How To Get a Notification Email For Every WordPress Post Changes

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How To Get a Notification Email For Every WordPress Post Changes

Email Notification for Change in WordPress Post

Having multiple authors on your WordPress blog also creates several responsibilities for you to manage.  Which includes reviewing the posts created and edited by different authors, handling spam registrations and activity of your authors etc. Some people can handle these things by using some plugins or they may create their own custom piece of code to handle and maintain the WordPress websites.

Today I will explain how to get email notifications every time a WordPress post is modified by any author on your blog. For this purpose, we will use Email Post Notification plugin. The plugin doesn’t seem to be too popular but still is good enough to take care of what it promises for.

The first basic thing you will be doing is install the plugin and activate on your WordPress website.  If you are new to WordPress, a detailed instructions on how to install plugins can be found on WordPress Codex here.

Once you get the plugin installed, a few configuration options you have to review and it will be good to go.

Email Post Notification Configuration

See the above image for reference. The above screen can be found under your WP-Admin > Settings > Email Post Notification page. The very first thing you have to do is mark the check box for Enabling the email notification. That tells the plugin that you want the email notification.

The next option is to mark the check boxes for the users who are going to receive email notification. You can select multiple as per your needs. It will populate the authors of your WordPress blog.

Next option is to select which posts types you want to be notification about. Some people may have additional custom post types. For example, see the above screen. It has 3 added post types which were created by a Forum plugin I had installed. So the notification would work for those post types too.

Lastly, you can select if you want to be notified about posts which are in draft status or not. You can enable or disable that check box.

Below is a screen taken from WordPress support site which gives you an idea of how does it looks like when you see the post changes.

WordPress post edit notification

Another handy use of this plugin is, when you are giving your WordPress blog access to any developer or SEO guy for making changes, this plugin will help you to keep a track if they are making any changes in the blog post. Sometime untrusted SEO guy adds links without your knowledge, and this could have negative implication on your blog. With Email post changes plugin, you will be adding an extra layer of security on your blog content.

Browse more plugins:

Do let me know if you think of any other smart use of this plugin? If you find this plugin useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and G+.

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