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GiveAway.Ly : Make Money By Organizing Contest on Your Blog

GiveAway.Ly : Make Money By Organizing Contest on Your Blog

Update: Owner of have decided to give it a break and there is no point signing up for it!

If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you must be aware of contests which I often run here at ShoutMeLoud.  A free blog contest always helps in getting more exposure and traffic to your blog, and at the same time advertisers get free marketing, and brand exposure. It is usually beneficial for everyone (Blogger, Advertisers and blog readers). I have already shared a guide on how you can find blog sponsors for blog contest, and today I will be talking about a new platform call, which was earlier named as Sponsored giveaways. This useful platform for bloggers will let them find product for the contest, and at the same time it will help them make money.

What is and How you can make money from it? is a platform for marketers and bloggers to connect with each other. For marketers, it will let them find niche blogs where they can promote their product for giveaways, and bloggers can use this platform to find contest opportunities. At the same time bloggers can set a price for running the contest on their blog, and this will help them to make money by running contests. Here is an image, which illustrate how bloggers can use to make money: review

Marketers and advertisers can create an advertiser account, and find potential blogs for hosting giveaways. This solves one major problem for advertisers:

  • Finding reputable blogs to run contest.
  • Lower down the time to negotiate on terms and pricing of running contest.
  • GiveAway platform will ensure that payment will be done only when the contest is finished.
  • It’s useful for new marketers to reach out to wider audience from one platform. (After all, it solves the major platform of blogger outreach).

How to get started with to Make Money?

Getting started with Giveaway platform is easy for both bloggers and marketers. Go to site, and open a blogger or advertiser account. If you are blogger like me, simply click on blogger, fill out simple registration form and create your account.

Once you are inside your dashboard, you can start adding your blog. The great thing about this platform is, it uses your Google analytics account to display the traffic, this ensure that traffic which is showed to advertisers and reliable, and maintain the transparency. Here is what my screen looks like when I click on “Add blog”

Adding blog

While writing blog description, do remember you are writing for marketers. So ensure you optimize it by giving them stats which will help them to select your blog. For example, you could add details like what kind of reader-base or demographic you have, and how do you usually promote your contest. Once done, click on Next, and start filling your Social-media profile. And last step is to link to your Google analytic profile, and set the price for running the contest.

setting price for giveaway contest

When you link with your Google analytics account, will automatically recommend you price per giveaway depending upon your monthly traffic and traffic demographic. Since you know, how much beneficial a contest can be for a marketer, you can set the price accordingly. For a new blog, I would recommend to keep it as low as possible, as with free promotional giveaways, you can get more readers and traffic for your blog. And once you have decent traffic, you can always edit your listing to set a standard price. Don’t forget to select “I would also like to allow Giveaways for free in exchange for a product copy”, as this will help you to get premium stuff for free, and also it will help you to write great reviews later on. (Which you can encash in the form of Affiliate sales). An advertiser can go to marketplace, and see the blog details.

Giveaway marketplace

This platform is already running from past 4-5 months, and doing good in terms of connecting bloggers with marketers, and vice-versa. These days, I have been getting lots of request for running blog contest, and Giveaway came out at the right time to create a standard platform for blogger out-reach, and also opened a new stream of revenue for bloggers. Minimum payout limit is $20, and mode of payment is PayPal.

Check out Giveaway

Go ahead and sign up for a free account, which will not take more than 5 minutes. Don’t forget to share your feedback and review about this marketplace. Also, if you would like to suggest some changes to this platform, feel free to share with us via comments.

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  • MSI Sakib

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for this great article. It contains awesome helpful information. I am new about

  • Prashant


    Very helpful article for newbies like me…just created account on giveaway.
    One question what can be the average price for site having 3500+ page views?
    Bit confused in setting price. you have set $100 for 2000 page views in example above :-|

  • digg

    Thanks for the great article. I signed up for

    Sadly, three weeks later and still pending approval. I contacted support and they reported they are very backed up.

  • Manthan

    thanks harsh , we all want to know about earning from blogs and you tell us all then new ways of earning .

  • Sagar Desai

    Thanks Harsh for this nice article. This is really useful site for beginners.

  • TheIToons

    Thank you very much Harsh. I can add this as a new bucket of eggs. :)

  • David

    Agree with vishnu, ssl is missing from the site and since payment is involved i think ssl is necessary

  • Vishnu

    Thanks for sharing this with us Harsh ,
    But is still missing SSL certification (https) on there login And Registration page!
    Is it is safe ?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true…but this doesn’t create any problem, as no transaction is happening on the site… Payment mode is PayPal, and even for advertisers, everything is handled by PayPal at this moment which is https…..

  • Lakhwinder

    Thanks harsh for a great post on . I am also a blogger and was searching for such platform to provide some giveaway for my blog. This post really seems to complete my search to get a giveaway on my blog like others.


  • Abhay

    Awesome Plateform like sponsoredreviews. Created an account.


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