12 Immortal Ways for Newbies to Get Google Traffic

Substantially all the new bloggers face difficulty in getting traffic, even if they have some awesome content. They always have one question that “how to gain more Google traffic”?

When I say traffic from Google, that means traffic from search engine. These type of traffic is best for your revenue, as most of the search engine traffic is targeted traffic. We have already seen some of the ways to drive targeted traffic without Google, and today we will be talking about traffic from Google search engine.

Gain Google traffic

Today in this article I am going to tell you classic yet effective ways to get Google Traffic. There is no rocket science in blogging which can rank you high in Google or any search-engine. Even if you are writing awesome content but still not getting good traffic, then there is something you should check at your end. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to get a decent start to your blogging journey.

How to get Blog traffic from Google search engine:

Here I’m skipping some of the basic points like submitting sitemap and making your blog more crawlable. If you interested to read about these basic steps, check out getting organic traffic to your blog.

Choosing the Right Niche

This is the first and most important part. Ask yourself whether you have enough knowledge to carry on with the current niche of your blog or the blog you going to start. For example, if a newbie starts on Blogging niche and published article like “How to get success in blogging” then I don’t think that you going to read it as you know that the blogger is himself not successful but giving tips for success for your blog.

I hope you get my point that you should go with the niche that suits your skills and knowledge, in which you have the knowledge to the perspicacity of the matter and can write for a long time.  Be it gaming, gadgets, mobiles, health, etc. Remember that you need to be good at your niche for producing awesome content.

Write for Search Engines too

From the day one, make a habit of optimzing your post for readers & for search engines. Since you have just started out, you need to focus on all possible ways to get traffic. Perform Keyword research before writing, and make sure your article is optimized.

Focus less on your traffic stats and More on Content

Most of the new bloggers  have the tendency to see their traffic stats after every few hours each day. As it takes a little time for your content to rank or get indexed by Google, you might not see a rapid change in your traffic. In the end, you get upset/annoyed as you not getting traffic even after working so hard on your article. I would suggest you to write 5-7 articles in a week, and then turn to your traffic stats for seeing the development. It will not only keep you away from fatigue away from your hunger of writing  but also your morale will be high throughout the week while writing all your post.

I would suggest you to write 5-7 articles in a week, and then turn to your traffic stats for seeing the development. It will not only keep you away from fatigue away from your hunger of writing  but also your morale will be high throughout the week while writing all your post.

Be Genuine, Write awesome Content

Write original articles of your niche that you get proudly say as your creation. Don’t copy the post from other’s site at any cost. Google hates plagiarism and your blog’s posts ranking in the respected search-engine will be affected unfavorably. Not even re-worded/re-writing will do  any good. Try researching for topics on your niche that is not easy to find but have decent search engine searches and accordingly use titles for your post based on keyword research which we are going to discuss in next point.

Write your articles as much as possible, especially for Blogging Niche. If you belong to Tech Niche, then focus on building good how-to tutorials for first few months. Try sticking to one possible category in Tech, like mobiles, especially Android or Apple iOS  or  How-TOs of General Tech. Writing awesome content will not only improve your search engine rankings, but also it will help in getting quality back-links when people will give reference to your post for something that they are proving or helping someone with in forums/communities, etc.

Use Google Adword Keyword Tool

 I know that you might argue that why don’t you should go with many KEYWORD tools available for cheap in the market, but Google Adword is enough for a decent start. I started with it and got good results as I concentrated on keywords for my title and post.

Now, you will probably ask, how to do that?

Let me show you, below is the pic showing the keyword tool from Google Adwords.

For example, I am writing a post keeping in mind with the title “using Windows 7”,  but I search for “how to use windows”. And I got related suggestions  with much more monthly searches both locally and Globally.

The number of the search globally is what you should focus on. More the searches, better the results you will get. Simply you try searching the search term while keeping in mind your next article’s topic.  Search as a “reader” that what will help you in getting better keywords for your article, as well as article’s title.

Note: Google Adwords keyword tool os replaced by Keyword Planner . So don’t get confused and use Keyword planner instead.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin! (WordPress only)

 Start using Yoast SEO plugin that is free and quite effective, will fulfill your SEO needs. Make sure that you fill Meta description, Meta title section below your post of Yoast SEO. It gives the complete analysis of your mistake SEO wise. Just have to scroll down the finished article and click on the PAGE ANALYSIS tab under Yoast SEO after writing your post.

