5 Websites To Help You Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

A lot has been talked on the basics of Virtual Assistant recently here at ShoutMeLoud and let’s move on from the basics and take it a bit further. If you happen to not know much about what or rather who a Virtual Assistant is, I suggest you pay a visit to – The Basics and how Virtual Assistant works. You can find more about what exactly a Virtual Assistant and get your basics clear about the same.

Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Thanks to Tim Ferris’ The 4-hour Workweek, now more and more of them are looking forward to work from their own comforts. Some of the jobs do not require you to be physically present and let you do work from virtually any corner of the world. Working from home, or home-office, as they now call it, lets you make money while completing tasks remotely. There are many Virtual Assistant jobs, and it is also on the rise in its demand given its advantages over local hiring.

Now that you’ve decided to work from your home and spelunk into the world of being a Virtual Assistant, below are the best websites that would help you to find Virtual Assistant jobs without much hassle.

Best Websites to find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Below are the set of best websites that would help you begin your journey in the world of Virtual Assistants. Make the most of these networks and you would be one website away from your dream part or full-time Virtual Assistant job.


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Elance Virtual Assistant Jobs

Elance is one of the top-notch platforms for online employment. Elance is one of the biggest resources for business owners and individuals to find freelancers, and there are also virtual assistant jobs up for grabs. Elance provides with business owners to automate invoicing and payments to freelancers, so you need not worry about payments. You can register on their website to search for Virtual Assistant jobs and there many listings on this network.


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Guru Virtual Assistant Jobs

Guru is one of my personal favourites for its systematic approach. One of my acquaintances has successfully hired and worked with two good Virtual Assistants through Guru. You can visit Guru.com and sign up for finding VA jobs through their network. Guru is a top destination for employers, and you could find a lot of VA jobs over their job boards.

UPWork (Earlier ODesk)

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Much similar to Elance and Guru.com, UPWork is one of the most popular freelance job website. oDesk, although not entirely dedicated to VA jobs, there a huge number of employers on the look for Virtual Assistants. Head over to the oDesk website, sign up for an account, and you can immediately browse through heaps of VA jobs waiting for you. oDesk is popular for its mind staggering number of jobs posted and people employed. Give it a try.


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Freelancer Virtual Assistant Jobs

Freelancer, again, like the above is one of the biggest freelance job portals, and you could find numerous people on the look for Virtual Assistants. Similar process again, sign up for an account, and you could apply for VA jobs through their job listing. Again, here the number of VA jobs is huge, and you could take a page out of its book. Head on to its website, register yourself  and browse and apply for the VA jobs over their portal.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

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Amazon Mechanical Turk Jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk is still unknown among many people online, but it deserves serious recognition. It is a marketplace for work that they self-proclaim as “human intelligence task”. The Amazon Mechanical Turk enlists VA tasks like cleaning  data, collecting phone numbers and website information, categorizing lists, finding Google keywords, creating and moderating content, getting relevant feedback, etc. could be found on this network.


Suggested Reads:

The resources are many, and we have tried and covered the best resources to find VA jobs. Now, its all up to you to make the most of them. Make your experiences known across the web on the lookout for your services. Make the most of networking resources like LinkedIn, Twitter, Craigslist, etc. and stay professional.

The competition may be tough on the internet given the number of people willing to become a VA on the rise. So, all you need to do is work hard, stay professional and be persistent till you make it. Build a real portfolio off your work and keep track of everything that you are doing. A personal blog or a website would be an added advantage for a Virtual Assistant. So, good luck on your virtual journey, and make sure you enjoy your work!

Do you happen to know any other network that helps people find Virtual Assistant Jobs online? Feel free to shout out  your suggestions below.

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    It’s good that people are getting aware of VAs existence. They can really be helpful if you allow them to. As my experience goes, those looking for a VA need to trust us and trust what we can do so that we can help you with all that we’ve got.

  2. Gaurav Sharma says

    Nice list. I’ve tried Elance, Guru and oDesk, all are helpful. I find Guru as the best option for me. Thanks for the list.