Freelancing Portfolio Rule : Put your best foot forward

I have been into freelancing world from long time, apart from being a professional blogger, I also spend lots of time in freelancing work like custom WordPress theme, WordPress SEO, Custom wordpress plugins, WordPress consultancy and so on.

One easy way to attract the client is by showing them your portfolio. Portfolio is a collection of website/client you have worked with and you want to show the world what you are capable of.

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One common mistake which people do while creating a portfolio for themselves is by putting all your work together. Even I did the same mistake on my portfolio. One basic rule of creating a nice portfolio is by showing only the best work and which makes your portfolio page or portfolio website look appealing.

Let me put it this way, suppose I worked on search engine optimization for one of my client, after finishing his work, first thing I would like to do is ask for a testimonial and add his website under my portfolio. But, what if website design is pathetic and he wants to keep the same layout, that will be ugly side of my good work.

So if you are into freelancing world, and have created your portfolio, make sure you put quality over quantity. Else despite of big list of clients, you will never be able to create first impression on your clients.

What’s your freelancing secret? Don’t forget to share with us.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. sudha says

    Yes, that’s right. A list of 4-5 supercool portfolio items will get you more work then a huge portfolio of crappy work. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Surender Sharma says

    It’s not a mistake Harsh.
    Portfolio is the best showcase of your work done in the past.It helps to gain more trust of clients.

  3. Puneet says

    I have done freelancing job and earned USD 200 for that. But because of lack of time I am not able to provide my services now.

    I want to provide freelancing services related to blogs. I guess I can start with it aleast by the end of this year :)

  4. Loudable says

    Thats pretty right harsh but we feel whatever blogs or websites you have worked upon are doing quite well.

  5. SmashinGeeks says

    Showing your Portfolio is a great way to show your past dids, and I don’t think that it is a mistake by you (Harsh).

  6. Mahendra says

    You must be aware of news paper writer , journalist etc. they write content for various news papers in consideration of a fees. It is called freelance. you can work independently for many persons in the field in which you have expertise. If you browse google, you may find many plate form which offers project to work and offers services to be provided.Cross loop is also one such plate form.
    This is not a new field but modern technology give it a new era and vision.

  7. Agent Wordpress says

    Yes, that’s right. A list of 4-5 supercool portfolio items will get you more work then a huge portfolio of crappy work. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Ramkumar says

    When it comes to freelancing Im an amateur , Any place to get started with Freelancing, I mean getting orders?

  9. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    I dont know anything about freelance …
    Do u have any article which tells all detail about freelancer

    • NpXp says

      Freelancing is a term used when a person does not work for a single company but works according to his will with many clients.

      He need not go to an office to work. He is his own boss ;)