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    How to Recover Hacked RapidShare Premium Account?

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    Rapidshare is one of the popular file sharing websites. Rapidshare offers free and premium account and premium accounts have many benefits over free account. Specially for heavy downloaders, premium account is must have. Though stealing of rapidshare account is very common and you will notice that many forums and webpages will keep sharing hacked rapidshare account uname and password.

    If you happen to be a victim of one such case, where your Rapidshare account is compromised the read ahead to know how you can get hacked Rapidshare account back.

    rapidshare homepage 550x251 How to Recover Hacked RapidShare Premium Account?

    Follow the simple steps to recover RapidShare account:

    When you Get your Rapidshare account do not down the following thing


    • Name:
    • E-Mail:
    • Login-ID:
    • Transaction-ID: …
    • Date of account-creation:
    • Date of payment:

    In case if account get hacked write a mail to
    [email protected]

    You are supposed to provide this record to rapidshare customer support!


    1. Account name: Login ID and the aliases you’ve used
    2. Date of creation
    3. Date of thievery
    4. A copy of the LOGS (where the IPs are recorded) and tell RS which ones are friendly and get them to blacklist the hostile ones (which are most likely ones belonged to the scammer)
    5. Email used to create the account
    6. All emails that have been applied to the account
    7. Make a backup of all the links of the files uploaded to the account (use that extract link option) !
    8. Tell them the Number of files uploaded and the Total Size of the files uploaded. Simply copy paste the account status on your main menu.
    9. Tell them how many points you have got.
    10. Take screenshots of Your Main Menu, Your LOGS, Your OPTIONS.

    Rapidshare people might asks you for the link of files that you have uploaded as to cross check. Though the process seems little lengthy but this is again to ensure the safety and security of your RapidShare account.

    Do let us know if you ever had any experience with Hacked Rapidshare account?

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