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Freelance Writing Tips

Freelance Writing Tips

This is a guest post by Mukundan who blogs at Webfroze.  If you like to write for ShoutMeLoud, do read Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

Contributing an article or a feature to a magazine, periodical, newspaper or a web site, is more than the exhibition of a particular writing style. It may be considered your personal contribution to national publications, for benefit of the general public. Freelancing, as a tool for the national good, is far more significant than stringing a few odd sentences for just the sake of writing.


freelance writing

Freelance Writing


The aim of writing

There is a large segment of people, throughout the whole breadth of society, who are overtly persuaded by the argument that the ability to create wonderful prose is almost everything needed to conveniently sway the opinion of the most hard-to-please editors. However, reality completely differs from this presumed notion. You may be specially gifted to write in any given number of styles and variations, but if your writing content lacks important facts or relevant information, you are not going to succeed on a long-term basis.

Significant qualities

Two significant qualities of a good freelance writer should include:

  • Essential skills to make in-depth research
  • Ability to introduce appropriate and subject relevant facts and statistical information in a personal writing style

For news, as well as general feature articles, determined editors are most adamant about detailed inclusion of all relevant facts and figures.

Required information

For example, should you be given an assignment to write about a particular female personality for a selected magazine, you will doubtlessly be required to include information regarding:

  • Age of your subject
  • Her present or former job, in addition to any occupation related distinctions achieved
  • Her husband or life partner’s name, age and occupation
  • Her children, should she have any, as well as their respective names, ages, and any other vital information available
  • Place of residence, with complete address, if desired for publication purposes
  • Additionally, you may choose to mention exact birth dates for present of future reference. Especially, if there is the possibility of your feature appearing at a much later date, as is often the practice in a number of publications
  • Include names, ages, occupation, address and other relevant information, regarding anyone else who may possibly also be mentioned in the your feature
  • Some of this information may not be published in a single feature, but may be needed for future reference or use

Your writing must potentially cover all pertinent information that the reader may want to know about this personality.

An easy escape

One of the easiest escape routes that many freelance writers tend to frequently adopt is the negative ‘copy and paste’ practice. There is a great temptation to simply select a lot of relevant information and data available on the internet, through search engines, and convert it into the original writing content of a freelancer. Although, this practice is absolutely atrocious, it is still widely adopted by many freelancers who arrogantly live under the false notion that there is no harm done, and even expect to be paid for this morally wrong practice.

Freelance writing is a solemn profession practiced by respected individuals, who possess high ethical and moral values, along with the persistence to devotedly carry out dedicated research, in order to intricately compose the retrieved information and data into rational and well-coordinated content, using a personal writing style.

Article by Mukundan Srinivasan

Mukundan has written 2 articles.

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  • Jayanthi Ravichandran

    Very informative article. Useful tips for writers. Thanks!

  • Sandeep@Curious Little Person

    Hey Mukundan,

    Great to see you here… thats a good article on freelance writing.

  • ismail

    Thanks for this article, i have a new idea after reading this.

  • Blog Gossiper

    My biggest worry before hiring a freelance writer is the risk of him/her copy-pasting articles. It is done so expertly sometimes that it is difficult to track that it is a duplicate content. Nice article.

  • Kavya Hari

    These tips would be more helpful for me. Great article, no words to describe about it, Mukundan.


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