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Getting Started With Thesis WordPress Theme

Getting Started With Thesis WordPress Theme

I was working on a client WordPress set up and client wanted to start with Thesis Theme. He wanted to do the basic set up himself for Thesis Theme. So instead of telling him everything on IM, I find it better to write a post on it so that every one will get benefit from this post. This post will help you to get started with Thesis WordPress Theme set up.

Getting Started With Thesis Theme

To get start with I believe you already have purchased Thesis Theme, if not you can buy it from my aff. link given below

Buy Thesis WordPress Theme


Adding Feedburner RSS Feeds :

In Thesis Theme you don’t need Feedburner Feedsmith wordpress plugin to redirect your feed instead you can use the Thesis option panel to add RSS feeds. Go to your Thesis site options page and add your feedburner feedURL


Adding Google Analytic code :

With Thesis Theme you don’t need to use any Google analytics plugin and you can simply add analytic code from Thesis option page. Get the code from your Google analytic account and in the field which says stats and tracking script, paste your analytic codes :


Since these stats codes will be loaded after page load, this will not hamper the actual page load time. You can use the other box Additional script and add other codes like buysellads code or any other scripts or codes.

Adding Pages in Thesis Theme navbar

In Thesis Theme you can control which pages you want to show and side into your navbar. This is very useful to hide pages like disclaimer, privacy policy which occupies valuable space into your navbar.

In Thesis Option page, you can select which pages you want to show and which pages you want to hide from appearing into your navbar. You can also drag and drop to set the order of how your pages should show.


Show Selected categories in Thesis Navbar

Along with controlling which pages you want to show on your blog navbar, you can also select certain categories to show in your navbar. This is again controlled by Thesis option page :


Adding Adsense into Thesis Theme

Most of bloggers who moved to Thesis theme, might find it hard to add Adsense into thesis theme. I have already written a post for the same: Adding Adsense into Thesis Theme. You will be using Why to do work adsense plugin to quickly add adsense into your Thesis theme.

Adding Clickable header into Thesis Theme

This is basic tutorial which will get you started with adding a clickable header banner into your Thesis theme. No matter which WordPress theme you are using you should always have clickable header to ensure your readers can get into homepage quickly.

These basic posts will help you to get started with Thesis theme. You can read more on Thesis customization in my earlier roundup of 15 Thesis Theme roundup.

Do let me know if you need any particular Thesis theme tutorial  and I will try to come up with it soon.

Do let us know your review about thesis theme. Are you a Thesis user or planning to become one?

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  • Nilesh Panchal

    Hi Harsh,

    Is this Thesis Theme is available to download and work in Blogger?

  • Vishal Sanjay

    Great post!! Thesis is really awesome and worth its price, but its easy to customize it, but if you spend a bit of time on it, I’m sure anyone can have an amazing looking blog.

  • Michael Aulia

    Good post for beginners.. I think after reading this post, they’ll be swarming to Thesis forums :) So many customizations there, great support

  • Vivek Krishnan

    Thesis is never suitable for non-coders.

  • chandan

    Hi Harsh I have owned new self hosted blog and I did not get back my blogspot blog. Well I have install one theme, but do not know how the theme is for SEO purpose.

  • Dinesh

    This is the reason why most bloggers love Thesis. I eliminates the need of alot of plugins.

  • Dev | Technshare

    Hey Harsh,
    Grreat Post bud. Very helpful for thesis users.


  • NpXp

    Thesis is an awesome framework. But still Fruggal is something which needs a mention I believe ;)

  • venkat

    Harsh very useful for those who unable to customize thesis theme and add the codes and stuff mentioned above. Specially you posted at the right time, as I need to know more about thesis theme, thanks for sharing and also helping me in customozation of thesis theme and also moving my blogspot to custom domain


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