Yoast seo

Don’t forget to fill alt info of the images you going to use in your article as you can get traffic via Image search based on the alt text too. As I mentioned above, this plugin is for WordPress only. For other platform, use Scribe SEO plugin. For Blogger, there is an inbuilt tool for SEO and according to me is enough to stick on with.

Promote more in Google+

Google gives a lot weight-age on their own social network Google+ activity of your article, so get more G+ by sharing post in different groups. I have come across many people forming a small group of 15-30 for mutually getting G+ benefit.

Don’t annoy your readers

Yes, this might sound harsh but don’t install any type of  Newsletter subscriptions or Facebook Page Like pop-up. It seriously annoys genuine readers. Instead place a Facebook Like box in the sidebar and for feed-burner/newsletter subscription option  below the post.

Never use Traffic Exchange programs

Never ever use traffic bots, as they will decrease your Alexa rank or good traffic but in the eyes of Google you doing a big unforgivable crime and your posts rankings might go down eventually. Plus you won’t be eligible for their advertising program known as Google Adsense.

Promote More than you Publish !

Promote on different networks and if you publish at a rate of 2-3 articles per week, then promote more than you publish as it will help getting genuine readers and automatically your Alexa ranking will get better. It will help Tech Niche the most for better Alexa ranking.

Maintain Posting frequency :

Fix a number of articles that you will write every week. Write 2-3 post on weekend to decrease work load and then publish later throughout the week. In recent Google Algorithm updates, blogs with a routine posting habit didn’t get hit much as other’s with irregular posting habitude. It will not only help in increasing your DOMAIN AUTHORITY and PAGE authority but  also  in getting your post indexed by Google faster the next time you an article.

This point is inspired by one of the article of ShoutMeLoud, and it’s really effective.

This is what I have done to achieve good results and experienced a boost in traffic.

Remember that  “Content is still the king”, but a proper optimized content will ensure that you get enough traffic from Google search and other organic search engines. So write good content with the pinch of above tips and succeed !

This is a guest post by Amaan from Tech Anger. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. Anirban Pathak says

    Great Post. I am a new blogger, and am using most of the tools you have been discussed in this article. Its boost me up when I saw my WebRank add-on bar number changes. Of course the “content” plays a notch on blog.

  2. Rahul Pahal says

    Hi Rizwan,
    I have been using Google adwords tool for last some time but not getting much out of it.
    I mean I can’t get the exact keywords for my post that have less competition and more search volume. Can you suggest something about it?

  3. Esther Michael says

    Hey Harsh,
    This is very useful for me.
    I tried Google Adwords Tool but I can’t see this option now? Is there any other tool which I can use for analyzing keyword?
    Appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  4. Simran says

    You know I implemented similar things in december but didn’t receive results until June but after June my search traffic drastically changes. Don’t know it happened due to any Google Update or things i started following since december last year.

    Thanks for the awesome post above for inspiration that i’m on right track.

    • says

      That’s what I tried to convey in most part of this article. Hard work and good content pays off with the pinch of current keyword inclusions. Good to hear that you getting good amount of visitors

  5. simplyxcart says

    This transformation hit most of internet-based businesses. For newbies, you are just so lucky that you have never felt the stress of this massive clean-up by Google. AMaan has listed almost everything you need to keep it going. But before you get too excited, I would still advise that you read and completely understand Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That is, if you really want to be friends with Google. Good luck on your SEO ventures, guys!

  6. says

    It is quite unbelieving for me that now those who post irregularly will be rewarded more and regular posting will get less support from Google; it means now one has to post as soon as one get a new idea of post; one needs to write a post and hit publish without caring about posting schedule

  7. Prasanna says

    Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for sharing. I am a new blogger, and am using most of the tools you have been discussed in this article. Its boost me up when I saw my WebRank add-on bar number changes. Of course the “content” plays a notch on blog. But I think we need to get an handful of visitors to run through otherwise, good content also goes meaningless.

    After reading you article I have a hope to bundle of visitors *regular visitors*.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sarang Dravid says

    I like most of the points described by you here, on a contradictory point it will be better to start switching to google keyword planner from google adwords tool, no one know when they are going to stop the adwords tool.
    Nice article though!


