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    Freelancing as a Career

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    freelancer food Freelancing as a CareerFreelancing is more than just a buzz word in India today. After having walked in a plethora of events like Proto, BarCamp, tweetups and more I could infer that a lot of fresh college graduates are wanting to start working off home – atleast until they get a joining letter from one of those blue chip companies. Their love for Paypal is worth mentioning!

    There are 2 kinds of audience you get to meet at such un-conferences. One, who are entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs and the second being freelancers. Guys who are happy running a one-man-show! (I am just keeping the employees of those blue chips companies aside for a while.)

    When I first heard the word freelancing, I thought it had something to do with social work or work without pay! Yes, I know I was wrong to perfection!

    Who is a freelancer?

    Wiki defines it as,

    A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a self-employed person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any particular employer. The term “freelance” was first coined by Sir Walter Scott (1771“1832) in his well-known historical romance Ivanhoe to describe….

    The limitations of a freelancer

    There is no doubt about the fact that freelancing is a dream cake for many. You have flexible working hours, you have less reasons to commute, lesser reasons to hate yourself and better reasons to grow fat! I guess I missed out the point that you get to work all night and sleep over the next day.   No job or business allows you to do this more than twice a week!

    However, there are certain limitations, if not demerits to this which one shall understand over a period of time. I try to shall enlist a few;

    1. You’re a one man army. You need to stay fit and stay hungry for more.
    2. Yes you have is a savings account(maybe 2) and a paypal account. You need to manage your finances well.
    3. You seldom get to enjoy the corporate culture, those round table conferences and periodic exotic business class flights at someone else’s expense.
    4. You think you’re the boss and you do not know that you’re hurting yourself.
    5. Web workers who work from home are prone to several ailments if they cut on the physical workout. Come on, we all know that!
    6. If you’re a freelance web worker, you’re based on revenue programs or forums like Digital Point. Both of them have ruined several lives and made people die in debts. That makes a point – stay away from credits!
    7. You can not be a master of all trades. To run your show, you need to compromise on certain verticals. Your competitor might just have an edge over you on a particular segment. Accept it. Respect it! No body can be me, I can not be everybody.
    8. The very freedom that allows you to customize your schedule disrupts it badly, sometime or the other. Analogy – You can not resist a chocolate dripping fountain unless and until you hate chocolates or are damn passionate about the alternative – a free beer!
    9. The very reason that you make money in $ and not your native currency makes you go wild at times. You may be tempted to spend more than you would otherwise do. Think before you spend, you never know when would you need it!
    10. There is not last pointer. I am just keeping a pause at 10. Accept it. If you’re a freelancer based out of India, your parents gotta have a tough time finding a girl for you. Better do it yourself and ease them out!

    I have been in these shoes for a while now. All these pointers are my personal experiences and not just a bird eye view. Would you suggest others to opt for freelancing as a career?

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    Surender Sharma

    This is the best opportunity to work as a freelancer.
    In the world of Internet,many freelancing work is there….


    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s true Surender, though on the second thought it’s not that easy to get freelancing job. One need to have great profile or portfolio to impress the client.
    More over you need to search for a marketplace which can be used to find such jobs.


    Rochelle Spencer

    I love that you’re “keeping it real” when it comes to the excitement & challenges of freelancing! Continued success!.



    Even though there are some negative aspects of freelancing I still think they triumphs the negative things with working for someone else.


    George Serradinho

    There are pros and cons to everything. You mentioned many good points, but at least a freelancer does not have to worry about office politics, boring meetings and working with stupid people. There is no one ass to kiss to get better opportunities, etc
    Money is probably tight, but if you are good at freelancing, then you will make enough money to survive.



    Rightly said by George. There are so many forums available for freelancers to get the desired work.



    Nice post praval. I know freelancing. But, always wonder how much successful one can become by just doing freelancing.



    Yeah.. Free Lancing has actually become the buzz word of the Industry..

    With ever growing $$ and Job Satisfaction it is bound to spiral to the top of the ladder very soon


    Praval Singh

    Thanks @all,
    Yeah, freelancing is on a hype! There is no bad in doing it but one needs to define his/her own discipline to continue doing well. The very thought of you being your own boss can do a major damage at times.



    I completely agree with George Serradinho, everything has its pro and cons. In job you do not get to enjoy all kinds of freedom and flexibility as you can get by freelancing. You don’t eat and sleep healthy. You pay a lot of taxes and fuel charges. Also, if you love travelling a lot you can arrange your vacation months before but it’s not possible if you are doing full-time job somewhere. There are many other restrictions in a full-time job.

    However, what is most important is that you are “motivated and confident” enough. Are you confident that you are a great web designer and can serve your clients well enough?If the answer is a strong “yes” then it’s very much possible that freelancing will be a better option. If it’s No, then you are not motivated enough to freelance and shouldn’t even think twice about it. Freelancing is not for the Faint-Hearted.

    There are many people I see who “freelance only because they don’t have / can’t find a job”. You have highlighted that very intensely in this article. I am absolutely against this move. Such poverty-turned freelancers can never be successful just because they didn’t want to be freelancers in the first place. I have seen people who reject their job offers just because they want to freelance.

    A proper freelancer has a completely different mentality and “rich sources” of finding projects.


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