Are You Ready For Full-time Blogging?

Full Time Blogging

You’ve created a blog and it’s doing well. You’re making a good chunk of income and you feel ready to give your boss your 2-weeks’ notice (and perhaps a few other choice words depending on how you feel) and quit your lousy job to become a full time blogger. Hold on there, friend. You don’t want to be too hasty before throwing away a stable career for the extremely risky career of blogging. Below are some tips and ideas you might want to consider before rushing into possible disaster.

Don’t Quit the Day Job Just Yet

It’s rather important that you sit down and take a serious look at how much your blogging makes per day. Let’s say you make around $2.00 a day on average. That, in a standard month of about 30 days, is $60.00. Being blunt, sixty bucks a month might cover food money for a week if you’re really lucky. If you add on gas money (which is a bit expensive right now), bills, car payments, rent etc. then sixty dollars is really not enough for you to live on.

Some good advice might be to not ditch your old job and annoying boss just yet. While your job, and the annoying boss that comes with it, may be a hassle, they provide one very important item. In short, you get a nice, steady, paycheck from them.

There are no such guarantees in the world of professional blogging. You may make a fortune one month, then chump change the next, it all depends on your viewers. Therefore it might be a good idea to hang on to your lousy job for now and work on your blog in your off hours. If your blog is so successful that you have no need for your old job, then good riddance! If, however, your blog never makes more than a pittance then you have a steady job to fall back on.

Seek Advice

The importance of this tip cannot be overstated. If at all possible, seek out professional bloggers and listen to what they have to say about becoming a full time blogger. What pitfalls did they face, how did they overcome them, when did they decide to become a professional blogger? All of these are important questions that can help you, as a person wanting to wander into the mystery that is blogging, decide what you want to do.

These people have been there before, and have faced the same problems and triumphs that you will most likely face. They can help steer you away from common traps that await the unwary blogger and show you how to connect to an audience.


In conclusion the life of a professional blogger can be filled with wonder and quite lucrative to boot. However, there is never any guarantee that you, as a blogger, will be successful. The Internet is filled with more failures then success stories so it’s extremely important to be careful. Go carefully, have a backup plan and seek advice. Those tips should, with luck, ease your way into a wonderful career as a professional blogger.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. Bhaveek says

    well my earnings from my blog is negligible.. but i am working hard at it, I am very much confident that my earning will jump soon.

  2. Al-Amin Kabir says

    Everybody can’t be successful in blogging. So, bloggers should not give up their job without start earning good enough money.
    For me, I am earning from blogging more than my office salary. But still I am doing both. Blogging and Job….

  3. rakesh says

    Good article for the budding blogger, who think one fine day they will wake up as a successful blogger. It’s one of the toughest job i think right now. Most of the bloggers earn their income from affiliate marketing or their blogs are so popular that they are among the top 100 or 500 most influential blogger.

  4. Kavya Hari says

    This type of article will be attracting the people. And, it will be helpful to all the newbie bloggers too. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)

  5. neo says

    never quit your real job because of blog – do it for side income, unless you sure what you’re doing

  6. Mahendra says

    True! my blog is successful. Making money perhaps more than My Salary but still I have no idea to leave the job. After all it’s multiplication of money. I don’t understand why one should think to leave the job just for blogging? Also, one can not just deepen on Ad sense.

  7. Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers says

    Wonderful Article, Really impressive. I am also in the dilemma what to choose and what to leave :(

  8. krishna says

    Very true !
    Dave Isn’t blogging annoying,i mean sitting and writing articles thru out the day and promoting it. sorry dude i’m not on the way to hurt u i’m tellin abt myself. I feel sick wen it comes abt blogging. but still tryin my level best to do it.

  9. Amit says

    Yes,when I started blogging i thought it will be easy but it is one of the most toughest job I think ,These tips are very helpful for guys who are new to blogging and want to quit their job .

  10. Binoy Xavier says

    Some tips worth following if one wish to take up the blogger job eespecially in this chaos situation where we see drastic changes in SERP daily. Seeking an expert advice is the shortcut worth investing.

  11. Vivek Parmar says

    Nice write-up. job matters a lot its because with job you have a secure future when compared to blogging.
    As all days are not same in blogging

  12. Manendra says

    This is one the most important article every one has to read before deciding to become a professional blogger / freelancer.
    The above mentioned lines really showcase my mistakes that I have done. My passion is to become a blogger, so I quit the job and struggling a lot to make my life since from past 4 months. Till now i’m not able to understand how can I make money online.
    While deciding to make money online please make sure how you can make money from your blog and who will pay you for your write ups. This is the most important thing which i failed to know.
    As the author mentioned above ” there are a lot of failure stories than the success stories about the people who make their lives online ”
    I decided to work hard on my blog’s and don’t want to get into the failures list.