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Get Most out of Feed Burner Free Email Subscription Offer

Get Most out of Feed Burner Free Email Subscription Offer

Yesterday I talked about How to configure Free Email subscription option of feed burner. It’s time to get maximum out of Feed burner.

Do you know you can set the time of delivery of Emails and and also set the custom welcome message for confirmation message along with Email address which will be used to send the subscription email message.

I suppose by now you have activated the Email subscription offer and now it’s time to configure the other settings. These settings are   not critical but very useful for your blog.

Email Sending Time :

Email sending time is very crucial because suppose your email sending time is something when people are sleeping, chances are people might tend to ignore your email.

Keep your Email sending time when your blog get maximum visit. To Keep track of Time of maximum visit on your blog, you can use Site meter or Google analytic.

Now configure your Email delivery time under feed burner settings. Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Delivery options.

Email Communication preference :

By Default feedburner uses your registered Email address to send emails to Email subscribers. Though the best advice would be using a separate email address to send Emails.

Chances are someone might not be interested in your post emails and can send all emails to spam instead of unsubscribing. If you are using your main Email address to send Email, it’s better to create a new Email address for your domain like Feeds[at] This way if something goes wrong, you can change your feeds Email address.

In this option You can also change the custom message that will go along with the email and give it a new look or add any personal message.

You can also change the subscription subjects to make user subscribe for your Email updates. If I see my Email subscriber stats, many users have not yet confirmed the subscription. So it’s only one time shot and try to make most out of it. Use your creativity to spice up your email Subject and custom message.

Now these two options sound basic to you and the fact is 75% of users leave it intact. To get the maximum out of your Email updates, play around with these settings and make appropriate changes.

What next ?

We have compiled a big list of Feed burner configuration posts. Why don’t you hit the related posts and check them out. Meanwhile also Subscribe to Shoutmeloud Email updates form the link in the sidebar.

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  • Rudi Nazar

    hey I’m from Indonesia, I want to ask, how to feed the burner settings to not send notifications of new posts to the subscriber? because every time I make a new post there must be, users or people who subsribe my site, he became unsubscribe, please help, thank you.

  • Sherri

    I have two questions re: feedburner. 1. Is it possible to occasionally send a message/post RIGHT NOW instead of a scheduled daily time? Sometimes my information is time sensitive and I would really like to know how to do this.
    2. You mention using the email confirmation custom message for un-verified subscribers. Can you elaborate on this? If I customize the message, how to I segregate that message and only send to those subscribers classified as not confirmed?
    Thank you!

  • Ricky

    I did set the time according to INDIAN users as majority of my readers are from INDIA. One can set the image or logo of the website as well.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment and input Ricky . That’s true adding image and logo option will help you in branding. :)

  • Surender Sharma

    Harsh your tutorial is really helping to new bloggers because new bloggers want to get trained for blogging voyage.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Amol @Surender
      I’m writing this article in order to guide new Budding bloggers and existing bloggers who are missing this small but important things.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Rahul

    This is good idea if you are selling some products to them. post timing is important.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      This does not imply only when you are selling product , this also apply for regular posts. whose delivery timing is also very important.

  • 1800 SaiGon

    A good tips for increase a free reader. Meaningful – Thanks @Harsh Agrawal
    .-= 1800 SaiGon ´s last blog ..Google News and Google Product Search launched suggested keyword search =-.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment, and that’s also true that Email subscription option will increase the no. of feed subscriber because this is more preferred over regular feeds.


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