is :
      It creates a directory for all the languages and save all the translated pages there.
      Now Google index those pages and treat them as a new pages under new directory name and new language.
      Translation is alright but if those pages are getting indexed as several pages then its an issue.
      Suppose my whole blog which has more then 450 pages are indexed into language Hindi which is unsupported language according to adsense TOS

      ” Please also be aware that placing the AdSense code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by the AdSense program policies.”

      It might not fall under duplication issue, but those pages become a permanent part of the blog and thus we might end up violating adsense TOS without knowing that.

      • says

        What difference does it make if it has 450 pages or one page which I showed? Also what difference does it make if it stores in directory or not, violation is violation, even if it is one page or 100 pages. Adsense TOS does not say anything on indexed pages or not. It just tells about placing ads on unsupported primary language, I guess all of you who have suddenly started blaming this plugin is missing the fact that it is talking about primary language. It also does not say anything whether the page is temporary or permanent

        • says

          Nirmal So what’s the catch here?
          You mean to add here that this will not be counted as violation of adsense TOS?
          Yah That’s true that Adsense TOS is not adding any point here regrading temp or permanent..
          But in the previous post..

          I talked about a point where “Amit” added that how this plugin is violating “Google translator API” TOS..
          What do you suggest here? One should think and worry about all these aftereffects or should move to another plugin..which can be a better alternative ..?

          • says

            Regarding Amit’s point on plugin violating Google Translator API, you can delete the cache at a frequent interval or else use other engines for translation. I’m not sure whether this features if available in Global Trans plugin, Taragana offers 7 engines for most of the languages.

          • says

            You are right Nirmal,
            Even Global translator plugin offer 5+ engines..
            though cache will resolve the issue..but there are many other issues related to Global translator plugin.
            Like : Instable host
            Time for translation

            I will rather look for another translation plugin, which don’t put me in panic and let me blog rather then thinking about other SEO issues.

          • says

            Right, the global trans plugin does not translate instantly, so it could create issue, but the Taragana Plugin does it instantly with the click of the flag and also does not put load on the server. It only fails in one case, the translation engine itself is down and in this case it does not store the url in the cache.