    • says

      Hi Sarang,

      The much criticized KEYWORD PLANNER is said to be more complicated and is accused of showing false searches as I have heard and used personally. I hope that Google reverts back to classic adword keyword tool or at-least improve the keyword planner.

  9. Raj says

    But a Newbie like me often focus on Traffic instead of content. Its like if i have written a post, i should get atleast 10 or 15 hits on that article per day. How should i find out that i am doing right if i keep focusing on my content? Say i have written 10 articles with no visitor. Then, how should i judge my performance?

    • says

      Hi Raj,

      First of all 10 article are not enough to decide about your future success. Secondaly the niche of your site suggest me to go for massive promotion as readers search them less. So focus on promotion to gain loyal readers. Make a Facebook page for the same and build fans there.

  10. Sunil Ravat says

    I think Right Niche and right SEO is the best thing for any new blog. Even micro niche blogs are rocking these days. Thanks for sharing awesome article with us.

  11. Vivek Krishnan says

    Hey AMaan, nice post there. I was curious to read this since I just started a blog and was at the newbie stage. I do use the Keyword tool and Yoast plugin. However, I am not sure how to promote more than I publish. So I maintain a good publishing rate, and am hoping for the best.

    • says

      Hi Vivek !
      Glad to know that you liked this post , and I want to tell you that you going in right direction if you using tools like Adword Keyword tool and Yoast plugin. But I would like to emphasize again on “correct” keywords for your article title with the help of Google Adword keyword tool. Follow what page analysis of Yoast seo says about your article.

      On your question, “promoting more than publishing” . I would like to tell you that fix 1 post for a day, after publishing, promote it on several networks like Digg, Facebook, stumbleupon, Google+ , Slashdot and many more that I mentioned in one comment above.

      You being on tech niche, it’s necessary for you to share your post on different social networks for improving your Alexa rank, as well some SEO professionals says taht social activity is also taken into account in your article ranking in Google and some other search engines.

      And who knows, you might be just ” One post away from success” so never loose hope and keep on writing with the general tips. And yes don’t forget to follow these tips :)
      Cheers, Keep Visiting !

  12. Manish says

    Hi ,

    I think these some of the best thing a newbie as blogger can do that.In my opinion very most important thing before starting a blog or starting any step , one should first make out stratergies , shoule make out what exactly he/she want from the blog , what is the purpose of the blog etc.. when full analysis is done then time to take action. From my experience a new blogger should focus on quality content with On page and off page both. BUt i think at initial stage one should not work hardcore on backlining and all because it will look unnatural. It should go in a flow.

    Thank You.

    • says

      Hi Manish
      I completely agree with that a blogger should make out a strategy before starting, because as you start blogging, you get so busy with article writing and promoting stuff that you don’t get time to make strategies for success.

      You rightly said that newbie’s focus should be on quality content but while doing keyword research for correct title.

      And yes, hardcore back-linking is why I did not mention about it as newbies take it more seirously than content writing and end up getting penalized from Google .

      Thanks for dropping your comment, Keep Visiting, Cheers !

  13. Ajay Singh says

    which are most efficient social networking websites for sharing? and how to promote genuinely ?

    • says

      First of Facebook, then Google then + Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit , Slashdot , inbound.org, Scoop.it , chime.in. These are social networks that I found useful.

      Try using Google for a complete list of them

      There is nothing like “promoting genuinely”. If you write awesome content which you can proudly say that I didn’t take help of any site, or took some part of any good article and it’s “MY ARTICLE” , then your content will be shared automatically .

      Remember “Content is still the king” . Thanks for commenting , see ya !

  14. Alex says

    I enjoyed reading your post AMaan, you certainly done your research. I had no idea that Google give blogs with irregular posting times higher online presidency than those blogs who post at same point in time on a daily basis.
    A informative post and I look forward to seeing subsequent posts of yours in the future.

    • says

      Hi Alexa,
      Thanks for your compliment and I would like to tell you that I did not do any research for this article, instead I wrote what I do for my blog.
      And yes, you need to do routine posting to avoid getting hit by Google Algorithm updates.

      Will write a better and more detailed post here. Thanks to Harsh Sir for accepting my first guest post !

  15. Liton Biswas says

    The ways discussed in this article have been told many many times in the content marketing world. Try to figure out something new which will obviously help readers. We can demand it because, we are loyal readers of this blog.

