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    GiveAway.Ly Affiliate Program: EveryThing You Need To Know

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    This is part of our affiliate series program, where I feature those affiliate programs which are good and reputable. More over, I choose only those program in this series, where product itself is so good, that you don’t find it hard to promote the product. Recently I have reviewed following affiliate program which you should check out:

    And my master post on Affiliate programs related to WordPress niche. Today, I will be talking about Giveaway.ly Affiliate program, which will help you to earn up to $150/referral.

    Why GiveAway.ly Affiliate program and how to get started?

    I have already reviewed giveaway.ly earlier, and explained how it works. For the late comers, Giveaway.ly is one of it’s kind blog monetization marketplace, which connects Advertisers to bloggers for blog giveaway, and bloggers earn by running giveaway on their blog. The concept is unique, and more over it solves the major problem of advertisers/marketers for blogger outreach to host blog contest and giveaways.

    • In nutshell: BuySellads is for ad banner sale, Giveaway.ly is for giveaway sale.

    What I liked about this network is; they are very particular about adding quality blogs only, and at the same time to protect the interest of advertisers, they use Google analytics verification for showing blog stats. You can see how ShoutMeloud blog looks like on their marketplace over here.  Now, lets have a look at their Affiliate program.

    • Giveaway.ly affiliate program will let you earn up to $150/referral. That means, if any advertisers or bloggers sign up with your referral link, you can earn up to $150 max for their all transaction. For every transaction you will be getting 15% of transaction value.
    • Joining this program is easy, and anyone with Giveaway.ly account can join the program.
    • Payment mode is PayPal.

    Giveawayly affiliate program GiveAway.Ly Affiliate Program: EveryThing You Need To Know

    How to Join?

    • To join their affiliate program you need to have an account with giveaway.ly. This is completely free, and you can get on by clicking here.
    • Once you are inside dashboard of your account, click on My accounts > Affiliates to get your unique Affiliate link.
    • It’s a good idea to use plugin like Gocodes or Pretty link to mask your link before sharing.
    • Now follow this easy to understand guide on how to promote affiliate product, and start making money.

    Giveawayly affiliate links GiveAway.Ly Affiliate Program: EveryThing You Need To Know

    Your earning report and referral report could be seen from the affiliate dashboard, and you can also take advantage of their advertising banner to supercharge your affiliate sales. Over all, if you have a blog which is targeted to bloggers, advertisers, marketers; their affiliate program will be helpful for you to earn money without compromising on the quality. As I mentioned, getting an approval of Giveaway.ly account is not easy, and by the end it’s quality which sales.

    Create your Free Giveaway.ly account now. (Subject to approval)

    Just to give you more overview, here is a video tutorial explaining about their affiliate program.

    Do share your success stories with their affiliate program. And have you joined Giveaway.ly or you are about to join after reading this post?

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    Only custom domain can sign up am i right?


    Harsh Agrawal

    BlogSpot blogs are also accepted, only if it meets quality guidelines for Giveaway program.


    Arun Kumar Singh

    I have question, Have you got any Giveaway offer after signup and approval because my blog is approved but, I have not got any giveaway offer from giveaway.ly.

    Thank you


    Harsh Agrawal

    I have got few and one will go live in next 2-3 days.. You need to ensure that you verify your blog stats using Google analytics…and add a good descriptive detail about your blog, targeting to advertiser. Check out this video for additional tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gr6ctyFbug

    Another tip: Add your Giveaway marketplace link on your advertise page like I did: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/advertise-with-shoutmeloud


    Arun Singh

    Thank you Harsh,
    I was just waiting for your comment, I have verified my blog GA Analytic and a proper Description. Just not added any link to my ad page.
    Please share your experience when you complete your Giveaway, that will all Giveaway.ly users.



    Harsh Nice Post and I had never heard about them thanks for the write up I’am gonna try them :)



    Hey,will they approve new bloggers? or they approve your blog based on your blog rank?


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