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SubmitExPress Analyzer: Meta Tag Analyzer & Keyword Density Checker

SubmitExPress Analyzer: Meta Tag Analyzer & Keyword Density Checker

One thing which is certain about SEO is it’s an ongoing process. Even you have done the basic on page SEO optimization of your blog, you should never stop doing SEO audit of your blog. Some time even a small change might breakdown the whole SEO base of your blog. For example yesterday I was using Lightbreaker WordPress theme with “all in one SEO” plugin and that created a problem for me by creating duplicate meta tag in every post.

Now duplicate meta tags are big no for search engine and penalty includes excluded from search engine. You can login to Google Webmaster tools and under diagnostic> HTML suggestions look for Field called “Duplicate meta descriptions” . Here you can find how many pages in your blog have duplicate meta titles.

Simnilarly I got to know about duplicate meta tags from  Google webmaster tool and then I realize something went wrong with my theme or SEO plugins. Though I quickly found out that I had to remove two lines of code from my header.php to fix this issue.

Anyways this post is not about me rather help you to analyze your meta tag.

Submitexpress provides you with a free meta analyzer tool which helps you to find many details about your Website which includes Website load time, Website size, Keyword density, meta tags and many other important SEO aspect of any website.

How to use SubmitExpress Analyzer tool:

Go to this page and enter your website address. If you are simply targeting GoogleBot, you can select GoogleBot spider from dropdown or else keep this setting as default.

One you have done the initial set up, now click on Submit. It will take couple of seconds before page will load automatically and you will see the results.

So here is what my blog reports look like:

It’s clear that my blog is missing some important factor like Authorship tag and page size is too big. Now this has given me ample amount of ideas on what I can do to make my site look better for SEO and what changes I need instantly. Though I have not added complete screenshot of the page, else you can see many other useful details like : How;s site displayed in search result, Anchor tags and so on. Result will help you to optimize your blog for SEO. You can check your keyword density and then you can plan things accordingly.

Link: Meta tag analyzer

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  • rozina

    hiiii… im Rozina please give me information about off page optimization now my initial setup
    so we are not many information about S,E,O can any friends help me please otherwise terminate me in my job in all my friend help me so im i think save my job so me information teach me about it 1)what is off page optimization 2) what is a on page optimization


  • sumanth

    Thanks harsh it helped me a lot ..till now i don have a meta tag but now i generated one using the submitexpress..thanks


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