FullTextRSSFeed: Easily Convert Partial Post Feeds into Full Post Feeds

As a blogger I prefer offering complete post via feeds because I know most of users who are subscribed to feeds via feed readers, they prefer reading it via Feed reader. Personally I prefer reading blog posts updates via my iPhone Feed reeder app and Windows feed demon app. Both of them offers lots of options and integrate with my Google reader account. I’m subscribed to hundred of interesting sites via feeds but many of them offers partial posts via feed and it’s quite annoying when I have to skip reading feeds from those blogs because of partial post.


Here is an interesting web app call FullTextRSSFeed which converts partial post feeds into complete post feeds. This way you can read complete post on your Feed reader and you don’t have to skip reading another interesting news.

More over this tool is very easy to use, all you need to do is add the feed of website which offers partial feeds and it will give you a new feed URL which you can add into your Feed reader and it will show complete post instead of partial post.


I found this tool really useful and handy for every blogger. I’m sure if you are one of those (like me) who enjoy reading news via feeds, you will find this online tool very useful.

You can also subscribe to ShoutMeLoud feeds. If you are a blogger, Do let us know if you like to offer partial post or complete post via Feeds?

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Jasmine says

    I think for the general user/reader, it will be better to offer complete rss post. But for security wise… it’s advisable to use partial rss post!

  2. Kimi says

    I prefer full feed than partial. It is simply because I want people who syndicate my feed to come and visit my full post :-)

    However, thanks for the post as I have not heard this rss feed convertion alternative.

  3. Raj says

    Every blogger must provide full rss feed instead of partial..many a time we miss the nice post due to this but any how they have their own reason why they provide only partial not full.