    However, good effort.

    • says

      Hi Mr. Biswas

      I think you need to apply these tips instead of just reading it everywhere. Actions speaks louder than words :)

      Seeing your site, I highly doubt that you applied even half of those above points. Remember, Patience is the key. You can’t just try some tips this week and others from next week. Give it some time. And I would suggest you to do keyword research for deciding the titles of your site, and use Yoast SEO for now. As per my keyword search, non of your website’s title is optimized or set according to keyword research.

      Give your blog some time, and try focusing on article word length on your blog .
      As per Yoast tool, your post must be minimum of 300words which I don’t find in most of your articles.

  16. Mohammad ismail says

    Hello dear Rizwan,
    You have mentioned some basic mistake of newbie blogger which they try at the start of their career, like the use of exchange website and curious about how to get a lot of traffic at the start. Which is impossible as the traffic matter on many things which include your website design, server speed, comments on another blog. Guest posts, social interaction. Link building, and some other important tools. As you mentioned in your post, the use of Google plus.
    I really like your post. It clarifies many of the points on which I myself was not sure.
    Thanks for sharing such a great article.

    • says

      Hi Ismail bro !
      Thanks for appreciating my article :)

      And yes, these are the most common mistakes that every blogger and still they don’t realize it until it’s too late. In the end, they leave blogging in frustration.

  17. Gaurav says

    Hello Amaan ,
    Can you tell me which other websites are good to promote our post link other than Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook??
    And IS WordPress by Yoast better than All in one Seo Pack??
    and thanxx a lot for the wonderful article :)

    • says

      Hi Gaurav !
      Seeing the niche of your site, I would definitely suggest you to use sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit , Slashdot , inbound.org, Scoop.it , chime.in and many more !

      Remember, write awesome content and then share on these sites. If they go viral on any of these site, your site will be hit over-night.

      Second question looks good.All in One Seo Pack is no where less than Yoast, but as a newbie blogger Yoast is better for you as don’t have to go into too many detail at this point of time. Yoast suggest better titles based on your keywords with more searches, and I showed screenshot above with the page analysis tab given below your post writing panel. And yes its free, whereas All in One seo tool is not free. Remember some successful bloggers still use Yoast as their primary SEO plugin

      Write Genuine content ,do keyword research as I showed above and believe on Yoast.
      Cheers !

  18. Akhil Pulotil says

    Hello Amaan,
    Great article indeed. These tips are surely gonna help newbies to drive in more traffic to their blog [s] :D
    Keep Posting ! :-)

  19. Ryan Kaufman says

    hi Amaar

    I liked your title, which got my attention, and wanted to comment on it…

    I agree with your points… and I think writing quality content and publish content on other people”s sites more frequent than you do on your blog is the key to attracting a higher and relevant audience…

    However, is there any reason why you talk nothing about link building? It looks like this is even more important than writing quality content, as I know lots of bloggers will average content getting the bulk of their free traffic from Google, with a few relevant back-links… which they manually create, or automate.

    So this has nothing to do with creating awesome content, however, a site with killer content will definitely attract back-links without you having to automate the process, or manually build it

    Does it make sense?

    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      I did not mention anything about “Link-building” as newbies have the tendency to take it on a serious note, they start making a hell lot of back-links by commenting on other blogs and then after the inbound links are much more than outbound links, then in next Google Algorithm update, their blogs gets hit the worst due to spamming of links.

      Then if they request the admins of the blogs where they commented, the owner charge money for removing links, ranging from 1$ to 10$. So I avoided writing about it, as they should focus on awesome content.

      And talking about the average content people, whom you’re pointing, might get good traffic for now, but will get hit in upcoming algorithm updates for sure as Google is smarter than us ;)
      Anyways, thanks for your honest comment !

  20. tracy.lake says

    That is some cool idea of getting google traffic. The tips are much need for the present day.
    Today Social sharing site is more impotant to getting visitors and target the marking. Facebook,twitter,linkdin,google+ play a vital role for this sector. A post need to share all shocial sharing site is must. So target your community where and how you run promotion. Thanks to sharing this thinkg with all.

    • Sahil Tagra says

      Thankew so much…suggesting all this tips…my alexa rank goes down and down….this post helps me a lot…!!