How to Find Twitter Users Based on Location and Keyword

Twitter is a great tool to market your product and to reach out a complete new audience. If you have been on Twitter for sometime, I’m sure you must have decoded the art of marketing on Twitter. Are you a PR guy or an Agency or a product manager who needs to market a product on a particular area? Or you are doing something for a target geo location and you need to create a buzz about it? The best thing you can do is to find local people in that area and let them talk about it. Of course there are plenty of offline options but how about if you can do it online?

Find Twitter Users

With 271 million Twitter users I’m sure you will find many active Twitter users in your target area. GeoChirp is one awesome Twitter tool which will let you find users tweeting in any particular area. As a marketing tool I find Geochirp to be a great option for social media marketers and let me show you how it works.

How to use Geochirp to find targeted Twitter users based on location?

So let’s assume your next social media project is for Delhi and you need to find Twitter users in that area. There are many twitter directories you can refer to but how about if you can see in real-time people tweeting anything. Geochirp let you select the area and also in how much radius you want to search for. What great about it is that you can also search users based on Keyword. This will make your search more targeted and meaningful.

To get started, head over to GeoChirp website and login with your Twitter account. It will automatically detect your location or will ask your permission based on your browser servings. If you have to search for users in any particular location you can do the same by adding the location and Keyword in the field provided below the map.

Find Twitter users baed on location

You can also save your search and start a new search. Overall Geochirp is a great tool when you need to find Twitter users based on a location. Search by keyword makes it more meaningful. Another similar tool which you can use is Tweetnearby.


Major benefit of using this service which I can think of is :

  1. Targeted Users : You will find the targeted users based on your keyword on twitter.
  2. Personal touch : Since the users are from your localized area, chances are high to mingle with them and create a better relation with your local bloggers or twitter users.

I’m sure this Free Twitter service will be of interest for you and you would like to try this service to get targeted twitter users. Below I have listed down some of the best twitter tools which you can use for your marketing:

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  1. India 365 says

    WOW good one mate!!

    I think I will have to take a look at this one, my twitter followers are more likely to know more about technology and I give them almost every post in my blog. I think I have to take a serious look into this.

  2. Sachin says

    I like it but there is one more option for us ( It helps us to find targeted followers as per our given keywords. Once you searched your followers you can filter those followers as well. They have given some option which helps us to get only active & targeted followers.

    So try it & give me your feedback.