How to Get Visitors on your Website and Build Audience

Are you striving to build a thriving audience and readers to your blog? If that’s the case, this article will dive you into simple actions that you should take to get visitors, increase the readership of your blog get a ton of traffic and draw the attention you always desired. If you don’t get readers to your blog, you are more likely to fail on accomplishing your goals.

Build Blog audience

The following are four effective and simple actions that will not only attract readers but also increase your blog traffic and consequently lead your blog to a remarkable success.

How to Get Visitors on your Website and Build Audience:

1. Focus on SEO

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization,” which is the process of improving the prominence of your blog in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. You, as blogger, can start applying smart SEO techniques to get your blog to search engines top results and consequently gain visitors of a targeted audience.

These techniques include making a proper use of Title Tags, Meta Tags, Heading Tags and keywords placement as well as including title attributes on links wisely. Moreover, build valuable backlinks intelligently to get indexed on top search results in no time. There are many full-time SEO firms dedicated to provide great SEO services. If you can afford to pay, it is recommended to invest in those services because Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time and needs a profound knowledge.

2. Write Killer Headlines

For those of you who often read magazines and newspapers, when perusing them, the first things that stimulate your curiosity are definitely the headlines. The more curious they are, the more you will get to read the rest of the body.

Therefore, from the headlines you have the first and perhaps the last opportunity to attract readers.

Make sure your headlines are interesting, catchy and concise to entice curiosity as well as to draw attention to your readers.

No matter how great your content is, you still need to master the art of writing impressive headlines. If your headlines do not appeal, then the probability of having a reader clicking through your post is reduced.

3. Write Original and Unique Content

Unique content simply means the only existing one in your niche topic. Original  as simple as content which you did not lift from any other sources. Are you writing original and unique content in your blog?

It has been said by most successful bloggers that you should start writing unique and original content. That’s what readers are looking for – content which they can’t find elsewhere besides your blog. If you keep writing the same boring and uninteresting articles then, surely you will not impress any audience. Spruce up your content, and that guarantees you that the results will pay off.

4. Make Use of Article Marketing

One of the most important actions that you should implement in your blog is article Marketing. Marketing articles is one of the most effective ways of generating targeted traffic and draw attention to a large audience. Since it is time-consuming, you can opt to buy premium tools that provide both automatic article marketing and content submission services.

If you can’t afford to pay premium tools, you can manually drop backlinks to your blog by using social bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Reddit to drive targeted visitors from those social communities.

Getting thousands of readers to your blog takes time, it does not happen overnight. You need to be patient,work smart and have a sustained plan to bring off the outcome. Never give up and always be persistent.

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Ritz says

    One more thing, I would like to add in this is innovative marketing. Its very difficult for a new blogger to give ads in TV or print media. One of my friend who started his new blog had put his posters behind auto rickshaws which helped him to gain popularity without much expenses.

  2. says

    Good points. I have to admit, I let social bookmarking slide for a while now. I think I might get back into that next weekend, let’s see how this will affect my traffic. But my FB, Twitter etc. are alwas up-to-date and generate decent amounts of traffic.

  3. Ashish says

    Nice post Kelvon. Social bookmarking is the great way of attracting targeted traffic. Info was short and simple. :) thanks

  4. Jayaar says

    However hardworking a blogger may be, he cannot be successful in his blogging career if his blogs do not attract visitors. Good article with precise points to guide the new bloggers in promotion.
    Thanks for the article.
    Good luck!

  5. Ravi kumar says

    Hello Kelvon Yeezy,

    Good Information , you have shared with us. Article marketing is the one SEO technique has left to create golden backlinks.

    You can submit your articles in various high page rank article directory websites.


  6. Akhil Abraham says

    That’s really a good one…Your way of explaining the content is too good .New bloggers like me will get the content very easily..

    At last thanks for a great post….

  7. says

    It is a very difficult stage in anyone’s blogging life when he/she fails to attract visitors and to make them stay. I believe that search engines are the largest source to build audience. And to get top rank in search engines, we need effective SEO. I agree that writing killer titles can help a lot. Because people get attracted to titles with a different style.

    And what else to say, content is the king :) Nice post Kelvon.

  8. akhilendra says

    I think keyword research is a good practice and when clubbed with custom permalinks and title, it can significantly improve traffic condition. Headlines are great way of grabbing eyeballs, thanks for sharing these tips.

  9. Codes In Html says

    great article Kelvon,

    but i think one thing you miss here and that is social media, i guess social media like facebook and twitter can drive a lots of traffic on a blog, what you think about it………


    • Kelvon Yeezy says

      Yes, you are right. Social Media can be very beneficial for driving traffic. Since most of your readers might hang out there.

  10. says

    I’m totally agree with your opinion, but i have one again to complete your article. Number 5 is build community in your market niche. Community are potensial buyer for online business. thank you :D

    • Kelvon Yeezy says

      I got your idea skrol. No. 5 would be a result of all the tips if applied snappily. Before building a community you need to attract readers first.